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Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Grimstad August 12th 2019

Castellano debajo... Ce sera notre dernier blog sur la Norvège... après ces derniers 230 km nous prendrons le ferry pour retrouver le Danemark... Mais en attendant il nous faut encore passer trois nuits. Nous trouvons facilement des campings... le temps s'améliore, les campings se remplissent plus facilement... les vacances scolaires ont aussi commencés... Nous n'hésitons pas à arriver tôt afin d'y trouver une place et en profiter pour nous reposer. Pour le premier il ne fera pas si beau, donc pas grand monde... Quant au deuxième... un endroit hyper-génial où tout est arrangé avec goût... Nous pouvons facilement nous installer face à l'eau et pourrons également reprendre Pollux pour aller faire un petit tour dans la ville de Mandal. Nous passerons encore par des endroits charmants... et le but de venir au Sud du pays, c'est ... read more
toujours autant de cailloux !
mais encore de très belles fermes ou élevages
quand les vaches vont à la plage !

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand August 12th 2018

So this year is a different year. I have no control over where we go, instead I'm letting a nice man with a big boat drive us to places. So we started the journey on Thursday with a dive to southampton, picking Seth up from nursery pre nap assuming that he'd sleep for the first hour..... He didn't. 2 hours in and very cheery but getting closer to actual bed time, we did a hard reset of the boy (services, changed, dummy, no peppa, hand holding) and finally he dozed. We negotiated the horror of Southampton (twice after a wrong turn) and found a co-op in the ghetto before finally getting to my friends house. Here we settled in for the night. The next morning was all too calm and organised, we should probably have expected ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway July 18th 2018

Norway has 16 roads that have been selected as having outstanding scenery. Some of them also can be a challenging drive with narrow roads and steep ascents and descents. Five of the routes are further north than we went. Of the others we drove all or part of seven of them and hope to do an eighth before the end of the trip. Here are my Top Trumps of Turistveger: Helgelendskysten - a several day's drive along a series of islands linked by bridges and ferries. Did about two thirds of this over 4 days. Views 5* Steepness 0* Hairy pins 0* Narrowness 1* Ferries 5* Bridges 4* Enjoyable drive 5* Highlights: Torghatten the mountain with a hole through Seeing an elk Helgelands Brua ( bridge) Lowlights: None Atlanterhavsvegen (Atlantic Highway) - a road about 36km ... read more
Helgalands Brua (bridge)
Torghatten the hole through the mountain
Sculpture at Bronnysand on Helgalandskyster

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway July 11th 2018

Even though the seeds of desire to travel had been planted in me at a very young age, I wasn't able to start exploring on my own until I was a teenager. This was in the 1960s, a tumultuous time that matched and reflected the internal torments and changes happening within. At the end of weeks of summer camp before heading home, telling my parents I was staying with new friends for awhile (somewhat true), I would go hitchhiking with another adventurous young person and over the years ultimately travelling to many parts of North America in this economic and exciting way. It was relatively safe to hitchhike back then. We Baby Boomers have always been catered to simply because of our numbers; we are an enormous percentage of the population, so it was fairly common ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand June 8th 2018

If you have been racking your brain trying to figure where to visit when taking a trip to Norway, perhaps my experience in Kristiansand will help guide you in making the right decision. We plotted up in the super Yess! Hotel and hit Kristiansand Touted as the largest tourist attraction in Norway, the city boasts some of the most magnificent must-visit attractions. From the Kristiansand Museum, to the Zoo, Fiskebrygga, the Gimle Gård Manor house amongst others, I couldn't get enough of what the area had to offer - all through my trip. I felt like being in some paradise on earth. Without keeping you in anymore suspense, here are 5 places everyone visiting Norway (Kristiansand in particular) should see. KRISTIANSAND CATHEDRAL As one of the largest cathedral in Nor... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand November 12th 2017

11th November - on board Aurora Embarking Southampton our erstwhile Captain informs us that we are already subject to a change of itinerary. Low pressure has been forming over Scotland and are forecast to hit the west coast of Norway on Sunday and Monday. This has meant our scheduled call to Andalsnes has been cancelled as the entrance to the Fjord makes it tricky to access in high winds. It's a shame because Aldalsnes would have been our first introduction to a Norwegian fjord. Apparently it is a typical fjord community surrounded by dramatic peaks and its painted houses give it a picture postcard charm with a backdrop of snow snow capped mountains. So our first port of call will be Kristiansand, which lies on the south coast of Norway in the Skaggerak Sea. This a ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway July 7th 2017

We have cruised all the way down the Western coast of Norway and wended our way through the Southern channels. We reached Lillesand, a pretty and popular seaside resort with white clapboard houses all very neat and tidy with lots of roses in the front gardens. It is small enough to walk around so we didn't do the official tour. Don't know why they bothered organizing one really but they hadn't been here before. There is a small church, a museum, a bandstand and the odd statue and that is it. It is too small for cruise ships to come to so our boat is the largest in the harbour. We were lucky to have a warm, sunny day so it was a perfect place for a stroll followed by a beer on the front. Can ... read more
Our boat in the harbour
Lillesand harbour
Tiz with strange statue

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway June 28th 2017

So, the time has come for our adventure to end and to bid farewell to our friends in Norway. Wednesday morning we drove to Oslo and boarded a car ferry to Kiel, Germany. The ferry was really a large cruise ship with all of the amenities that happened to also carry cars. We had a lovely room with an ocean view. The trip was overnight and we arrived in Kiel the next morning at 10:00 am. Departing the ship was easy and well organized and we were on our way to Schiphol airport near Amsterdam. This would normally have been about a 4.5 hour drive. But, the Germans seem to have some sort of conspiracy to keep people from driving the autobahns! There was road construction everywhere and at one point we had to take about ... read more
Waiting to Board Car Ferry to Kiel
Into the Ship
Our Room

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway June 23rd 2017

As many of you know, the summer solstice is a major event in Scandinavian countries. Some say that because the Nordic people were the last Europeans to adopt Christianity, the pagan rituals involving the longest day of the year have persisted. It seems to me it is because the solar cycle near the arctic circle is so dramatic and simply because the Scandinavians enjoy an opportunity to party! Above the arctic circle, the sun never sets this time of the year. We experienced this while visiting Harstad and the Lofoten Islands. But, even Oslo at about 60 degrees north experiences about 20 hours of daylight. It is actually difficult to sleep for those of us from lower latitudes. This year the solstice was on Wednesday, 21 June but the Norwegians made Friday the official holiday. That ... read more
On the Way to Misummer
Toast to Midsummer!
Hege and Bjørge

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway June 19th 2017

The trip to Horten from Fjallbacka is only about a two and a half hour drive thanks to a short ferry ride across the Oslo Fjord which saves about three hours driving time to Oslo and then back down the western side of the fjord to Horten. (See map). We arrived at Hege and Bjorge's house on Friday 16 June. Hege and May Elise met us with a wonderful welcome. Bjorge owns and operates a business which provides sound systems for various concerts and festivals. He is very busy this time of year and we didn't see him until Saturday morning. It was just fantastic to reconnect! We were last in Norway in 2000 when May Elise was just three years old. May Elise, Hege and Bjorge were in Minnesota in 2015 but we had never ... read more
Approaching Horten
Tucked into the Car Ferry
Hege and Bjorge's Home

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