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Europe » Spain » Aragon » Sabinanigo May 27th 2014

Sunday night Monday morning - what a night. Our last night in Spain was an eventful one. In the early hours of the morning the mother of all storms erupted. The sort of storm you never quite get in Britain and the sort of storm that rocks a motorhome. At first it sounded like someone was watering Suzy from above with a watering can. This then increased to the volume and strength of a hose pipe. Then the thunder and lightening started - the lightening lit up the sky like a firework display. We didnt need a light in Suzy you could have read by the light of the flashes. The boom of the thunder overhead followed by seconds later. It was impossible to count a gap between the clap and the lightening. Thunderbolts and lightening ... read more
Snow on the tops
how much narrower can they get
Mountain tunnels

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza May 25th 2014

How plans change. When we woke up the sun was shining. Why move? We would kick ourselves if we missed Zaragoza now being so close. We may not come this way again. So it’s a day in Zaragoza then and France moved back another day. We had managed to miss Africa and Gibraltar so the plan was that this one wasnt going to get away. Sunday morning in Zaragoza. We are into the third week of our trip . We have covered somewhere in the region of 2600 miles so far and still have some way to go in the next week before we return to Britain. Yet again another fairly early wake up call. We did the usual chores , Suzy is dusty and needed a good clean. Where does all that dust come from ... read more
Puerta del carmen

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza May 25th 2014

After our western adventure with plywood cut out Clint Eastwoods and faded photos of long dead movie stars we stayed the night at Camping Kiko Park laughing off our strange day. Sometimes things are so bad they are almost good. We will still laugh at it for years to come . Today we are travelling from Kiko Park over the Via de Mudejar heading for the capital of Aragon Zaragoza. We got up early. The fulltimers still in bed having gone to bed late and were waking up late. Our hopes of seeing another hoopoe were dashed but then there were no orange or lemon sellers nor prostitutes out at that early part of the day. We were travelling before the sun got up and temperature was cool enough to drive. The journey took us over ... read more
Somewhere along the Mudejar highway
On the mudijar highway
Something to relieve the boredom of miles and miles of straight roads

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Teruel May 13th 2014

I have to say that Peniscola ended up quite a joy in the end. We spent our last evening doing a passiagiata along the seafront waiting for the sun to set on the castle and the sea and the lights of Peniscola to come on. The Spanish and the French though just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to passiagiatas. The Italians have that one sewn up They seem to manage it with some panache. We sat for a while watching the world go by. Young and old men sat on the beach with their fishing rods talking and whiling away the evening. It felt like the Spanish equivalent of the man shed where they met every evening to discuss the matters of the day. We spent a peaceful night with little or no noise ... read more
San Pedro
Modern sculpture
Mudejar architecture

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca April 24th 2014

April 23, 2014 Day 18 The way of St James Kirsten again woke up first, showered and packed up the car. I’m still rolling around in bed. I thought we were on vacation. I have the Go Go, all you have to do is shower and get dressed. Uh where are my clothes. I’ve laid out what you need. Gee’s can I get another 30 minutes. NO! It’s 7:15 and Momma and Daddy are in the car waiting. WHAT! We drove to the other hotel and had breakfast with all the teenagers. They were having fun, oh to be young again. All I wanted was another 30 minutes. We walked around the village JACA went into the cathedral, very nice. I think I’m enjoying the cathedrals in Spain more than Italy. They are very basic, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca April 23rd 2014

Day 3 April 22, 2014 The Way… It’s a movie, rent it or check it out from your local library. We wake up and the raining has stopped, Kirsten is first into the showers and I follow right behind. Oma and Opa are waiting for us in the dining room having breakfast. It’s not to Hedy’s standard. Go figure, the breakfast breads were too hard and no meat or cheese. We all pile into the car and head north. We’re following one of the 25 famous road trips in Spain. Thanks to Carl for getting us this book. Of course we made a few minor adjustment, suggested by Kirsten. So were heading due north on A138, in Spain toward the Pyrenees Mountains. It’s beautiful climbing the up the mountains, the crystal clear rivers are flowing down ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon April 23rd 2014

Day 2 – Climbing the foothills of the Pyrenees April 21, 2014 We wake up around 6 am at least I did. Kirsten tossed and turned all night. Yeah, we need to find a hotel with softer beds. I shower and I’m down to breakfast in less than 30 minutes. Updated my blog stuff and enjoying the entire restaurant to myself. Well until the rest of the guests started arriving. Wow can these Spaniards eat… Kirsten arrives and says momma and daddy are on their way. We all have a nice breakfast and create a picnic lunch for later. We leave LLEIDA and are heading north toward BALAGUER from there we pick up the C12 and head toward AGER. Along the way we find a monastery from the 11th century. Yes, like really old. We eat ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza » Nuevalos February 20th 2014

So it is official. A month ago from this date we moved here. And we have survived. YAY! Also we all got our course work results from last semester and we all passed all three of our essays. Another YAY! So this week has been the week where we have finalised all of our classes and finally sorted placement! It took us all a long time to get everything finalised because our co-ordinator here is all over the place. She is the definition of being 'flaky'. However, we began on Tuesday and it has been one of our best weeks so far. We are finally beginning what we came here to do! So it was an early morning on Tuesday which our bodies have not been used to. The alarm went off and we all crept ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza February 9th 2014

Well this blog is going to be a long one consisting of the events that have taken place in my time here in Zaragoza so far that the others haven't mentioned! Before I came here I hadn't really experienced different cultural foods, been interested in sight seeing or walking the "felt like" hundreds of miles to wherever we were going. However, I have had many "first times" in the three weeks of being here! First time I.... Ate smoked salmon, drank ice tea, ate proper Spanish tapas (which I really didn't enjoy, but hey! I tried), ate parmaham, cooked my own "big" meal for 4, ate mango, .... and there are many more that Nadine has written down in her notebook! I'm not used to trying new things and I am slowly getting there and the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza » Nuevalos February 8th 2014

As I still don't have the hang of this blogging here's the pictures to go with the first week of uni post ..... read more
Nadine and Laura
Donut shop we stumbled upon ..
Hangover Chorizo Nachoes

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