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August 6th 2013
Published: August 7th 2013
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We waved goodbye to Bug City, not a bad campsite and although there were so many people pitched it didn’t feel overly crowded. The bugs were a pain and we wouldn’t miss them. Two nights worked out 10,200 HUF – sounds a fortune! (Approximately £28.00 GBP).

Woolly says – I enjoyed the lake but it was very crowded and the bugs even followed me to the toilet! We set of in search of the two castles we had found on our map, they seemed to be hiding or had been moved before our arrival and were nowhere to be found. Deciding to look for other points of interest and stop on the way we set course. The scenery remained very English in layout and look but much drier, we were driving in an average temperature of 37 degrees, no roads melting here though! As kilometre after kilometre sped by I kept my eyes peeled for something to stop for, nothing presented itself and as we crept ever closer to the border it looked more and more unlikely.

We reached the point of no return, we knew of no other campsites in Hungary and the next nearest one in Romania was only 20 kilometres away and another lost in time – or so we thought. With all the paperwork ready and Woolly clasping his passport the run to the border began, the 20 kilometres seemed to take a while.

Woolly says – Jo kept looking at the map and furrowing her brow,

‘Are you sure it’s only 20 kilometres from the border to this camp because we have just gone through this village (she pointed wildly at a point on the map) and we still seem to have at least half a page of the map to drive’. James has it sorted says Ian, another 20 kilometres and Jo checked again pointing out that we still had half a page to drive, Ian’s brow furrowed and he checked James navigational factors, hmmmm maybe it’s another 176 kilometres to go! Once Jo had finished laughing we realised that instead of a three hour drive we were on a five hour drive. Through the border we went with a nice man checking our pictures and off into a whole new frontier.

The first town that greeted us was industrial and didn’t have much to offer, many of the huge buildings were empty and forlorn, mines had stopped working and although it was an industrial landscape you couldn’t really say that industry was taking place. On Ollie rolled and gradually our views changed as we started to drive through small towns with quirky bowing roofs.

Woolly says – all the towns had churches with lovely metal toppings on them, bronze, tin and blue metals garnished them, very pretty. The landscape was getting greener and greener as we moved into the mountains, it was beautiful. Fields with hay ricks and houses with their metallic topping were meeting us at every corner. Old men sat dosing in the sunshine as we joined in the madness of the Romanian driving.

The drivers were nuts and Ian took to their ways like a duck to water, as we swung round corners and overtook everything the scenery got better and better, the villages became prettier and the views outstanding. With only 20 kilometres to go for real this time we started to look for signs for camping Eldorado.

Woolly says – I spotted it first and as we pulled off it looked peaceful and quiet, Jo went into the reception and gave up some of the plastic Lei’s we had, 44 Lei’s a night (approximately £9.10 GBP) and we were sorted. I was very Hungary by now and once we had pitched up we adjourned to the restaurant for food. Ian and I fought over the gorgeous Goulash while Jo sent back her trout the first time out and struggled to find some that was not overcooked the second time round! Such a pleasant evening with the mountains behind us and only twenty of so people on the site, time for bed me thinks.

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