Bill & Nancy Lively

Bill and Nancy

Bill & Nancy Lively

We are retired librarians. Nancy worked for the Board of Education and Bill operated a one person engineering library for a communications company. Travel has been one of our passions our entire marriage.

Originally we thought this blog would report only on our trip to Prague. However, we have decided to add entries and photos previous trips. We hope you enjoy them.

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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka April 28th 2013

A walk in Šárka Valley from Divoká Šárka to Jeneralka I spent the entire day on Friday proofreading doctoral dissertation chapters written by various PhD candidates. This is work I really enjoy doing but by the end of a week of Masters and PhD papers with the sun shining outside, the temperature in the low 20s Celcius (low 70s Farenheit) I find I am just about too lazy to do ONE-MORE-THING. So along about 15:00 or 15:30, I decided it was time to give up the fight to stay awake and head to the room for a nice nap. I went to the library to find Bill but he was not where the others thought he was. A student caught me and had me help him find some books he needed to work with over ... read more
Stream beside the opening hills
Yellow flowers on rocky hillside
Pub is in sight

Europe » Spain January 3rd 2013

The Second Leg -- San Sebastian to Paris by rail We slept well … After a good night of sleep on comfortable beds we are ready for the second leg of our return trip to Prague. Our train was scheduled to leave San Sebastian a few minutes after 10:00. This gave us about two hours to wait, instead of sitting and waiting we walked across the Urumea River into the older quarter of San Sebastian. During our evening here as we were on our way to Seville,we discovered the Basilica of St. Mary of the Chorus, a baroque church that was completed in 1774. We love visiting the old churches in Europe. They are magnets that draw us in and this church seemed especially magnetic, the older a church the more magnetic it is to us. ... read more
St. Mary of the Chorus
St. Mary of the Chorus
The Good Shepherd

Europe » Spain January 2nd 2013

Up Early We had enjoyed a great trip, Paris, San Sebastian, Seville and Granada. Now it was time for us to turn our faces toward Prague and the cold and dampness of Central Europe. The first leg of our return trip, Granada to San Sebastian, will cover 695 kilometers or 431 miles by rail across Spain via Madrid. To the Train We got up early as we needed to be ready to go to the train station as soon as we had eaten our breakfast. Fortunately a city bus ran from near our hotel to a stop close to the train station. The desk clerk told us to count the stops and get off at the seventh stop. If necessary we could have walked to the station since we had walked from the station to our ... read more
Snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains
Olive grove and beautiful mountains
Olive grove and, wow, what a mountain

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville December 29th 2012

A day at the Alcazar in Seville, Spain From the journal of Nancy JP Lively dated 29/12/12 Excellent decision One of the most amazing days of my life! Yesterday we made a marvelous decision. We were at the Alcazar around 15:30 and decided to wait to see it today so we'd have more time since it closes at 17:00.Today we headed out at 9:45 to make the 10:00 opening but stopped at a church and got there between 10:30 and 10:45. We stayed until after 16:00. With Bill's passport as ID for our ages we were able to get in for only 2 Euros each. I spent that difference on a pictures of the grandest room in the Moorish palace. Amazing architecture and art work The carved surfaces and tiles all in Moorish style made me ... read more
Seville Alcazar courtyard fountain
Carved arches
Alcazar hedge

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville December 29th 2012

Breakfast A huge breakfast bar greeted us when we entered the dining room early in the morning. There were coffee, tea, a variety of pastries, a good selection of cereals as well as eggs, bacon, ham, fried potatoes and other hot foods and finally a good selection of fruits. There would be no excuses for going away hungry. I had not realized the hotel was large until I saw several tour groups already at breakfast. I am the breakfast eating champion it seems. I hesitate to say how many times I went back to the buffet to enjoy all the delightful foods on offer. Hurrah for good breakfasts! We had a good long day ahead of us. As soon as we finished breakfast ,we went to our room and got ready for the day. We decided ... read more
Dancing puppeteer
New Orleans style jazz
Cathedral Nave

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville December 28th 2012

Arrival We arrived in Seville at the scheduled time just as the sun was setting. The dark of night was quickly approaching. Thank goodness for maps we can download from the computer. When I booked our hotel, before leaving Prague, I had downloaded a map from the railway station to the hotel. Do you think we carried our laptop along with us? No way! We have two little IPods and they are life savers for times like these. Even in the dark you can hold one in your hand and see the street names and the map and try to follow. I say try because at times even the best maps leave something to be desired when walking in an unknown location with many small streets. However, leaving the station we quickly oriented and determined the ... read more
Hmmm, good bread

Europe » Spain December 27th 2012

Up Early Our day began early because the train we had reservations on was scheduled to arrive in San Sebastian at 08:30 and leave at 08:32. Our experience in Europe has been that if the schedule says a train is to leave at 08:32 there is about a 99.9 percent chance that trail will begin moving at 08:32. To be a minute late is to be left standing on the platform. We really did not want that to happen as it would certainly mess up the entire day. Breakfast -- Yes this is breakfast We had breakfast in the restaurant that is part of the hotel. My impression was they are separate businesses located in the same building. Breakfast was about 5 Euros each, something over $6.00. And what do you get for a breakfast? I ... read more
We were amazed at the olive forests!
Olive trees and more olive trees.

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián December 26th 2012

Paris to San Sebastián, Spain The only thing we knew about San Sebastián was it on the way from Paris to Seville and that it was a good point to spend the night. We caught the day train from Paris at 07:30 and traveled across France until evening. Change in Irun The last station in France was Irun and that is where we had to change trains for the twenty to thirty minute ride to San Sebastián. I had selected San Sebastián as we could catch the train to Seville there in the morning. Another day train and an opportunity to see the Spanish countryside. Travel between countries that are part of the Schengen agreement is so much easier now than previously. No border checks, no passport checks. It is like crossing state lines in the ... read more
San Sebastián beach
Ancient church
San Sebastián

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris December 25th 2012

Up Early and Out Into the Cold Today, Christmas Day, we decided to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart or the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre its actual French name. Again, thank goodness for subways as it was a long way from our hotel to the basilica. Though it might be possible to take a bus a simple, easily understood subway system is just right for a first time visitor. Christmas Morning It was a cold morning. Even on the subway it was chilly. Because of the holiday it was not surprising that there were few passengers and no crush of people. All of us were bundled up and a fair percentage of the riders looked like they would prefer to still be asleep. I noticed that some of the passengers held small Christmas presents ... read more
Above the Alter
Dome in the Basilica
Dome in the ceiling

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris December 24th 2012

Arc de Triomphe The full name is Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile but everyone calls it the Arc de Triomphe. I expect that most people of my generation remember photographs of the Free French Forces and the allied armies marching through the Arc during the victory-liberation celebration at the end of the Second World War. I wasn't old enough to realize what was happening but I was alive then. What a day that was for the people of Paris compared to the parade of the German army after the fall of Paris in 1940. Their joy must have been simply overwhelming! I expect, just about every visitor to Paris visits the Arc as well as the Eiffel Tower. A short walk of about a mile is all that separates the two famous sites. The streets between ... read more
Visions of a war
Carving on the wall
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, WW I

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