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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca May 15th 2018

Nu credeam sa fie atat de aproape ziua in care sa ma intorc la Cluj, dar uite-ma nevoita sa fac iar un drum catre acest oras minunat Cluj! Ce nu am mai mentionat pana acum este ca eu lucrez la Bucuresti, intr-o companie mare, cu multi parteneri, iar job-ul meu principal este sa aduc noi parteneri in companie si sa ma asigur ca si cei vechi sunt multumiti de colaborarea noastra. Nu vreau sa dau mai multe detalii despre firma unde lucrez pentru ca este oarecum condifential. M-am bucurat cand seful meu mi-a dat vestea ca trebuie sa merg la Cluj pentru doua zile si sa stabilesc o intanlire cu un potential client. Bineinteles ca intanlirea dura aproximativ o ora, iar restul timpului era al meu, ca sa vad ce pierdusem data trecuta, cand am vizitat ... read more
Cluj Arena
Cluj-Arena 2
Decolarea avionului

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca April 25th 2018

Cine ar fi crezut ca poti face o vacanta atat de utila incat sa mergi la un festival de muzica dar sa si vizitezi orasul unde se tine acest festival. Da, eu, si inca doua prietene, ne-am decis sa mergem la Cluj, la festivalul de muzica electronica Untold. Cum nu vreau sa las nimic nemarcat pe unde trec, m-am gandit sa vizitam si Clujul, daca tot suntem acolo. Am cumparat bilete la festival, am cumparat apoi bilete de tren, si eram gata de aventura. Am asteptat inca o saptamana dupa ce am luat biletele si nu mai stiam cum sa fac sa treaca timpul mai repede. Dupa acea saptamana, ne-am dat intanlire la mine acasa, iar de acolo am luat toate 3 un taxiu, pana la gara. Imi place cutrenul, este o senzatie minunata, mai ales ... read more
Cluj aglomerat
Main Stage
Parcul Etnografic Romulus Vuia 1

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca April 29th 2017

Cluj Napoca, orasul Transilvaniei care te duce cu gandul la faimoasa gradina botanica,cu frunzele imense de nuferi. Gasit cazare cu greu la hotelul Belvedere intr-un final, un hotel vechi, cu parcare generoasa 3 nopti- 456 ron, 188 fara mic dejun, camera matrimoniala, vedere panoramica asupra orasului.... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca July 21st 2016

18 juillet Je commence à croire que cette histoire de vampires n'est que mensonge après tout. C'est qu'il y en a eu aucun où je croyais en trouver: ni dans le fond des bars, ni dans les châteaux transylvaniens, ni même dans le bourg natal de Dracula lui-même. Je me demande où sont-ils tous cachés maintenant. Bon. Réfléchissons.... Exposés au soleil, les vampires s'enflamment et meurent: ça, on sait ça. Donc, plus éloignés du soleil ils sont, moins ils mettent leur vie (leur immortalité) en danger. Alors, suivant cette logique... plus on est au creux de la terre, plus loin nous sommes du soleil... et moins les vampires sont en danger. Intéressant... Donc, pour assurer leur subsistance, des vampires ont certainement dû se terrer dans une grotte, une caverne... ou une vieille mine peut-être... Une vieille ... read more
Tunnel 1
Train station in Cluj-Napoca
Salt mine

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca May 4th 2015

I can't say that today has been my favorite day of this trip, but it has had some good points in spite of the long train ride and the disappointing city I find myself in. In spite of getting to sleep really as late as I wanted (since my train didn't leave until after 11), my mind got to going around 7:30. So, I got up, checked the email, did my stretches, and got my post cards in the mail. The breakfast at the Hotel Sighisoara was not the largest selection, but I did enjoy the sausage omelette particularly. I also had a cup of English breakfast tea, which ends my caffeine-free streak. I also had a coke on the train, so I blew it out of the water. The hotel was kind enough to call ... read more
Final glimpse of my favorite Romanian city so far
Glimpse down Mirror Street
Odd memorial by the Orthodox Church

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 7th 2013

We woke to a bright sunny morning after a most restful night. As all campsites are now an average of five hours drive apart so we plan to stop for two nights when this occurs, it also gives us a chance to look round a little more. Woolly says – it was a nice slow get up today and once washing was pegged out we set off to find the Botanical Gardens at Cluj Napoca. There were plenty of options for us but with it being so warm being stuck inside seemed silly so a nice stroll was just the ticket. I’m very glad that Ian was driving Ollie and I think Jo was as well, the roads are like race tracks with vehicles passing both on the outside and the inside and flying out of ... read more
Awesome Plant
A Bit Prickly
Counting Lillies

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 6th 2013

We waved goodbye to Bug City, not a bad campsite and although there were so many people pitched it didn’t feel overly crowded. The bugs were a pain and we wouldn’t miss them. Two nights worked out 10,200 HUF – sounds a fortune! (Approximately £28.00 GBP). Woolly says – I enjoyed the lake but it was very crowded and the bugs even followed me to the toilet! We set of in search of the two castles we had found on our map, they seemed to be hiding or had been moved before our arrival and were nowhere to be found. Deciding to look for other points of interest and stop on the way we set course. The scenery remained very English in layout and look but much drier, we were driving in an average temperature of ... read more
Check the roof
and another
and more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 19th 2013

The heat of the last couple of days has not waned overnight and it looked like we were in for a hot drive as we head northwards.So we would be thankful for an efficient a/c in the Citroen. We have had a very good stay in the pension in Sibiu and great value for all that was provided by way of the large room and use of full kitchen facilities.We have met all the family from the woman who runs the place to her parents and her daughters over the past two days and not one of them could speak English but we still managed to communicate and practically understand almost everything ! Being on the northern side of Sibiu we were very quickly out of the city and on our way on R1 driving through ... read more
Empty nest?No,the stork had left to get food for the chicks
From the terrace over the village at Nadaselu
First time we have seen so many sheep in one place

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca July 5th 2011

Alrighty, I got a little behind, didn’t I? My apologies. So, as I believe that my last entry was about the week before last, I’ll start with suggesting that anyone interested in international music and or rock should check out Cargo and Zdob si Zdub, two amazing bands that I saw at a free concert here on the 25th. Cargo is sort of like Romania’s answer to Metallica, and they’re wicked, and Zdob si Zdub is a Moldovan rock band with lots of folk influence. And they are AWESOME live. The lead singer has loads of energy. However, if you look up their music, disregard what they did for Eurovision. That stuff is kinda lame. My last weekend in the osteology program was spent here in Cluj mostly writing, with a random trip into town that ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 24th 2011

Today is the end of the third week here in Romania, with one week left before I head over to another part of town where we’ll be staying for the remaining five weeks of digging. Well, where I’ll be staying for those five weeks. One of the girls here, Elizabeth, is joining me for three weeks, but other than that I think the turnover is pretty quick, so I’ll be a veteran to the new kids by the time I leave! Of course, this program isn’t finished yet, and I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself, as next week looks like it’s going to be brutal also, as we still have all of the same lecture hours, lab hours, and Friday quiz, but we also have a 15 page paper and research presentation to do ... read more

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