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Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña July 19th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Cabo Fisterra = cap Finisterre. Le point le plus à l'ouest de l'Espagne. Ce matin à 8h30, j'étais déjà dans les ruelles de St Jacques de Compostelle, avec une petite fraîcheur, j'ai regretté pendant quelques minutes de ne pas avoir pris un blouson léger. Seulement 14°, avec un bon vent bien frais. J'avais une mission, c'était de poser ma main sur la coquille du pilier en entrant dans la cathédrale St Jacques. Ceci pour Christian, à qui je n'ai pas demandé le pourquoi, je pense que c'était pour raison personnelle. Il m'avait expressément de le faire pour lui. St Jacques de Compostelle, est la capitale de la Galice. Elle est surtout connue pour être le point d'arrivée du chemin de pèlerinage sur le tombeau supposé de Jacques fils de Zébédée. Ville de 100 ... read more
La Cathédrale de St Jacques de Compostelle
le cap Finisterre

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña November 1st 2018

Today is Day 1, post Camino. It’s strange not walking, and not even planning to walk. The sorting, washing, smelling what is best to wear, and is this shirt good for another day. It’s over. Carrying a pack up and down mountains, through valleys, and across spanish farms; I’m done with that. Preparing your feet for the day; tape, vasoline, double socks. That’s all gone. Sadly, so have my mates. Last night, Tim and I shared a last meal in Santiago with Dave, Darcy and Janet. We relived recent experiences as if they were the good old times. I was exposed as being a little overexposed, people wise, on the Camino. I never noticed that I knew so many people, but in hindsight, travelling alone does release a curiosity to meet people, and find out a ... read more
The Maria Pia Plaza
Sculpture Park, La Coruña

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña October 22nd 2018

There was no peace on the Camino today. Large groups of jubilant people converged on the Camino, possibly excited by the anticipation of only one day to walk after today. It was a pleasantly warm day, and I started walking with a lady from NZ who asked if she could accompany her while it was dark. This was no noble gesture on my part; I had a light, she did not. We stayed together for an hour or so and she told me about her dream to do the Way. She went to St Jean, but started walking in Pamplona, as planned, because she realised the Pyrenees might be too much for her. In St Jean she had a minor anxiety about why she was here; could she achieve this, and as an independent woman, had ... read more
Sunrise Over Raido
Dave Loving It.
The Camino Conga Line

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña October 21st 2018

It pays to be as alert to your body on the last days, as if they were the first. After a funny, delicious communal meal with other pilgrims in our Albergue last night, and a quiet nights sleep in a room for 4, set us up for a late start to walk 22kms to Ribadiso. I started off in sandals but soon changed into my boots, as we were up and down, steep gravel tracks all day. The scenery was very calming as we walked through farms, low green valleys, and very Australian looking eucalyptus plantations. We had a rest after about 10 kilometres and I changed my socks and was a little concerned about the feelings in my feet. There are many more people on the Way now, as Melide is the point where the ... read more
Peak Hour In San Xulián
Congestion, San Xulián At Dusk
Stressfree Sunset In San Xulián

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña May 23rd 2018

Heute bin endlich nach A Coruna gekommen und mich hat der Schlag getroffen. Opernhaus, mondäne Strandpromenade, Höllenverkehr. Mir Landei wurde ganz anders. Ibis kostete 120.- €. Vor drei Tagen noch 49. Ich fand McDonald's und Internet und buchte was außerhalb für 30.-. Vor meinem Fenster wird Fußball gespielt und Radio dröhnt. Genau wie ich es mag.... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña September 22nd 2017

We spent our second sea day lazing around the ship. Coffee and juice and a good chin wag, breakfast, then it was “what do you want to do Carole”? “I don’t know. What do you want to do MaryLou?” In the end we each did our own thing and mine was to read. And so the day went on. There were many activities but nothing appealed. I did however try the gelato. This is another innovation on the Konigsdam. It is extra but for $1.23 I got two large scoops, chocolate and Dulce de Leche, and the topping of my choice. It was quite good but but much too much. We headed for Happy Hour and arrived in time for trivia. We did OK, not great. Hoping we’ll improve. MaryLou’s drink selection turned our to be ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña January 4th 2017

I’ve lived in La Coruña about 4 months now, and I thought I’d summarize its highlights/shortfalls for potential travelers. The short story: it’s not too interesting/beautiful of a city to make a main part of your trip, but if you’re in Galicia, a half day would be good. There are lots of scenic sights nearby, but they’re much easier to access with a car. Top landmarks here include the world’s oldest still-functioning lighthouse, the Tower of Hercules; beaches right in the city as well as a long coastal pathway (Paseo Marítimo); the coastal lookout of Monte San Pedro; and the scenic harbor area on the eastern side of the peninsula. The more rural area of Oleiros nearby is also reachable by bus, and I would recommend a walk around the Santa Cruz port and castle area. ... read more
Old Galician House in Vilma
Old Galician House in Vilma
From Monte San Pedro

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña October 22nd 2016

Last night we finally had Pulpo for dinner. I had mine with Galecian soup and caramel flan for dessert. It was cheap and very filling. The albergue we stayed in had 20 beds in one room but only 2 tenants, us. I grabbed a few extra blankets from other beds and didn't use my sleeping bag; John thought this was a health risk. I think what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. We spread our gear out, locked ourselves in for the night and had a relatively early night. I turned the lights on at 6.30am for an early start. I set the alarm for 7am but decided, rather than listen to another 30 minutes snoring, we may as well get up. By 7.20 we were seated in a local Bar having a coffee. The journey ... read more
Tentacles anyone ?
Late night Melide
Melide After Dark

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña January 7th 2016

Thursday 7th January, 2016. La Corona, Spain M had a lie in as it was hammering it down outside and we were not going to arrive until about 12.30 (some 4 hours or so later than scheduled due to the horrific weather). D went for some breakfast. We spent the morning on board and M had a light lunch of soup before we decided to brave the weather and go and have a look at the town. The province of Galicia, of which La Coruna (population 252,000) is the capital, is a unique area of Spain (where M's favourite wine comes from). Its geography with two coastlines exposed to the Atlantic and numerous sunken river valleys similar to those in Cornwall, addds to the feeling that you are in an ancient land. The Celts were, in ... read more
9.  The Palacio Municipal (Ayuntamiento)
14.  Santa Mara del Campo  Collegiate Church
16.  Santa Maria Del Campo Side Door

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña October 24th 2014

Having had little sleep (see previous post) I was not looking forward to today but it was the last long day and is meant to be a relatively easy walk. We had yoghurt and fruit for breakfast and left at 7.30 am, with about 1 1/2 hours walking in the dark. We walked for about an hour before a bar loomed in the distance and the warm reception at the door lured us in. It was a nice old stone building with loads of character so the stop revived us and set us up for the task ahead. The paths since Sarria have been very good and I imagine are well maintained due to the increased crowds on the Camino. We walked through pine forests, gum trees and oaks, so the scenery and scents along the ... read more
Casa Domingo
Eucalypts among the oak trees.
Roman Bridge over that Rio Seco

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