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Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 20th 2006

first post to test the new blog..... will be back next week when we fly out to sydney...... ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 16th 2006

We went to a sport club on saturday afternoon. We played tennis , swam for a bit, had lunch and a little nap. What a great life :) In the evening, we had dinner at home with few of their friends. We went to a local bar and danced a little. In the last day of Zaragora, Raquel made a spanish dinner. It was very tasty and we had some ham. Smoking ham. They ARE so good. I want to buy a whole leg home, but I don't think I can get it thru the border. I spent 4 days and 4 nights in Zaragora. I got very comfortable right away. I slept a lot and I didn't want to do sightseeing. Mainly I enjoy Raquel and Santi's company very much. I felt very safe and ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 15th 2006

Ok Zaragora Zaragora is my 3rd pit stop. I met Raquel and Santi during my MSc. I took a train from Barcelona to Zaragora which took me a good 5 hours. It was hot and the A/C wasn't cold enough. I think the train is from the 80s. Raquel picked me up from the train station. They live in the low density residence. They have a 3 bedroom apartment and right next to the river. It is a walking distance to the bars, shops, city central, and the swimming pool. They showed me what is a daily spanish life when I was there. Let me talk about their daily schedule. They work 7 hours during the summer and 9 in the winter. They go to work from 8 to 12 and then head to the swimming ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza November 22nd 2005

Hello Allllllllll, Well, Madrid. I went there, what, month ago? My second trip to the city in as many years, and my God...what a different perspective you get on the city when you've been living in Spain a while. Baulking at paying 2.50 Euros for a café con leche ,bitching about tourists when it turns out you have to QUEUE (yes QUEUE!) to go to the blummin' park, and generally silently counting my blessings that i live in the equivalent of Spains Norwich!!! It was such a great couple of days, but it felt reassuring knowing that i couldnt wait to come home to Zaragoza :-) At the very least the weather's better here (read: not 80% monsoon), i can pick up a coffee for 0.60cents, and i know the perfect churreria!!! Also, Zara's hardly a ... read more
Dan on the Prowl (6.20am)
Temple of the Dead

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza November 2nd 2005

Hola Chicos! Who'd have thought that everyday life here would just be so er...much, or actually, that i would have got so lazy...sorry. I apologise lots for the extreme tardiness of these blogs, and the fact that reporting in retrospect is slightly frazzling my brain. Ermmmmmm...what's been happening? Well, nothing and everything i suppose, if that's not so trite as to have you reaching for the sick bags. We had our first 'flat birthday', anticipated by a 2-day cookathon, proving ourselves to be the hostesses with the mostestes (sp?), or at least the most homemade tortilla, for Anna's 23rd. And the end of the fiestas left us all playing the walking dead for about a week long. Becky put it best i think when she wrote, and i quote, " God Ali, you're like a toddler. ... read more
Ooh la la!

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza October 14th 2005

After you hit the sack at 5am, there's nothing quite like a 7am march to the local bullring to set the tone for the day (er, yeah right!) But regardless, at the invite of Anna that's where we watch the Pilar 'festivities' of the Vaquillas. The occasion is pretty-much an early morning concession to the Pamplona-wannabees, who after a night of heavy boozing can think of nothing they'd rather do ,but be chased by young bullocks in a very 'machissmo' (sp?) attempt at proving their *coughcough* 'manhood' - i think you can gage my level of impressed-ness by my tone here. The only reason i went (after my half-hearted attendance at the insistence of others in previous years) was that here no bulls are actually killed, but merely given a chance to hit cocky young ... read more
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Bull picture #142
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Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza October 12th 2005

WOOOOAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I knew that my time in Spain had really started when Adrianna (my spanish flatmate) came into my room last night and choking on her own laughter awarded me a eurovision-stylee "ten points" for finding me passed out fully-clothed in our bathroom at 5.30am that morning (i think the 12 points must have gone to the bloke from Lichtenstein). The 'fiestas del pilar" are the highlight of the unfathomably overlooked Zaragoza's social calender. Basically it is a series of week long festivities (religous and otherwise) built around the 'pillar' (geddit??) of the city, the virgin del Pilar, and peaking today, la Dia de Nuestra Senora del Pilar. We get the week off uni in order to fully er...'appreciate' events, which range from tapas feasts to concerts (anyone remember Bonny Tyler?) and the incredible procession of ... read more
Seriously though...
"Who called the hut?!!!"
She can have her cake and eat it

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza September 28th 2005

¡¡¡Hey guys!!! Hope all´s fab in ol´blighty, because luckily for me things are still muy bien at this end too. Catching up on what i wrote last time i got the job looking after the two little girls, Sofia and Irene (said /Eerenay/) and have now moved into my flat and started throwing myself into study at the uni (well, less throwing myself, more dragging my ass along to get there for 9am lectures...god, whatever must life be like in the real world eh?!). Anyhoo, I love love love my 70´s style flat and the three girls i´m sharing with are totally fantastic. A quick rundown is that the finnish girl Johanna is possibly one of the funniest people you will ever meet, with a completely oddball sense of humour (kindred spirit then), as well as ... read more
Annabelle and I
And here's the sun we were enjoying!
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