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Stag Parties Stay Away

As above
16 years ago, August 8th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #17519  
Hi all, I have just returned from Bratislava yesterday the 07 August 2007, I went on a stag party with my friends for the august weekend, I was really looking forward to it, the activities we had lined up sounded really good, shooting, bobsleighing, quad biking, off-road driving and so on, they were good, they were very good and I really enjoyed them, however I have one small problem, as I sit here writing this I am finding it difficult to see out through my eyes as I was severely assaulted on my last night there, I went to the hospital yesterday where I received four stitches to my nose as a result of the assault.
It happened in the Dubliner Irish Pub(I am Irish by the way), I would urge any man thinking of going over there not too, I was dragged downstairs in the pub by what I can only describe as two (security staff) ex army men, huge from steroids and crazy from drugs towards a very dark room where they proceeded to kick the crap out of me, I managed to break free and a friend of mine spotted me, he had been looking for me for ten minutes, he was kicked away as he tried to intervene, then he raised the alarm.
The sad thing is, this was not an isolated incident, on our second night there, four of my friends left a nightclub that was on a boat on the Danube, after leaving the nightclub my friends heard a lot of commotion and noticed there were lots of people running in all different directions, then they noticed three of the security staff punching men at random, one French guy was enjoying a burger and was knocked out cold, three of my four friends were assaulted, one of which was knocked unconscious, to give you an idea of what this was like, one of my friends that was there is six foot two and well built, he told me he was never as scared as what he was that night.
As a former resident of East Germany I have seen this happen time and time again, I worked there for five years and have seen many Irish, English, Scots and Welch men being assaulted. It seems that these sorts of men (eastern block, ex army) do this for fun. I can safely say that I will never return to Slovakia.....On a brighter note, I was not permanently injured apart from a scar that I will have on my nose. Since arriving home yesterday I have heard many stories of men being assaulted, one who even had to spend a week in hospital in Dublin when he got off the plane. I hope my story will reach people before they go there.
P.S, I know a fight can break out at anytime but this was systematic assault on a huge scale.
P.S 2 ,I have just received an email from a friend who just contacted FAI(football association of Ireland) head of security who in turn is sending a warning to all the clubs in Ireland who might have fans travelling for the match soon,

Yours truly

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15 years ago, April 6th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #31849  
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Dear Byrnesy,

you are absolutely right when saying "stag parties stay away", it always makes me sick when I go on Friday night out in Bratislava and meet English or Ireland stag party groups.

For the others, who do not exactly know what the stag party group looks like, here is the short description (however you can recognize them very easily): usually group of 5- 10 men age of 20-40, coming on Friday and leaving on Sunday, drunk all that time, running in city center, usually half naked or dressed like fugitive insane person. Of course, there are only few bars and pubs where staff welcome such visitors, usually they are very loud and completely destroy the bar equipment. Moreover it happens very often they destroy the historic remains in the old city, jump and swim in old historic fontaine or harassing local girls.

My last personal experience was that bar staff has to get off the toilet door when stag party participant has locked himself for 2 hours (of course he was sleeping there when they opened the door).

So, dear stag party guys, please do not be surprised when you are assaulted by security when you are behaving like this. I have couple of colleagues from Ireland, but they are really ashamed that Ireland guys has such bad repute here. The problem is that stag party guys makes mess but leave it here after 3 days, however they have to live here for years and be comfronted with this repute all that time.
I really hate to see you coming here, to be cheaply drunk for days. I believe you would never do that in your own city.

Yours truly

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