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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 8th 2019

Waking up to rural smells and sounds, and a gorgeous day, we were definitely in a village. Fuentespalda has a history we got the lowdown on upon chancing on an older resident, possibly the village crier, that afternoon. Virtually throwing herself verbally on us, the long history of the Ermita atop the hill, the legend written of the trumpet protecting the village, and the decision to never speak a certain dialect, was explained. The alternate name is Fontdespatla, and local signage is duo-lingo. La Picosa, a peak at over 1000m, took us a good few hours to climb beforehand. It was exactly the muscle-work change our thighs needed, rewarding us with a birds eye view of the nearby turquoise embalse, and dramatic craggy mountains to the east. A cool 6C morning and warm 18C afternoon fit ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla April 10th 2019

Barcelona 9th April Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and Spains second largest city. Everywhere you’ll see the ornately works of Antonio Gaudi, 20th century Modernism emblematic constructions declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. I make no apology for this Travel Blog turning into a food blog but you cannot come to a city that prides itself on its cuisines, with many different styles including Catalan. So starting out from the statue of Christopher Columbus at the bottom of La Rambla we headed up to the Plaza Catalunya. We were meeting friends for lunch, including 8 other fellow travellers who are travelling with us QM2. But first some sites, including the famous market of La Rambla, Mercat de la Boqueria where all the locals shop in particular for fresh produce including fresh fish, Jamon, meats and all ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona April 9th 2019

Sunday 7th April. We arrived in Barcelona on Sunday in the early afternoon. We were quickly through the airport formalities and on board our coach. On the way to the hotel, the coach took us on a quick tour of the western side of Barcelona, helping us get some idea of the city's layout, and briefly seeing some highlights from the coach windows, such as the Olympic stadium, the magnificent Museum of Art, and the waterfront. After checking in, we were quickly off on the metro to visit the extraordinary Sagrada Familia. Beyond description, it has to be seen to be believed. Having taken many decades so far, they are now really putting efforts in to finish it by 2026. The funds raised from the enormous number of tourists is now funding the work. I will ... read more
La Sagrada Familia Interior
Casa Milà
Parc Güell

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona April 3rd 2019

As you know I love to visit cities across the world from the stunning artistic paradise of Barcelona to the beauty of Pisa and far-flung destinations such as the vibrant Kuta in Bali. I love the juxtaposition on wonderful scenery and often gorgeous beaches such as the expansive beach in Barcelona and a huge open golden sand space of Kuta beach alongside a buzzing city to explore and get right into the real people and with tons of exciting places to visit, and in my case party in! Now I have been travelling with my girlfriend for a while now (we got together 9 months ago and she has been stuck to me ever since... ;) ) and we like to dress to impress when we hit each city. We like to make sure that we ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona March 23rd 2019

Although we were exhausted, both Alex and I found ourselves awake at 1 am sweating and unable to sleep. After a bit of flailing about the room in the dark with a phone flashlight we found the thermostat and put the air on. It did such a good job of cooling down the room neither of us wanted to get out from under the covers. Finally around 9:45 we drug our butts out and down to breakfast. Hilton offered a fantastic blend of local and US type breakfast foods. We both had huge plates of fruit. I rounded out my course with two churros and chocolate. While Alex went a more health conscious route. Energized, we snagged our stuff from the room and headed out. First stop off the day, Segrada Familia was a couple metro ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona February 15th 2019

One of the hardest times in my life you found me. Emotional and vulnerable you gently, slowly and tenderly got to know me. You never pushed too hard or made me feel like I wasn’t being enough. I knew that even if all we had was those few weeks, you had come into my life for a reason. It’s been more than a few weeks now we are easily slipping into a few months, we are effortlessly making plans for the future and when I look at you, like really look at you, I can feel myself falling in love. One of the things I have to do is let go of the others, to finally release the pain. I have to consciously make sure that I am not allowing them to effect us, that I ... read more
Moon child
The road ahead

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona February 2nd 2019

Took our time getting up and having breakfast, because we weren't rushing for any particular bus into Barcelona, and anyway didn't know hlong the "10 minute walk to the bus stop" REALLY was. In the event it was only about 13, and we didn't have long to wait for the bus, which took about 25 minutes, and got us into the Plaza Catalunya about midday. First plan was to call in the TIO which was supposed to be in that square, to pick up a tourist map. Unfortunately the website seems to be out of date, as there's no sign of it, even standing on the precise spot it's supposed to be! If in doubt, grab a coffee. Then, after one more look for the phantom TIO, looked on a street newsstand for a map. 5€ ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona November 23rd 2018

Talk about zero dark thirty – my flights out of McCarran started at 12:35am to make connections in Minneapolis and New York – things were going well until my first connection at MSP – everyone had boarded for JFK and we are ready for takeoff, when our captain tells us that a snow storm, ice pellets and a blizzard just hit the New York City area and we are delayed. So we sat at the gate in Minnesota for over an hour (I promptly went to sleep), and finally we leave. Arriving at Kennedy some 90 minutes late, the place is virtually a “whiteout” – snowing like crazy, bitterly cold and flights delayed and/or cancelled in every direction – the place was a zoo! I made my way to the Delta Sky Lounge in terminal 4 ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona November 23rd 2018

Today when we left the mountains there was a snowstorm blowing in. We got going as soon as possible because driving down the mountain in the snow sounded like as much fun as driving up in the dark. However, the snow quickly turned to rain and vanished all together with the quick drop in altitude. We were able to stop in a small town between Prada and Olette for coffee. It was definitely the center of the town. People in there nursing their morning expresso shots while the lunch crowd was starting on their first pint. Several people simply popped in to ask if so and so had been around. Transport to the bus station was slick and when we got into Barcelona we rented a couple of lockers and headed to La Rambla and St. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona November 11th 2018

The next breath The nights are getting longer, the mornings that little bit darker and honestly my motivation has taken a bit of a dive these past few weeks. I started my new job in September and always pushing myself I have thrown myself into becoming the best version of myself at work. Now it’s time to work on the balance of work and all the wonderful things I do in my life that bring me joy. I was reminded today as I took some time away from everything and had a life admin day that every element of myself sometimes needs space. Seventh on my list and one very obvious goal is to finally do some kind of yoga teacher training, the day I added this I got an email from one of my favourite ... read more
Colombian trees
Sivananda dream

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