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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 7th 2008

Well today is my Friday as I've planned to see Brasov tomorrow. Thaty's where Dracula's Castle is. It's a 3.5 hour train ride if I take the 5am...or a 5 hour train ride if I leave at 10:30. I'll do my best to hop on that 5am short trip. Camp was fun today... not much to report. Some kids are starting to go on holiday so I think the numbers should even out and possibly even decline. The kitchen staff prepared chicken liver for lunch today... I think thats one tradition I'll skip. Ioana and I will be heading off to the baby house in a lil bit... ... back from the baby house. Those are the cutest kids ever!!! It's a really great program they have going for them. The baby house is like a ... read more
Tough Guy!

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 6th 2008

Today staerted out with news that a)there would be a prayer service held to commemorate the day when Jesus cleaned his face (or something like that). It wasn't a typical holiday for us back home so I wasn't to sure what the Priest was saying. and b) I would be interviewed by reporters for the local paper. Both very exciting ways to mix things up a bit and keep the body guessing. The kids were funny trying to be quiet through the service. Also, we had a few of the Prison Project kids PLUS more new kids. So it was fun with them. I did notice with the children from the prison program that their paintings had so many dark and vivd colors compared to the rest of the kids. Also, when the "normal" (for lack ... read more
Crazy Kids
At the store...

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 5th 2008

So Tuesday we had another heard of kids join us at camp. It's now growing really fast as the news spreads of juist how much fun camp is. /the children from the prison fellowship joined us and it was very interesting!! They were all of gyspy blood and you could see the differences right away. They all had super dark skin and carried themselved much different than the other kids. Also, they were resistant to authoriry and tried to be the boss for the first while. The girl of the group seemed almost shocked when I asked her what she wanted to do. I guess she doesn't get many choices in life. The boys eventually loosened up, all but one. The kids seeemed to fit in well with the others. One boy however still held onto ... read more
New Church In Progress

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 4th 2008

Well another day another experience. Camp started out normal but I guess because week one wet so well, life decided to test me a bit. First, we get about 5 more kids. Then, I find out two of them have mental problems/disabilities, one of the kids isn't anywhwere close to as old as the others and the last two think they know everything. Oye. So I managed that and for a good 90 minutes I was the only one looking after 30 kids (two of which needed some extra attention) and the rest of which still aren't excellent at English. Normally this is when I would go into full-on panic mode but my flight or fight kicked in and I survived, and the best part is, so did the kids. We played some more games. As ... read more
Crazy 8's
Steal the Bacon

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 3rd 2008

I certainly got a taste of life today as I visited the 'villages' or the Romanian suburbs. I started the day out feeling determined to find that history museum from yesterday. I hopped a bus in the morning and started the search. After some time, I finally found what looked to be very familiar from the website. At last I had finally found the building that had plagued me for all of 24 hours. I also realized why I couldn't find the place the day before... on maps... Statue and Street abreviations are one letter off. So I read "St. Constantine whatever" as street insetad of statue. Ahh, so that solves that. I got into the museum and was shocked at the crazy things they had. I first walked into a room full of animal and ... read more
Bear Skeleton
Burried Body

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 3rd 2008

Hallo!! Ioana, her cusin and I went out to the center of town to see a movie and go to a club. When we got into town the movie theater ticket person told us the movie we went there to see was still in Bucharest. So we decided to stroll along the open mall area. After a bit we were all starved so we went to a cafe called "Coffice". I liked that name. It was cool, they served coffee and drinks! So I had a Malibu Berry Colada which tasted like fruit punch. Also, I ordered a cake from Armania which was made of all natural ingredients. They are very proud of their natural foods here. Then we wanted to go out to a club and Ioana had heard of a local spot some of ... read more
Ramona & Ioana
Ioana and I

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 2nd 2008

Happy Saturday!! Ioana had to go into her other office today for a bit so I hopped a bus to the downtown area and gave myself a tour. It's really interesting what you can do when personal survival is of a concern. I managed to come out unscathed and much more informed so I'd say it was successful. Where to start: I bought my bus pass (in Romanian thank you very much) and waited for the 27 train which was to take me to the History Museum. I didn't see any signs for the 27 but I did see one for the 25 and I figured it was close enough so I got on. The bus ended up dropping me off on the complete other side of town after I saw the stop I was supposed ... read more
Appeals Court
Jesuit University
University Church

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 1st 2008

Greetings. I just got back from my trip to the Orthodox service. TOTALLY different than I expected on every level. First, I thought Orthodox - Dress nicer then regular church - no sneakers or open toed shoes, so I wore my 2/5 inch heels.... BIG mistake!! The service was outside on a hill. Mind you, this was outside in the middle of nowhere meaning they didn't pave any kind of road or maintain the lawn. So I'm hanging out in my jeans and heels trying not to fall over or roll my ankle as I'm prone to do. Next, in an effort to dilute the flamboyant tourist motif I've been giving off, I decided to fit in and wear a head scarf like everyone else. That plan was kind of blown when Ioana was joking around ... read more
Orthodox Alter
Wall Mural
Proud Mary

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 1st 2008

Those were my exact words today at lunch when I was talking to Ioana about weekend plans. My first week with the kids came to an end with lots of smiles and fun times. We started to play hangman or, "spanzuratoare" (try saying that 10 times fast). The kids had a great time with that and I learned that the same techniques to get kids to shut up in America work on kids in Romania. Give them a stuffed animal and whoever has the stuffed animal speaks, thats it. :) Then we went down to the grassy area and played ratsa ratsa gooska...again. I think they like that game, just a little bit. They played a few local games as Ioana and I helped introduce a new worker here to the building and whatnot. The kids ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj » Cluj-Napoca August 1st 2008

To start off, I'm just going to apologize in advance if the next few entries are a bit "blah".. i feel like I've been up forrrrever! Anywhoos, I got my first real taste of how the Romanians do the nightlife. After my nap I awoke in the nick of time to join the brother of one of the workers here to met his colleagues at a local hang-out spot. We met many of his friends and even his boss for drinks and pub-games. It was fun teaching the adults English as they taught me Romanian. Another fun point of the evening was reading the drink menu and seeing many of the same drinks we have, like a long island ice tea and kamakazi. They're even made the same way too. I ordered a local beer called ... read more

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