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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 25th 2023

A very sad day. 3 days before what we had planned, and after a splendid day yesterday, I have decided not to continue the bike tour. What happened? After Yesterday’s evening dinner I got acid reflux with this burning pain just above the stomach. Since I could not find my anti acids directly I lay down and probably because of the place of the burning, I felt my pulse and to my astonishment I felt a strong arrhythmia that persisted even after I took an anti acid and the burning had disappeared. It lasted all night and in the morning I consulted Jan Willem who is a cardiologist. (How lucky can you get….) He listened to my story and checked my pulse confirming what I already thought: heart arrhythmia. Something I have never had before, at ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands April 24th 2023

A great day After a somewhat disappointing day yesterday, today everything went right. The weather, a key factor, collaborated most of the time, notwithstanding some isolated minor rain, hail and snow showers. Less wind today and at some stretches we even had wind blowing in our backs. We biked something like yesterday (90 km) and all in the right direction and ended up in Ullapool the most northern place we will go to. The complication today was the fact that along the way there were very few opportunities for lunch and tocharge batteries. Just to make sure there was something, yesterday we investigated and called ahead to the almost only place which was 40 km from our starting point, Poolewe. The place, serves coffee, tee, cakes and alike, but no lunch. Solution: we ordered takeout sandwiches ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 23rd 2023

A day in which 55km converted in one of 90km Since the climate is changing from sunny/windy to colder/rainy and windy and that today’s proposed route contained a steep clime, the planning for de day was not to make it a too long ride. How big our mistake. The steep climb was there and we had to make it twice because when after a 15 km (1.5 hours) climb we arrived on the summit and (once again) we ended up in a dead end path. We consulted a local inhabitant who confirmed our mistake. No other solution than going down again the full 15km . Twice the same climb and descents had eaten our batteries and before continuing we needed to recharge the batteries. Fortunately the Youth Hostel was still open, nevertheless we lost almost 2 ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 22nd 2023

A day that ended quite surprisingly. In order to make some distance we agreed to have an early start, so 7.00 AM breakfast and out on the road at 7.30 AM it was. Outside temperature 3 C (33F), sunny but, again strong winds. Seems to be the norm here. How much it affects you is the difference between for or against. Today it was 90% against again. The surroundings are really stunning here; very difficult making photos give the right impression on how beautiful. After a 96 km tough bike ride we ended up in Torridon, a small village where we could not find an hotel or B &B. By shear coincidence we were able to secure a place of a youth hotel. Mind you our ages 77, 70, 63 and 57 (all exactly 7 years ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 21st 2023

A tourism day By sheer chance yesterday we met with an elderly gentleman, born and raised in Skye. A medical doctor who has traveled the world for the UN. Knowing the island and Scotland very well he gave us some advise on where to go and where not to go bearing in mind that we are on bikes. First advice: don’t go to Dumvegan castle on bike because getting there is complicated and very tiresome. If you want to see it, look for another way of transportation, which we did, taking a taxi. Second advice: forget about going all the way up north. Nothing worthwhile to see but peat grounds and few places to sleep and eat. Third advice: if you really want to see a beautiful part of Skye let me draw you a small ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 20th 2023

A short day Since breakfast only was served as of 8.00 we had a late start. Our route today was full of hills of all sizes. In all we had to “climb” in total over 1,000m over a distance of 65 km. Not so difficult you would say on an electric supported bike. Yes and no. Thinking that the bike does the work for you is an error; it lends support, but will not move if you don’t peddle and even the support is limited to the power and duration of the battery. Surprising that indifferent the direction we go we always have strong wind against. Again, and that’s the way the islands on the west coast of Scotland are connected, we needed an other ferry to go to our next destination: Skye Island. As google ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 19th 2023

A sunny but extremely windy day . From Oban to Acharacle/Mingary 90 km (56miles) Today began with an early ferry ride from Oban to Craignure, island of Mull, followed by a bike tide of some 35 km before coming to another ferry this time from Tobermory to Kilchoan. Scottish names sound complicated when written in the way we pronounce them. Written in gaellic the names become unpronounceable. All names of town and villages come in both versions. The Scottish language for english speakers is impossible to follow. After leaving the ferry the road took us through beautiful empty land, with, with exception of many sheep and young lams, very few signs of live. Few houses and villages. Roads in general are one lanes ones with regular passing zones. The wind on the islands are brutal and, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 18th 2023

Another beautiful day Fort Williams to Oban 90 km (55 miles) The day started out as yesterday: sunny and it stayed all day like that. Nice in de sun (16-18C) but kind of chilly in the shade. The started somewhat disappointing, we wanted to take a ferry to the other side of the loch. Initially we were told that the ferry was to leave at 10.15 and, after crossing Fort William centre (small) several times and have coffee, at about 9.45 we went back to the dock, we were informed that the ferry had been canceled. Bummer that cost us 2 hours with the aggregate problem that we had to bike on the high much longer than we had hoped. A remark about Scottish drivers: they are very observant and friendly in traffic. As you behave ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 17th 2023

Our first biking day. Inverness to Fort William a bike ride of about 120 km (75 miles) As is customary, we got up early and left the hotel at 8.15. The trip took us mostly along the Loch Ness; exactly the loch of (in)famous monster of Loch Ness, baptized as Nessie. Infamous because after many year the photographer of the monster confessed that the photo was a hoax. The road along side the loch goes up and down, a great way of the legs getting used to the environment. The wind was against us but the weather was nice. Sunny at the outset with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius 50 F) gradually growing more overcast but with temperatures increasing to 17 C (63 F). We made our first stop after 60 km in Fort Augustus along ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 16th 2023

A train day Newcastle-Edinburg-Inverness After a great night sleep the ferry arrived in Newcastle. Time was somewhat confusing since the UK is one hour later, so instead of sleeping longer, it is less We spent the rest of the day in trains, not without difficulties. Trains are prepared for regular bikes, but not for electric bikes that tend to be bigger and heavier. The first stretch, Newcastle to Edinburgh we had to split up because there was no room in the dedicated bike space. Fortunately there are frequent trains between the cities. Asked from train personal why there was so little bike space on the train got a surprising answer: these are new trains built in Japan…. The second stretch from Edinburgh to Inverness was in “an old train” with more space. No problem. Remarkable de ... read more

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