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Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca September 13th 2019

Just to let you know that all future blogs will be on our Facebook page This is due to being unable to load photos on here. Hoping you will follow us on the above page. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca September 10th 2019

Day 13 09/09 Tiermas to Jaca I spent the morning trying to put the blog onto the website, but for reasons beyond my reconning, I couldn't get any photos to load, so frustrating! In the end I conceded and I'll have to wait until I can find Wi-Fi. Maintenance was busy changing the engine thermostat to stop the engine overheating as we climb into the mountains. We then gave Dream Catcher a good sprucing up as everything was still dusty from the desert. After lunch we left our reservoir stop over heading to Anso, we spotted a castle on a hill and took a detour into Binies a very sleepy hill top village dominated by a castle. The castle appeared to be a private residence. The drive took us up a beautiful deep sided gorge along ... read more
The tunnels in the rocks
Lovely cottages at Anso
Inside Anso church

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Teruel June 16th 2019

Bonjour à tous, C'est avec plaisir, ce matin que j'ai quitté, mon hôtel, non seulement la chambre était minable, mais à une trentaine de mètres, il y avait un bel et grand hôtel, où étaient garés au moins 5 autobus, tous des vieux. Ce doit être dans leur forfait, la soirée dansante. J'ai bouffé du Paso, du Tango, Valse, jusqu'à 0h30. Eux il se sont amusés, et pas en silence. Plus le bruit des fêtards, dans la rue, et les mêmes dans les couloirs. Que ces gens là vivent tard. Ce matin dur d'émergé à 7h30. Ce soir c'est parfait une chambre toute petite dans le vieux Teruel. J'ai planifié, au départ, Teruel, distance 208km, temps de route, 4h25. je vous laisse calculer la moyenne. Pendant un moment j'ai presque regretté d'avoir décoché autoroute sur le ... read more
Teruel  Plaza del Torico
Ares del Maestre
Peniscola le Castillo de nuit

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza June 13th 2019

Bonjour à tous Il va me falloir me mettre à l'heure espagnole. Hier au soir vers 19h15, pour être de retour et voir nos françaises, je me présente à la pizzéria toute proche de l'hôtel, j' avais trop envie de pizza, je n'en ai pas mangé depuis le Québec cette hiver, la jeune fille me répond "on commence le service à 20h, idem au resto de l'hôtel. Finalement je n'ai manqué que les 5 premières minutes du match. Pour ceux qui ne connaitraient pas le résultat 2 à 1 contre les norvégiennes, laborieusement. Ce soir je vais m'adapter à cet horaire. Ce matin petit dej, à 7h30, ensuite, je sors fumer ma clope à 8h en polo, et j'ai une sensation de froid, normal à 4°. Peu avant 9h je décolle, et vais faire le plein ... read more
le pont du Diable XIII siècle
genets du jour
route du jour

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Alcaniz December 29th 2018

Got away from the site without further incident - the awkward neighbours left before us! Weather on today's drive was weird - sunshine, cloud, mist ... everything. Including some enoemous lakes of low-lying mist like the one Elizabeth took a photo of. Otherwise the drive was actually quite boring - the landscape changed very little during the day and there was so little traffic that the biggest challenge was staying awake! Anyway, eventually arrived at our planned campsite just outside Vallederobres, Camping El Roble. Very helpful chap, well marked-out, flat pitches, and facilities that looked pretty recently rebuilt. Well worth 15€ for a night (including electricity). There were also some Teepees, but we didn't see anyone using them at the moment! 285km drive today.... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca December 28th 2018

Peaceful night's sleep, a bit less chilly too! Had some issues with the battery in the morning, so had to make do with washes instead of showers. Probably need to make sure we have mains power whenever possible at this time of year. Found a supermarket on the way out to pick up a few bits, then headed for the hills! Only this time, instead of going over them, we went UNDER, via the Somport Tunnel. Which made it a much less stressful trip than some of our mountain ones! The change in the weather as we emerged was dramatic - completely clear blue sky, and warm(ish) sunshine. We'd deliberately planned only a short drive for today, as we didn't know how the tunnel would be (or even if it would be open!). Our destination was ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Loarre September 29th 2018

Perhaps this morning I should wish you an Ogni Ibili - a good journey as we set off from our night stop in the tiny french town of Oleron St Marie , over or should I say through the Pyranees on the Somport Tunnel. A different route for us . Most travellers set off further north or further south . It is a first. The day breaks grey and misty and we see little sign of the high mountains that we will pass through shortly. The french side seems - well - very french woith a few alpine chalets clinging to the steep hillsides. Winter must come early to this part of the world. It is a harsh environment of isolated farms and the Tour de France passing through each year. The Somport is an easy ... read more
Loarre castle
such a peaceful place
More walls than we wished to see

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Teruel September 13th 2016

So a week on the road . What are our thoughts ? France was hot, Spain is hotter. The campsites are all OK most with WiFi but it seems hellishly expensive this year. Washing is expensive. It has gone up this year from around 3 euros 50/4 euros to 5 in most places. We forgot our tyres. We changed Suzys front tyres last year and it seems the guy who did them changed the front to the backs to wear them more evenly. Fine in most vehicles but a motorhome stands in the same spot for months on end. They dont get enough wear to wear them out but the sun degrades them and it is advised to change them every five years whether they need changing or not. We should have changed Suzys before we ... read more
View from the top of the town
What has the EU done for Spain ?

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 13th 2016

Today we are heading back to Zaragoza on the trip back to Barcelona but before we left the La Rioja regional we spent a couple of hours at a medieval hilltop town of Laguardia which was original constructed in the 13th century. All the houses in this town have an underground wine cellar and therefore the subsoil of the town is completely hollow (no cars allowed in the area). After a walk around the town a trip up one of the wall towers we then took a tour of the San Pedro family wine caves with wine tasting in cave. Some of this family’s wine caves are 8 metres under the ground and which guarantees the perfect temperature, humidity, silence and darkness for the wine to develop.... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 7th 2016

Today we are spending the day with more exploring of Zaragoza. We started today with a visit to Mercado Central (local veg, fish and meat market) what a fantastic area to people watch these traders are so skilled we stood watch a man filet anchovies for a good 10 minutes and then it was on to watch a women cut schnitzels with a massive knife. Our next visit was to the Basilica Nuestra Senora del Pilar what a wonderful building both inside and outside. We even got to go up one of the many towers of the Basilica to get a wonderful view of the city and the roof. We have also again walked the lanes to enjoy some more wonderful Tapas for lunch before home to rest, catch up on the blog and get out ... read more

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