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Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice December 29th 2009

Bratislava, Eslovaquia, a 3 de noviembre del 2008. Saludos a todos alla por TJ y LTO: Les mando fotos de la ciudad de Kosice --mas de 200 mil almas--, que es la segunda ciudad mas grande de Eslovaquia, pais que era parte de Checoslovaquia, pero que a principios de los anos 90's unos bribones la independizaron --le llamaron el divorcio de terciopelo-- para hacer el negocio de su vida. A la fecha esos bribones siguen viviendo del presupuesto y de la politica, peleandose entre ellos, pero bueno, dentro de lo bueno para los eslovacos fue que hubo mas inversion y que el pais entro a la Union Europea. Ah, tambien Eslovaquia es el pais de la pelicula "Hostel"... La ciudad es candidata para ser capital cultural europea del 2013.... Mis problemas empezaron cuando a estar aún ... read more
Main square.
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region December 25th 2009

This has been our first Christmas spent in Slovakia and so I thought I would share a little bit about the traditions and culture that surrounds the Christmas season. Christmas traditions begin a little earlier in Slovakia (and Eastern Europe) than in the United States. This is due mainly to the celebration of St. Nicholas Day on the 6th of December. Of course, the legends upon which Santa Claus is based are derived from the stories attributed to St. Nicholas. Children leave their shoes near a window and the next morning, they are filled with candy, nuts, and fruits, as well as chocolate representations of Nicholas or Santa Claus in modern times. Winter sports are very popular in Slovakia and early in December, the outdoor skating rink is opened to skating and hockey practices can begin. ... read more
St. Nicholas
Christmas Market

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region November 30th 2009

I recently made a trip to visit a second school for Roma in the region around Roznava. A few kilometers outside of town is the village of Brzotin, which has a population of a few hundred and a large percentage of Roma (gypsies). I struggle with the use of these kinds of terms (gypsies versus Roma, etc) because they all carry various political meanings. I have found that in academics, one must be rather careful with the use of such terms since they can be considered inappropriate or offensive in certain contexts. So with this said, I will continue with the term "gypsy" because of its familiarity, although "Roma" is perhaps a more precise word. My Slovak language teacher taught Slovak and Russian at the school in Brzotin many years ago before it was designated as ... read more
Slovak Class
Skolsky Rok
Art Class

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region November 2nd 2009

All Saints Day in Slovakia, as well as many other Slavic countries, is a highly celebrated holy day. Throughout the entire weekend, Slovak families travel across the country to visit cemeteries where their deceased family members are located. Cemeteries overflow with flowers and thousands and thousands of candles are lit and placed on the graves. Families take time to meet together and take care of their family members' gravesites. Because some families must travel to multiple cemeteries across large areas of Slovakia, this begins taking place on Friday and doesn't end until late Sunday night, when the actual observance of All Saints takes place. Virtually all Slovaks travel to their local cemetery late on Sunday night to pay respects and light candles. Additionally, war memorials that commemorate the World Wars are highly decorated. Although the practice ... read more
Communist Monument
Old Statue

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice August 3rd 2009

I know that some of you are waiting the entry of my first meeting with Ma'ri's family. You'll have to be a little more patient, as this will be my next entry for the blog. Our base for these few days is in Hejce in the North-East part of Hungary where Ma'ri's parents live. The village is only 30 km from Kosice. I've already been to Prague, but never set a foot in Slovakia. So we decided to spend an afternoon strolling Kosice. Interesting enough, Ma'ri hasn't come here for years, so it was also a re-discovery of some of her childhood memories. Slovakia and Hungary are now both part of Schengen, so no more controls at the border. But the old style communist control buildings are still in a seriously bad conditions...but still standing ... read more
the city center of Kosice
sun, smile and flowers...great cocktail!
the border between Hungary and Slovakia...souvenir of an other time!

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice February 24th 2009

I got to Kosice by train which is the best and possibly only option to get there directly. It was about 1 euro extra for the fast IC train but it cut about and hour or more off the journey time. It's kind of annoying that all these countries take ISIC but only if you are a student in that country. So far, ISIC has not worked for me in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. I keep trying to use it and sometimes they take pity on me and give me an under 26 rate instead but it really is quite useless in Central and Eastern Europe despite the fact that ISIC is supposed to be accepted! Anyway, Kosice is a nice town with a very small old town center. The church is pretty cool ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice September 11th 2008

Day 10 Up at 9 AGAIN for breakfast which we thought was free but was slyly charged at the end and i dont even like eggs.. Made our way to the train sation to find there were none til 3 so waited in a oub just outside the station, where someone tried to sell me bed sheets.. As if i need to be carrying any more shit.. Eventually arrived at Kosice around 5 and made our way to Kosmalt a hostel where we were told they were full.. I was quite glad as it was a right shit hole looked like a crack house.. But our cab had gone so we had to walk to a bus stop.. Luckily a random elped us figure out where to go and we found the main place with all ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice September 11th 2008

September the 10th by now. We awoke in Miskolc, had breakfast (scrambled egg - soon regretted that) then found out it wasnt free. We missed our train to Kocise in Slovakia by 30mins so had to wait until 3pm. No bother, i decided to send home my massive sleeping bag. So i went to the Hungarian post but they were useless and didnt bother to try and speak english for me. But then some Hungarian guy came up and explained the postoffice was rubbish, that id be lucky to find a box to send my bag in and then spent 20mins of what turned out to be his lunch break from a neary shop to help me translate what i wanted and send my bag home. He even put his own address as from where it ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice August 21st 2008

We headed out after breakfast relatively early on Highway 7 which heads due south to Slovakia. A word of advice for anyone wanting to take this route is wait a couple of years and it should be great, as it was there were roadworks all the way for about 100km. Every bridge was one lane with traffic lights controlling the flow so it took about 2 hours to reach the border. Once we reached Slovakia the roadworks finished and we cruised along smoothly. We bought a motorway sticker as we didn’t plan on spending much time in Slovakia as we felt there was not really a lot we wanted to see here. The motorway made a big zig-zag down the country but we thought that that was quicker than using the more direct highway and there ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice July 9th 2008

Groeten uit een behoorlijk warm Bardejov in het oosten van Slowakije! Als alles een beetje lukt ga ik morgen naar Oekraine, dus dit is de laatste dag in dit land. Zaterdag in Banska Stiavnica van alles gezien, o.a. het New Castle (op zich niet heel boeiend maar wel uitzicht over de stad) en een mijnbouwmuseum waarbij ik met een groep onder de grond door de gangen ben gelopen (wederom helmpje op!) en allerlei werktuigen heb gezien. Daarna een uitgebreide wandeling door de heuvels en bossen en velden gemaakt, langs een meertje, naar een uitkijkpunt op 939 meter met mooie uitzichten. Nadat ik schone kleren had aangetrokken 's avonds pizza gegeten. De dag erna een mooie tocht per trein gemaakt, door de heuvels in het midden van het land, van Zvolen naar Kosice. Tunnels en bruggen en ... read more

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