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South America » Chile » Aisén » Cerro Castillo January 19th 2012

I continued to be on survey until the 16th. The last day of survey we went out to put in a few shovel tests to check the depth of a few of the promising but questionable sites. It was a hot day and a few people were rubbed the wrong way by procedures. Mostly it was just a communication problem, as we speak little Spanish and the Chileans here speak little English. It makes it hard. Matt N (There are three Matts, did I mention that?) found some really nice lithic material wandering around close to the vans while we waited for the third team to finish their test units. One pretty little white chalcedony projectile point. Started excavation on the 16th. We opened a new 1mx1m unit the day I got there. We have to ... read more

South America » Chile » Aisén » Cerro Castillo January 12th 2012

Excerpts from Journal and Field Journal Jan 6th "North towards Rio Ibanez from road. Began 500m apart and steered by GPS. Had to start line .61mi from my way point because of cliffs and stinging caterpillars. Worse than yesterday. Crossed road and headed up ridge number one. Many fallen trees. Top clear but the way down on the other side was very steep. "Marco" from valley bottom. Heard both Justin and Cami but saw only Justin. They are WAY off their line...Bottom very marshy. Hit another ridge, up, down, across, up again. Made it to my waypoint at about 2 pm. Beautiful spot. Open meadow. Waited 1.5 hours, no sign of anyone. Considering the previous encounters, I had little trust that they would make it here. Dropped down into valley and walked out towards river intot ... read more
Looking for lithics
The views!
Random puppy

South America » Chile » Aisén » Cerro Castillo January 5th 2012

Hi:) I didn't have the internet to post all of this while I was there so I'm going to do a few posts to get you all caught up on my adventures down South. The place that we were staying was just outside of a teeny little town called Villa Cerro Castillo on the edge of a natural reserve called, amazingly, Cerro Castillo. The name comes from teh mountain that dominates the landscape to the West, a huge peak that rises out of a glacier with enough towers and turrets to make any castle architect shrivel with envy. My favorite time of day was about six in the morning (yes, I was awake then, voluntarily) because that was when the sunrise would light the peak with alpenglow, turning it into a brilliant rosy beacon in the ... read more
On the move
Road into the Rio Ibanez vally
Morning view

South America » Chile » Aisén » Coyhaique January 3rd 2012

Hello dear readers, here I am again, struggling to learn how to use the spanish keyboard. Anyway, I made it safely to Coyhaique with about half of the group. We all met in Santiago, as three of them had missed their connections and one was supposed to be on my flight anway. Another joined us at the airport and (happy day) all my luggage came through. Others were not so lucky. Patagonia is breath taking. It is different and familiar and exciting, comforting, dramatic, domestic, and any number of other positive superlatives. I cannot fairly describe what the country side is like here. We drove from a flat plain up through ridges dotted with funny round evergreens that were bent by the wind (sound familiar?) into mountain passes that were stunning, granite walls rising straight up, ... read more
Las Salamandras Hostel
Las Salamandras Hostel

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca July 5th 2011

Alrighty, I got a little behind, didn’t I? My apologies. So, as I believe that my last entry was about the week before last, I’ll start with suggesting that anyone interested in international music and or rock should check out Cargo and Zdob si Zdub, two amazing bands that I saw at a free concert here on the 25th. Cargo is sort of like Romania’s answer to Metallica, and they’re wicked, and Zdob si Zdub is a Moldovan rock band with lots of folk influence. And they are AWESOME live. The lead singer has loads of energy. However, if you look up their music, disregard what they did for Eurovision. That stuff is kinda lame. My last weekend in the osteology program was spent here in Cluj mostly writing, with a random trip into town that ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 24th 2011

Today is the end of the third week here in Romania, with one week left before I head over to another part of town where we’ll be staying for the remaining five weeks of digging. Well, where I’ll be staying for those five weeks. One of the girls here, Elizabeth, is joining me for three weeks, but other than that I think the turnover is pretty quick, so I’ll be a veteran to the new kids by the time I leave! Of course, this program isn’t finished yet, and I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself, as next week looks like it’s going to be brutal also, as we still have all of the same lecture hours, lab hours, and Friday quiz, but we also have a 15 page paper and research presentation to do ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 19th 2011

Ok, here were my adventures yesterday. We caught the train at ten forty-ish in the morning. It was actually on time, which is kind of amazing around here, apparently, so that was cool. But stepping onto the train was like hitting a wall of heat and smell (not good smells). We were hoping that the heat would get better when we started moving, but even with all available windows open it was still awful. Three of us were seated with a little Romanian family, which was cute. They kept trying to talk to us but our Romanian is limited to "thank you" and "please" and they had no English, so there was a little bit of charades going on, but we all gave up pretty quickly. Actually, nobody had any energy to do anything but wilt ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 12th 2011

I had a great day yesterday, preceded by a good Friday. Our discussion on Friday was great, and a nice break from the morning lecture, and then our quizzes were not as bad as I was anticipating, although I haven’t got the grading back. I’m more familiar with the bones that we are working with, to the point of actually identifying a few of the bones, which was really cool. I'm getting more confident in the labs and preparing myself for the lectures better so that I'm not overwhelmed during the note taking. Yesterday was even better. We went on an arranged tour thing with one of the hostel people, which was fun because it was just the seven of us and the guide, who was a really awesome, chill guy. He took us to a ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 7th 2011

June 7th Wow. This is going to be INTENSE! Our lecture today covered the general purpose of the skeleton, the cranium, and the axial skeleton. And by that I mean we had at least five and a half hours of straight lecture before we were allowed to get our hands on any bones. I think this is a little unusual, as the general schedule is supposed to have lecture just in the morning, and then a good four hours of lab work, which will be far preferable to the marathon we did today. I have switched my project from dental pathology to post-cranial variation, which means that I will be working with the bones that are not part of the cranium to try to identify age, sex, etc. I found out that we will not be ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca June 6th 2011

June 6th The train ride was beautiful, and I tell you what, our room is so gorgeous! I was expecting pallet-style beds in a dorm room, and instead we have an awesome attic apartment to the three of us with our own really nice shower (it has jets!). Apparently it was just renovated. It's kind of nice that the three of us have stayed together (Jaclyn made sure of it) but there are already serious cliches based on who managed to meet Budapest, and it would have been nice to mingle a little more in terms of rooming together. Ah well. At least I'm not rooming with a monster, so that's nice. The whole group is here now. There are nineteen of us, including another student from UW! Weird! Her name is Tessa. Our intro to ... read more

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