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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona May 2nd 2015

The capital of Mediterranean, as Barcelona is sometimes called, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a place superior in many areas: its medieval old town is one of the largest, its beaches are among the longest, and the number of ‘modernist style’ buildings it possesses is among the highest. A lot of us would argue that its restaurants, bars and clubs are also amongst the best in the world. In any case, the abundance of things one can do or see in Barcelona cannot be ignored, even in peak season when the number of tourists can be annoying. Urbanism The urbanism of Barcelona is quite unique in two aspects: first it includes several old towns and cities, which are completely incorporated in the urban fabric, and secondly, its dominating urban ... read more
Plaça Reial
The Fat Cat in la Rambla del Raval
Santa Maria del Mar

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona May 2nd 2015

This past week was study week at university so there was no class so Anna and myself took advantage and made a little trip down to Barcelona, Spain. We had a wonderful time in this magnificent city with a great culture and even better weather. Who would have thought that I would need to bring a pair of shorts to Ireland, I didn’t so I had to buy a pair and thank goodness I did. The weather was beautiful, but I would have died walking around a city all day in jeans. Our first day of the trip started with us getting up at 1am to catch the bus to the airport so we could make our flight at 6:15am. Although it was not very fun being up that early, it did gives us most of ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona April 15th 2015

Not all who wander are lost. Landed! In BCN El Prat Airport. My phone no longer works. There is no wifi in the airport. I need to get to the hostel! And I am so happy that I took a screen shot of the directions! First, I need to find the train. All signs are Spanish, Catalan, and thankfully English! Made my way to the train station, but I have to figure out how to buy a ticket! I get up to the DIY ticket booth and I am able to change the language to English. Phew! So I buy my train ticket to Sants Estacio. From there I needed to find the metro. L5 to Badal! But wait, I need to buy a ticket for the metro as well. DONE! I get off at ... read more
Yellow Nest Hostel

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla March 20th 2015

We spent our final day in Barcelona wandering the streets of the Gothic Quarter and beyond. Finding the Nike store, we both picked up new shirts (woohoo something different to wear). As I stood in the line, four very rude young men butt right in front of me in line. I stood there, simmering. As the guy at the counter called for the next person, one of the young men from the group went right up to him. I tapped him on the arm and said, "I'm next!". The nice cashier asked me if everything was alright. I replied that it was. 'Curtis then came over and I was telling him what happened. Again the nice man at the checkout asked, "Are you in a rush?". I replied that everything was great except that I did ... read more
Gazpacho and Wine.
Santa Marie Del Mar
Line up at Can Paixano

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla March 18th 2015

Tuesday dawned with brilliant blue skies and warm temperatures, however this hard for us to know as our apartment is on the ground floor of a narrow street with towering old buildings, making it always seem dark. Curtis poked his head out the door, looked up and indicated sunny skies. We headed out the door with the intent of walking to the waterfront and then along the beach area. We ambled our way along La Rambla which goes to the harbour. Now our Tuesday morning had a much better start than Monday. Let's just say, what happens in Barcelona, stays in Barcelona! An Irish Pub, a few drinks, and an interesting walk home!!! We were apparently celebrating St. Paddy's Day one day early! We had lots of laughs but it did make for a slower morning ... read more
Porter's Lodge Guell Park
Tiled Sitting areas
The Ramp built 1908

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona March 16th 2015

Today we began our walk to La Sagrada Familia. Our journey took us through the busier streets of Barcelona, sometimes 7 lanes of one way traffic! Barcelona is a wonderful display of fantastic architecture and design. Everywhere you look you are met with another building that causes you to pause and stare. The major street we were taking was also one that was lined with high end designer stores - Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Armani, all with security guards at their doors! We soon came upon Casa Mila, "La Pedrera" an intended family home for industrialist Pere Mila and his wife, as well as apartments for rent. Antoni Gaudi, who is " considered to be one of the great geniuses of universal architecture", was commissioned to create this amazing structure. We did not go inside but took ... read more
La Pedrera
La Sagrada Familia
Nativity Facade

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona March 15th 2015

We roused ourselves early, as we still had to pack up and then head to the metro to then get to the Valencia Train Station as our train was to depart for Barcelona at 11:00am. We made it there in plenty of time so Curtis headed out to get us a quick bite to eat at a small patisserie we saw on the way and just up from the train station. 45 minutes later and I was beginning to get a bit frantic! Suddenly I saw his legs running full tilt towards the doors. The first place he went did not offer much in way of take away breakfast so he decided to walk the block. He finally found a place that took forever to cook us up two grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for our ... read more
La Catedral  Barcelona
Lighting a candle for Rita
Placa de Catalunya

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona March 1st 2015

The two months, or more like two weeks of winter that Barcelona has seems to be coming to an end! It has been a hectic couple months after arriving back here in the first week of January after being home for Christmas. I moved to a new apartment which is located right behind one of the main shopping streets - Avenue Diagonal, and right next to a lovely authentic part of the city called Gracia. The flat was lovely, and really big! I shared with three other girls - one from Japan, one from Spain and the other from Belgium; so very multi cultural! Also the Belgian girl can speak 6 languages!!!! Amazing! Thankfully one was English as the other two girls couldn't speak much English and my Spanish is a working progress! There was a ... read more
Yay Craig's in Barca!
Gin tonic!
Sunrise on the beach

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona January 14th 2015

After a ropey night’s sleep feeling itchy and several trips in the night to the shared toilets at the end of the corridor, we get up for half 10 and repack the car for the last time. At least we know this is the final leg of the journey and tomorrow we can just sit and relax- it’s a very nice thought. Hungry for some breakfast, we stop off at another Autogrill service station and choose our new French favourite- chicken, ratatouille and rice lol (along with another rancid coffee to wash it down with). We power on through and after what seems like a lifetime, we pass the welcome to Spain sign, woohoo! There are a number of armed policemen at the border, possibly in relation to the recent terrorist problems in France so even ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona December 22nd 2014

One of my dreams came true today. Our first day in Barcelona, of course as a football addict, I persuaded my wife and we headed to Camp Nou. The stadium was built in 1957 and enlarged for 1982 World Cup, is one of the world biggest holding 99,000 people. We felt energetic vibration radiating to us. I was convinced right away that Barca is more than a club for Catalunya and the fans all over the world. The ticket price for museum and stadium tour was 23 euros. You could go anytime during 8 months after purchasing except the match day which the tour would normally close. You may get special discount if purchase from the airport or hotels. The public transportation to the stadium is very convenient and easy to navigate. We just took subway ... read more
It looks small from the outside.
More than a club!

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