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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 14th 2006

It's been a few days since I last wrote so I am going to do a quick run down. Going back to Turkey. Our second day in Istanbul has been the best of the whole tour. It is hands down my favourite city so far. We started the day off with a bus tour around the city and stopped at a rug place so people could buy really over priced turkish rugs. You couldn't spend less then $400 on a rug and that got you a shitty small one made of the worst material. Some people dropped a couple grand which blows my mind. They weren't even that nice but I guess they're good quality. Next we split up and went to the Turkish Grand Bazaar. This was like heaven for me. 4000 shops under one ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca July 14th 2006

So one interesting thing from today: Jeff and I went to this restaurant called Roata. We're in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, by the way. And so we go to this restaurant because it's supposed to be pretty authentic Romanian food, however there is no English menu, nor any English translations. So I ask the waiter boy what foods have no meat in them. He shows me a vegetable soup and then this thing called "ciuperci ciopersti" or something. I know from my half-a-day of experience in Romania that "ciuperci" means mushrooms, so I ask him what is with the mushrooms. He explains it to me like this: "Uhhm, you know uhh men?? Uhhh with the uhhhm uhh sheep??" And I was just like, OOOHHHhh, ya, okay, I'll have that; pretending to understand where he was going with that. ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca July 14th 2006

Romanian computers and internet have up to this point proven to be a bit behind the times. this is my third computer and still the programs are too old to recognize my a result i can't upload pictures which pisses me off A LOT. nonetheless, i'll continue...and pretend i'm still in cluj...even though i'm still i'm not in sighisoara... after all of that frustration in budapest with travelblog, i did, indeed, go stuff my face with cake and ice cream. we headed to gertreaud, Budapest's supposedly finest cafe, having been operating since 1858. We got their signature multi-layer chocolate tort as well as this heavenly concoction with walnut, chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon ice cream topped with whipped cream, apricot syrup, liquer-soaked biscuits...all of that came in a chocolate drizzled home-made waffle cup. delicious to say ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 30th 2006

Day 42, 12th July. Tileagd - Cicea - Vinátori As we set out, larger hills loomed into view and the climbing was soon to begin. Toby wasn’t feeling too well so we stopped at a small shop where the friendly owner let us eat at a table in the shop, cut bread for us, and gave us free bottled-water. As we carried on we had strange looks from all the people in villages. But friendly looks, smiles, and people waving to us from fields and horses and carts. At one hilltop stop we had beer, lunch and met a couple with a caravan from England who were off to do some charity work at an orphanage. There was a great downhill afterwards - always careful to mind the bumps and potholes in the road. At the ... read more
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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 28th 2006

Steph and I went to Romania to visit our friend Magghi and got a tour of Transylvania from a local. We rented a car and drove around for a few days stoping at an old salt mine, a couple restaurants and castles, a Gypsey camp, and a nice old ladies house where she they talked me into drinking some home made moonshine. ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca May 24th 2006

After we arrived in Clug and found the hostel we went and had a bit of a look around then bought some beers and went back to the hostel.. that night we went to a beer festival where there was lots of cheap beer and drunk people around so we fitted in perfectly. we met some locals while standen in line waitin for some food then went to a bar and continued drinkin with them for quite a while.. then after a while we left and some how got back to the taxi if i remember correctly the next day we left and caught the train to Sighetu Marmatiei right up north of romania... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca May 2nd 2006

Geo: 46.9687, 22.8079On the way to camp, we stopped at a church.... read more
02 Church
03 Inside
04 Tower

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