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October 21st 2016
Published: October 21st 2016
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Woke at 6.30am, turned my torch on, and accidentally turned iPod music on; I hope everyone enjoyed Stevie Wonder as a wake up chime. I did receive less than positive feedback from one guy, who received the correct response and will just have to get over it. As there was no early breakfast on offer, we walked a few villages ahead and enjoyed crunchy toast with jam, and coffee; €6.60, a bargain.

Remember I mentioned bears in a previous post. Well I saw an Irish Bare yesterday. What is it with people who take off their clothes at their BUNK, and pick up their toiletries, only, and stroll away for a shower? They then reappear lean, but nude, and slowly put on their Y- fronts. This was a 74 year old man, and I can never unsee that; it's permanent, etched into my memory. A bad Camino experience!

There was a heavy fog this morning and it was difficult to make your way. Vision was so poor that at one stage I stopped to read the plaque on a monument at the edge of Gonzar, only to find it said, Keep Spain Clean, Paper and Plastic Only, in Spanish; yep, it was a large monument shaped ( I think)) waste bin. The fog pesisted until lunchtime , and then gave way to bright sunshine. We passed many relevant Sherry memories, such as the cafe where we first saw the young Korean girls, and of course the marvellous Bar Guntar in Palas de Rei, our worst night on the Camino.

From there we had 15kms to complete before 4pm, so after a delicious home made bocadillo with jamon and cheese at Casanova, we completed the next 9 kms without a break. The Alburgue I booked couldn't be found so we wandered up the street and discovered a great place opposite a small park where, in the morning, we step straight back on the Camino. I did cancel our booking when I arrived. I often wish my previous fellow travellers were here because you do feel a little excited to come across landmarks and then anticipate what's just around the corner , or a little further on.

Tomorrow we will walk to Salceda, a 25km day, and I have booked a twin room in a pension, as the Albergue situation is a little uncertain. This put us in a good position to stay near Monte de Gozo, the Mount of Joy, the next night. The only downside is not staying in the lovely village of Ribadiso but it is simply not practical.

The last day, Monday, would then be an easy 5km walk into Santiago. Poor weather is predicted for the next 2 days but nothing could dampen my spirits at the moment.

Tonight I'm having Pulpo, octopus, for dinner, at a place that is renowned for it. Shortly a tour of the town, 5 minutes max, is in order and then the Pulpo.

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Soccer Anyone? Soccer Anyone?
Soccer Anyone?

Clearly not popular, or not the season. This is a paddock in the middle of nowhere .
Great WalkingGreat Walking
Great Walking

The paths have certainly improved since Sarria and we even saw a machine working on the paths today .
Bar Guntar, OMG !Bar Guntar, OMG !
Bar Guntar, OMG !

This is the place that sliced about 1/2a metre off our bed in order to fit a chair in the room. We woke up soaked from condensation, and the bed springs had you fighting to stay away from the middle. At least the mould in the shower seemed fixed to the walls and didn't join you when the water hit it.
Follow The Signs...Follow The Signs...
Follow The Signs...

....and you can't go wrong.
San XuliánSan Xulián
San Xulián

Originally Plan A for today but we were there too early.

The SundeckThe Sundeck
The Sundeck

Overlooking the park; pretty nice.

21st October 2016

I stayed in this lovely did the cast and crew of "The Way." Perhaps the owner will share some stories with you.
21st October 2016

Interesting ,Bob
We'll have to ask

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