Day 32 : A Tough Walk To Ribadiso. Only 23 kms But A New Blister. 42.2kms To Santiago.

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October 21st 2018
Published: October 21st 2018
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A Parade Of The LocalsA Parade Of The LocalsA Parade Of The Locals

Relaxing outside the albergue, when these cattle pass by to the milking shed.
It pays to be as alert to your body on the last days, as if they were the first.

After a funny, delicious communal meal with other pilgrims in our Albergue last night, and a quiet nights sleep in a room for 4, set us up for a late start to walk 22kms to Ribadiso.

I started off in sandals but soon changed into my boots, as we were up and down, steep gravel tracks all day.

The scenery was very calming as we walked through farms, low green valleys, and very Australian looking eucalyptus plantations. We had a rest after about 10 kilometres and I changed my socks and was a little concerned about the feelings in my feet.

There are many more people on the Way now, as Melide is the point where the Northern and Primitivo Routes combine with the Camino Francés.

The final leg from Melide took its toll, and the hot feeling on the ball of my foot from a poorly fitted sock ( getting dressed in the dark sucks), has developed into a full blown blister. I’ll pop it later, dress it up, and we’ll be right to step out
Peak Hour In San Xulián Peak Hour In San Xulián Peak Hour In San Xulián

Locals propping up the local monument, admiring the sunset, as cattle, a goat and tractor are on a collision course. Absolute chaos!
tomorrow. I have plenty of time before Tim arrives and I’m confident it will only improve. Tomorrow I’m back to full tape to ensure that no other surprises arise.

Hang on, I’ve just been handed the Albergue phone to try and make some sense of a person on the other end. It’s a guy from NZ, who claims he’s in the reception area, waiting to book in. I explained I don’t work here, I’m a customer, calm down, and I’m in reception, alone. Where are you, mate? Ribadiso? No. Well, you’re not here then, I can’t help you, sorry, bye. Click.

I’m booked into a private room as the albergues get a bit hectic on the last night before Santiago. I wasn’t expensive and I can sort myself out, make a mess, and walk to Santiago well prepared.

Today was unexpectedly tough, but the scenery along the way took away the pain, and tomorrow is meant to be similar. I really don’t remember.

Happy Birthday to A. I owe you a meal when I return.


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The Communal Meal At Our Albergue The Communal Meal At Our Albergue
The Communal Meal At Our Albergue

It’s the first meal in over a month that I have struggled to finish. It was fresh, plentiful, and delicious.
Sunrise Over La CoruñaSunrise Over La Coruña
Sunrise Over La Coruña

Walked into a new province today, looked back, and was rewarded with this.
Serious SunriseSerious Sunrise
Serious Sunrise

At the first long steep climb out of San Xulián
Rustic Romanesque BridgeRustic Romanesque Bridge
Rustic Romanesque Bridge

The Entry To Melide
The Pulpo King, MelideThe Pulpo King, Melide
The Pulpo King, Melide

Having a plate of that. It’s cooked, cut up, placed on a board, drizzled with oil, and a sprinkle of Paprika; it’s different, delicious, and a local delicacy, so I had to have some.
Market Day In Melide Market Day In Melide
Market Day In Melide

Is said to confuse many pilgrims, as the stalls are set up on the crucial arrows and signs that guide us out of town.
Little Surprise Glimpses Of Farmland Little Surprise Glimpses Of Farmland
Little Surprise Glimpses Of Farmland

As the shady paths open up occasionally.

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