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Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region August 3rd 2020

Ranajky vybavene v retro kaviarni salka kavy. Pekne prostredie, capucino skvele, obsluha mila, tak ako vsade na tripe. Dnesny hlavny program dna je navsteva my animals ako to julia nazyva. Auto zeniem juznym tahom. Po opusteny kosic opat krasne okolie a premavka minimalna, no na cestach dost radaristov. Zrejme celoslovenska akcia. Mensia zastavka v zadielskej tiesnave . Ale fotime ju len z pola, jaksi mame turistiky uz plne zuby. Tiesnava vyzera uchvatne, sem sa isto este vratim. Valime si to az do obce muran bez zastavky i ked cestou je kopa veci co by stalo za navstevu ale proste neda sa vidiet vsetko. V obci chlapik s lapankou nas upozornuje, ze cesta dalej na sever je neprejazdna, my ideme kuknut len syslikov, chlapik sa len usmeje a zela nam peknu cestu. My an... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region August 2nd 2020

Novy den a ponorka je za nami. Mozno si trochu vstupila do svedomia moja fesna spolucestovatelka, bo dnes je ako vymenena. Klasicke rano, najst nieco sladke a kavove pod zub. Pesia zona prazdna (8/30), podniky sa pomalicky otvaraju. Uz ani neviem kam zapadame a davame sladke ranajky, ja pekne palacinky. Slnko este moc nepecie, tak fototrip po pesej a fotenie kazdeho pekneho domu mojou spolocnostou. Obed vybavujeme v paradnej cukrarni aida . Sladucky kolacik a cola k tomu. Napraskany na ubytku vyzdvihujeme auto a hura do vody. na siravu nemalo zmysel ist, je vikend tak tam bude totalna plnka. Julia vynuchala prirodne kupalisko bukovec . v ke su debilne kruhace, kde sa dava pednost z kruhacu a nie z cesty. Skoro som zepalil jedno auto, zvyknuty na klasicky ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region August 1st 2020

Na ranajky vyber z 5 jedal, porcie dostatocne. Ako kazde rano pri ranajkach prichadza bojova porada kam dalej. Turu na najvychodnejssi bod svk zavrhujeme, je to cca 8hod (ak chce clovek prejst aj kusok hrebenu) a ubytka prakticky ziadne. Najblizsie volne je aj v kosiciach (ono bolo aj inde volne ale budget nepusti). Pobavila ponuka ubytka pri zemplinskej sirave, izba za 4000€. Samozrejme, to bol preklep ale podla obrazkov by som za to nedal ani 30€. Bohuzial tonicovcov sme na sirave nezastihli a ako citam jeho cestopis, neviem ci sa mam smiat a ci plakat ako to na vychode vyzera v cestovnom ruchu. Nas ciel je prisne strazeny vodny rezervoar starina . Ako sa blizime k hranici, pribudaju aj policajne hliadky na jee... read more

Dupa capitale si muzee trebuia si un munte, nu? Oprire la pensiunea Fortuna slovacia – 1 noapte 50 euro, cu mic dejun bufet suedez (aici am optat pentru) in Liptovský Mikuláš nu inainte de a vizita o pestera in drum. Pensiune micuta, curata, cu floricele, situata intr-o zona linistita cu peisaj muntos si aer curat, cu mult oxigen si bineinteles multe floricele.... read more
interior camera
interior camera
interior camera

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region July 18th 2017

Ok! Finally caught up and, fingers crossed, wifi is still good. Day 12 - Off to Slovakia Right, so, Canadian geography perspective here. The actual distances aren't nearly as bad as my example, but just to picture the back n' forth I'm doing because I fail lol. I was in "Quebec City" (Eger) and going to "northern Newfoundland" (Presov, Slovakia). I was supposed to be able to take a train Quebec City to New Brunswick up to Newfoundland... but no, don't let me book it online, and no don't arrive until 11pm when check-in closes at 7pm for my hotel... that's cool. Instead I took the train from "Quebec" to "Ottawa" only to get on a bus from "Ottawa" to "Newfoundland" (only 5 hours in reality though, so not HORRIBLE, but still). So, I'm at peace ... read more
Presov Cathedral
The Horse Keepers

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice January 29th 2015

In April 2008 while on a trip to Hungary I decided to travel to Slovakia by train with my Hungarian friend. I wanted to see another former Soviet bloc communist state in Eastern Europe besides Hungary and Poland. The following is an account of our visit to Kosice the second largest city in Slovakia. It was a cold morning when we set out for the railway station in Nyiregyhaza. The train was scheduled to leave at 7:30 but we arrived at the station well in time. An hour after leaving Nyiregyhaza the train pulled in at Miskolc where we had to change to another train for Kosice. However, we had to wait another two hours at the station for this train, so we spent some of the time to have breakfast at the station cafe. The ... read more
Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
Kosice, Slovakia
Kosice, Slovakia

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice June 13th 2014

My family and I decided to visit our old home country of Slovakia this May. The reasons were two-fold: First, my daughter Alex just graduated from college here in US and all our family lives in Slovakia, so it makes more sense for three of us to go to Slovakia and celebrate there, then to bring about 25 relatives to the US for graduation and party. Secondly, it has been 8 years since my last visit so I was well overdue to see my 88 year old dad, who is in perfect shape, but at that age one never knows...So we booked the tickets via Austrian airlines from JFK to Vienna and then a short flight from Vienna to our home town Kosice (eastern Slovakia). After a long 8 hour overnight flight we landed in Vienna ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice July 10th 2013

Wednesday July 10 – I got up early and took the bus at 8:30. We arrived at 9:40 and I had a 10 minute connection before the bus to Kosice. A guy asked me something but I told him I didn’t speak Slovak. A girl translated and said he drives a minivan to Kosice and that some of them were going to go with him as it was faster, if I wanted to go. I agreed and walked with them over to his van. I sat next to the driver and it was a pretty quick ride. We got in around 10:20 and I went to the train station next door and bought my ticket to Budapest for tomorrow. Much like plane flights, it was cheaper to buy a roundtrip ticket than a one way journey. ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice October 4th 2011

Beste familie, kennissen, oud-collega´s en vrienden Deze blog is alleen voor jullie bestemd. Op het ogenblik zijn we nog in Kosice in Slowakije. We hebben hier twee maanden op het huis van Vlado, Linda´s vader, gepast. Vlado was intussen in Alaska. Afgelopen week hebben we hem opgehaald in Boedapest. We hebben onze tijd hier goed besteed. Linda heeft een cursus gedaan, zodat ze overal in Europa als ziekenverzorgster kan werken. Deze Vrijdag doet ze examen. Ik heb aan ons boek gewerkt. Elke dag heb ik zitten schrijven van 9 uur ´s ochtends tot 5 uur ´s middags. Ik had het al klaar willen hebben, maar het gaat toch nog wel een maandje duren. In de weekenden hebben we gewandeld in de prachtige natuur rond Kosice. Vanaf dat we hier waren is het mooi weer geweest en ... read more
Linda´s familie

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region April 25th 2010

I apologize for not writing this blog entry several months ago, but we just received our wedding pictures a few days ago. Sylvia and I came to Slovakia this year knowing that we would get married here on the 2nd of January, 2010. For this reason, we had already started making plans in the United States and once we arrived in June, Sylvia got to work putting the plans into action. We first had to navigate a maze of legal paperwork. We had to establish my residency in Slovakia to make my situation legal, and then obtain certified copies of my necessary documents from the United States. Can I just say that I am tired of European police? Second, we had to satisfy the Catholic Church with documents so that we could get married in the ... read more
Asking Ceremony

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