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Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice June 8th 2008

Today Joyce arrived in Košice after backpacking in Europe for the last few weeks. We found her as she was trying to work a phone on the train station since she had been there for a little while before we arrived to pick her up. The three of us spend the morning and afternoon in Košice. I got to attend mass at St. Elizabeth's Cathedral, which is the largest church in Slovakia and was built starting in 1378. Joyce, Sylvia, and I sat outside on the square for a drink and then headed toward Roňava. We stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch and enjoyed typical Slovak food. I ordered with only a vague understanding of what my food actually was. I only understood that it would be spicy and with paprika. It turned out to ... read more
Kosice Theatre
St. Elizabeths Cathedral

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice April 13th 2008

Okay so this is a little late, but just pretend like I wrote this 2 weeks ago. Martin picked me up from the train station and after apologizing a million times for his “bad English” we drove to his apartment. I was so tired that I felt like I was floating. We got to his apartment and I immediately took a shower. Not only was the train not very comfortable… it wasn’t the cleanest thing either. Martin’s wife, Natalia, had left us breakfast which was a meat plate, a veggie plate, and bread. Interesting what other cultures consider breakfast. On their behalf, the other mornings were eggs, etc. I didn’t even care at that point. About the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. So I told Martin that I was going to have to ... read more
church bells
view of kosice from the top of the church
another view from the top

My friend Milka was very kind in inviting me with her friends to a village in the Slovensky Kras national park for new years. It was a spectacular time with wonderful people! During New Year's Eve the wine, Hungarian cherry liquor, and champagne flowed merrily down the old gulliver. And even a village with maybe 100 people had fireworks!! The following day we got over our headaches and spent the afternoon in the hills. We brought a sled which was the key to our joy out there. We happened upon some dried, thick vines which we used in creative ways: limbo, tug of war and Tarzan activities. Then we carried a 10m strip of it up a hill which we used to collectively carry the lucky rider on the sled!! To je proste zabava, vis? ... read more
the layers of nature
down the trail we ride

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice January 24th 2008

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a city where there is an eternal blanket of snow above you? Well, chances are good that these clouds are quite thin and all you need to do is hike up a mountain or hill for clear skies and warmer weather! This was the case when I travelled with Milka (my Couchsurfing friend) before Sylvester to some mountains west of Kosice, near Gelnica. We had a spectacular view of the Tatras and basked in the sun during our 16km hike. The day after we took the train to the national park Slovensky Kras to celebrate new years.... read more
inversion in action
random tourists

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice July 4th 2007

Greetings from Slovakia This is the first country in my journey. Unfortunately it has been raining, so the pics are a bit grayish, I hope you will enjoy them. You can add comments and contact me trough this website. If you want, you can subscribe and whenever I do edit a new entry and pictures you will get a notification e-mail. Hope you will like it! Üdvözlet Szlovákiából Ez az első állomás a világkörüli kaland túrán ; ) Sajna esett az eső, így a képek kicsit szürkések, de azért remélem tetszeni fog majd. Hozzászólásokat szívesen fogadok ezen a weboldalon, vagy akár e-mailen is. Ha gondolod, regisztrálhatsz is es automatikusan kapsz értesítő e-mailt, amikor új képeket rakok fel az oldalra Remélem tetszeni fog! Saludos desde Slovakia Este es mi primer pais en mi vuelta alrededor del mundo. ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice June 7th 2007

6/01-12/01 Eastern Europe was the focus of a two month summer trip in 2001. I wanted to extensively tour the region after my short dips into it from Western Europe and Scandinavia. I was able to explore the homeland of my relatives in Croatia, hike the Tatras of Slovakia, and attend a medieval festival in Romania among other things. After this trip I would study for a semester in Prague, taking courses in Central European history, Russian, and Czech. Our dormitory had students from all over the world. Each week, one nationality would host a party for the rest of us providing food, drinks, and drinking games. As a student in Prague, I was also able to travel a lot around the Czech Republic and explore some out of the way places. I also saw many ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice April 15th 2006

Today we walked a path in a wild, but beautiful park in Slovakia. The path through the Narodony Park winds its way upward through a pass in the limestone mountains. A wildly rushing stream has eroded the mountain resulting in a canyon. The cliff walls rise steeply on either side and are not without their danger, especially if you are climbing them, or walking along the crest. Martin, a young Slovak we met, walked with us today and told us how one of his friends decided to call his girlfriend using a cell phone. He could not find a signal and began climbing from rock to rock, lost his balance and fell to his death. The others in the hiking group of friends had walked on to give him his privacy and couldn't understand why he ... read more
The Wildly Rushing Stream
Walking the Trail
Walking the Trail

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice April 13th 2006

Kosice is the second largest city in Slovakia with about 300,000 people living within the city limits. Nancy and I agreed that the town has a much smaller feeling. Actually it felt like a small town. The old, central part of the city is quite interesting. The surrounding hills are covered with large, Soviet style, high rise apartments. Anyone who has seen the Soviet style high rise apartment buildings knows this is not an attractive sight. As time and money permit the city is rehabbing the high rises. Those completed are more attractive, but will never be considered beautiful. Nancy--.I thought the apartments were rather attractive with the interesting colors that had been painted on many of them. They were not just yellow, pink, etc. but were painted with designs on the ends. Another interesting thing ... read more
Memorial Celebrating Russia's Liberation of Kosice

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice April 13th 2006

Krasna Horka is located in southern Slovakia, very near the Hungarian border, in fact I believe within view of the border. There are written records concerning the castle as far back as the 13th century now it has been designated as a Slovak National Treausure. The castle was strategically located such that it protected the medieval roads that crossed the Slovensky Rudohorie area, and thus, protected the mining areas of this region. Today this extremely well preserved castle is a museum with hundreds of artifacts on display. The rooms are filled with furniture, weapons, and clothing of the periods of time when people lived in the castle. One suit of armor was of particular interest. The chest plate had a number of dents, such as a bullet would make. We asked our guide what caused them. ... read more
Krásna Hôrka
Krásna Hôrka
Krásna Hôrka

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice April 11th 2006

As the old saying goes, time flies. Well, for us it has flown and our 90 day Czech visas are about to expire. To receive a new 90 day visa all we have to do is leave the Czech Republic and then return. Many at IBTS simply take the train to Germany in the morning and return in the afternoon or evening. As we had never been there, we decided some time ago to go to Slovakia. Then a month to six weeks ago we met an American couple, the McNary's, and their two children who live in Kosice, Slovakia. When we told them that we intended to visit Slovakia, they graciously invited us to travel to Kosice and stay with them. Kosice is the second largest city in Slovakia and is located in the far ... read more
HighTatra Mountains
HighTatra Mountains
HighTatra Mountains

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