Dream Catcher


Dream Catcher

Jane and Les's travels in a 127 Defender Land Rover Ambulance, converted to a camper.

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca September 13th 2019

Just to let you know that all future blogs will be on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Defender-Dream-Catcher-1495548650677121/ This is due to being unable to load photos on here. Hoping you will follow us on the above page. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca September 10th 2019

Day 13 09/09 Tiermas to Jaca I spent the morning trying to put the blog onto the website, but for reasons beyond my reconning, I couldn't get any photos to load, so frustrating! In the end I conceded and I'll have to wait until I can find Wi-Fi. Maintenance was busy changing the engine thermostat to stop the engine overheating as we climb into the mountains. We then gave Dream Catcher a good sprucing up as everything was still dusty from the desert. After lunch we left our reservoir stop over heading to Anso, we spotted a castle on a hill and took a detour into Binies a very sleepy hill top village dominated by a castle. The castle appeared to be a private residence. The drive took us up a beautiful deep sided gorge along ... read more
The tunnels in the rocks
Lovely cottages at Anso
Inside Anso church

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Olite September 10th 2019

Day 12 Olite to Tiermas We started the day with a walk around the town, it's much quieter this morning, the revelers must still be in bed, or church. The castle looks as if it could be from a fairytale, with its pretty turrets. It was the home if the Royal family of this area in the 1500's. The walled town around it us made up if churches, set in squares with narrow cobbled streets joining them. We're low on food but it's Sunday, the supermarkets aren't open, so when we found a small general store I popped in to buy food for the day. Back at Dream Catcher we plan a scenic drive to take us east further into the mountains. The route passed by rows of grapes all dark purple and waiting to be ... read more
Olite castle
Olite church

Europe » Spain » Navarre September 9th 2019

Day 5 Cloyes de le Loir to NarscBefore setting out this morning, domestic services did some laundry whilst maintenance tightened the alternator belt. Just as we were ready to leave a British camper pulled in and came over to admire Dream Catcher, they were an interesting older couple who had lived in South Africa for around 30 years and of course owned a Land Rover out there, they had toured in Africa in it with a roof tent attached.After the guided tour of the interior, between the wet washing hanging up, we set off, Doris is feeling better today and is set for a dash south on the motorways. We're heading towards Tours and from previous journeys the best ways past the city is motorway, even if us poor pensioners have to pay the tolls. It's ... read more

Europe September 2nd 2019

Day 1Pickworth to Gravelines. After saying farewell to all our lovely neighbours we were on the road to Dover on what was an uneventful journey, with 2 exceptions, no.1 - just past Sapperton a badly stowed vegetable box flew off the shelf and peppered poor Logan with it's contents of onions and potatoes, we had a quick stop to clear up the offending vegetables and stow the box correctly.no.2 - we stopped at Birchanger services on the M11 for lunch, where incidentally the toilets smell of old wee! Whilst parked Les who's in charge of maintenance noticed a water drip from the bottom hose of the radiator, he reported that we needed to keep an eye on it and use some clogging up stuff ( technical term) if it doesn't stop, he topped the water up ... read more
One donkey and A. Nother

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Ypres July 14th 2018

Saturday. Clare and the family offered to take care of Logan whilst we took the tram into the city. After a lovely breakfast of Danish pastries, Clare walked with us to the metro station, she had given us an itinerary and instructions on using the public transport. The trains run every two minutes, in another 12 minutes we were at Torvehallen food halls, we enjoyed the sights and smells of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and spices all beautifully displayed, there were a few free samples on offer too. On the other side of the street was a flea market, selling a good assortment of vintage and antique items, luckily everything we liked was too big to fit into our limited storage space. We continued into the centre where we had lunch in a square close to ... read more
floating homes - budget end
floating homes - budget end
Floating Home - top end, Les, will you buy me one?

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden July 9th 2018

Monday. Another day on the road for us, as we were about to set off Les saw a motorbike pass with a large flag attached to it followed by 27 other bikes, quite a convoy! The road takes us through pine clad mountains with lakes in the valley bottoms which open up into mountain pastures. We passed through .Seljord. Where there are many legends about trolls living in the mountains, Selma the serpent is said to live in the lake here, first spotted in 1745, she is said to have two heads and travel at 25 knots on the water's surface. Also one of my favourite children's stories was written here, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. To break our journey we had a planned stop at Heddal Stave Church, the largest of the 28 stave churches ... read more
The church's interior
The interior of the farm house
Rock carvings

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 3rd 2018

Wednesday. Our neighbours popped around to say they were off to find some internet, we thanked them again for a pleasant evening and sent them on their way with homemade cookies. Housekeeping and maintenance have decided to stay for a few hours, there's washing to do, the sun is out and there is a breeze to dry it, the hob still needs another looking at and of course the water heater always could do with another looking at. It was 3.00 pm when we left in search of a supermarket and a camper service area. On our way out of the car park we had a look in a mountain hut on the hill opposite, it was small but had a stove, a wooden bed a small table with some food left on it for the ... read more
At the top of the Snow Road.
One of the many waterfalls.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Sogndal June 28th 2018

Friday. There's a short ferry crossing this morning as we head to Geiranger, we arrived just as it was loading, good timing again. Then a short drive to the Ornevegen (Eagles Way), a super spectacular 7km section of road that drops down through 11 hairpin bends giving impressive views of the narrow fjord which is a UNESCO world heritage site.There is a viewing platform halfway down where we parked and took some photos, we're lucky this morning as the sun is shinning. The views along the fjord are amazing and nestled at one end is Geiranger, complete with another cruise liner, a German one this time and slightly smaller then yesterday's. We dropped down towards the village and again good timing, we drove straight onto the ferry that is classed as the most scenic in Norway. ... read more
The Hurtigruten passing on by on Geirangerfjord

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