Melide to Salceda, 26.9kms....Up And Down Into Many Villages.

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October 22nd 2016
Published: October 22nd 2016
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A local delicacy, Pulpo is octopus, boiled for ages, and then cut up with scissors, sprinkled with rock salt and spices, and lavished with olive oil. It's delicious but wouldn't place among my favoutrite foods.
Last night we finally had Pulpo for dinner. I had mine with Galecian soup and caramel flan for dessert. It was cheap and very filling.

The albergue we stayed in had 20 beds in one room but only 2 tenants, us. I grabbed a few extra blankets from other beds and didn't use my sleeping bag; John thought this was a health risk. I think what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. We spread our gear out, locked ourselves in for the night and had a relatively early night.

I turned the lights on at 6.30am for an early start. I set the alarm for 7am but decided, rather than listen to another 30 minutes snoring, we may as well get up. By 7.20 we were seated in a local Bar having a coffee.

The journey today was varied, but most paths, even the rock strewn ones, were easily navigated. I walked with Jasper for a while and stopped at a Bar for a break, and to wait for John. I had a Cola Cao, a sweet chocolate drink, and a few biscuits and set off for the last 5 kilometres. There were more groups walking and very few backpacks to be seen. Some were carrying injuries on Day 2, similar to people 30 days ago, who started in St Jean, France. Many have not trained, as it's only walking, and just for 5 days ; good luck with that idea. Most had day packs that were not much bigger than the shell hanging from them. It rained intermittently today so I'm not sure how they stay dry.

Overall it was a good days walking and I'm glad I booked our accomodation, as some have been turned away as its full. Apparently this is the same place that Martin Sheen and the crew of the film, The Way, stayed when they went through. Well, we're here now so that's something for Martin to brag about.

I'm heading to the shower now and we even have towels to use; very posh! John's at the Bar so I'll wander down and see what's on offer for dinner. By the way, Jasper informs us that yesterday was 37kms so it's little wonder we could feel it a bit.

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The  First Stop, BoenteThe  First Stop, Boente
The First Stop, Boente

Coffee and Cake
A Typical Steep ClimbA Typical Steep Climb
A Typical Steep Climb

Generally you walk down into villages and then walk uphill to leave them. I suppose it's about rivers and water supply.

The Bribge At Ribadiso The Bribge At Ribadiso
The Bribge At Ribadiso

A lovely village but a stay doesn't fit our schedule .
Cool, scented paths.Cool, scented paths.
Cool, scented paths.

Definitely better since Sarria.
A Chestnut PlantationA Chestnut Plantation
A Chestnut Plantation

The forest floor was covered with nuts

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