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September 22nd 2017
Published: September 22nd 2017
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We spent our second sea day lazing around the ship. Coffee and juice and a good chin wag, breakfast, then it was “what do you want to do Carole”? “I don’t know. What do you want to do MaryLou?” In the end we each did our own thing and mine was to read. And so the day went on. There were many activities but nothing appealed. I did however try the gelato. This is another innovation on the Konigsdam. It is extra but for $1.23 I got two large scoops, chocolate and Dulce de Leche, and the topping of my choice. It was quite good but but much too much.

We headed for Happy Hour and arrived in time for trivia. We did OK, not great. Hoping we’ll improve. MaryLou’s drink selection turned our to be like a chocolate milkshake, tasty but not like a real drink. It even had whipped cream on top.

We had a full table for the first time when Noel and Roxie showed up. We had met them at lunch at the Lido our first day so it was a pleasant surprise to find them across the table. The selection was innocuous, so much so that I don’t remember what we ate.

La Coruna, Spain

We arrived in the dark and were moored by eight. It always amazes me how delicately the ship approaches the pier sideways, so slowly and then just kissing the rubber. Unfortunately it was about 63 degrees and rainy. Really really rainy!! So we drank our coffee and decided we’d play the day by ear. When we sat down to breakfast it was pouring but we were happy with our hot cereal, fruit and smoked salmon. So we enjoyed another relaxing day, played trivia, read and wandered the ship. We did better at trivia but no where close to the winning score. Ruth and Joe were on the winning team.

My choice for Happy Hour was a Pomegranate Ginger Drop. Have no idea what the components were except for vodka and maybe pomegranate juice and ginger syrup in a salted martini glass. Not too bad.

Dinner was a bit of a kofefe. The frogs legs arrived as ordered and were delicious. My chilled soup never arrived and my farfelle was poorly cooked and some were almost raw. I think it was the first time I ever sent a meal back and asked instead for the soup. It was supposed to be chilled tomato but my server arrived with a choice of chicken/chorizo or five creamed onion.

I opted for the chicken and it was fine, probably better for me than the pasta.

We headed up to the Lido pool deck for the movie, another Hal innovation although other cruise lines have had outdoor movies for years. It was actually quite comfortable on the lounges with a blanket to curl up under and unlimited popcorn. The movie was called “Blue Lips” and was subtitled in English. I think it was an Argentinian production, well acted about a group of people who meet in Pamplona for the running of the bulls. This is something we will probably do again.

Tomorrow, Portugal.


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