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Europe » Norway » Southern Norway July 15th 2014

Hello again, These days are days of preparation for the long journey to India. It has been determined that I must give away or throw away all my belongings. Fortunately I do have a close friend of many years which will hold a couple of boxes of memorabilia for me. Otherwise it is down to zero again and owning nothing but my 85 liter backpack and another small bag weighing no more than 10 kilos. It is not as though I have not been there before because I have gone down to zero a couple of times before and God has always provided for me all of everything a man needs on this earth. Thank you Holy God for this support and love. Lucky for me I worship the Eternal living Christ who made the worlds ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Beitostolen July 1st 2014

0701 – dinsdag – Heidal – Beistostolen – Heidal (168km) Uitstap naar ski-centrum Beistostolen. Langs de rv 51groen ingekleurde baan op de kaart. Toeristische weg dus, want geen dorpen onderweg. Hoogtes tot 1400m te overbruggen. Volop in de sneeuw langs de noorderzijde. Goed uitgerust ski-dorpje ligt aan zuidkant op 1000m. Geen sneeeuw. Ski-liften draaien wel op volle toeren, en trekken carts naar boven vanwaar die dan naar beneden bollen langs de ski-piste. Moeten er eens terug komen als K wat groter is. Het weer in de bergen is zeer wisselvallig. Dan zon, dan dreigende bewolking, dan regen met blaaskens, dan zon.... read more
ski-centrum Beistostolen

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand June 26th 2014

Kristiansand Norway 23-25 June 2014 We had another lovely drive from Treungen on 23 June, again, following a rivers & fjord to Kristiansand . We decided to call into the Kristiansand Zoo & Amusement Park before getting into the town as we wanted to see some Nordic animals, just in case we don't see any in the wild. All we have seen so far was one female elk. The park was huge. It had an Asian, Nordic, African, fishing, local farming, jungle, pirate and rides and games sections. We saw the lions being fed and then the Nordic animals (Lynx, wolverine, wolf, fox). We were there for over 3 hours but I am sure some of the families would be there all day as there were water slides and other rides. We saw lots of little ... read more
Movik Fort Canon Museum Kristiansand - canon base built by Germans  (1)
Kristiansand Zoo & Amusement Park - baby giraffe trying to suckle
Christiansholm Fortress 1672 in Kristiansand (5)

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Gol June 25th 2014

Gol to Kongsberg 21 June - longest day of the year Kongsberg to Treugen 22 June. to Kristiansund 23 June We left Gol at about 9.00am and headed SW along yet another beautiful road. We saw several stave churches along this journey. Norway has no shortage of wood so everything is made of wood. We were climbing the mountains towards the snow fields in Geilo. Geilo has become one of Norway's most popular destinations, conveniently located between Bergen & Oslo. It has gained a reputation as a winter sport centre. We saw plenty of evidence of this but only a small amount of snow in the upper slopes. Around the town there are 33 alpine peaks, 17 ski lifts, 3 snowboard parks and 500kms of prepared tracks up the mountains, the highest being 1,178m with good ... read more
Our camping site just outside Kongberg
Heddal Stave Church - biggest in Norway (4)
Folk Church Service in Heddal  (2)

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Flekkefjord June 8th 2014

Sandefjord to Flekkefjord - 7 June I am running behind on my blogs so will be only posting photos rather than a longer description of what we actually did. However it is suffice to say that the southern coast of Norway is beautiful. Yes you might get sick of hearing me say this (not really) but it was beautiful. The areas we traveled through are known for their fishing industry, including whaling (which they have now stopped). We also visited the most southern town in Norway as well as the most southern point.... read more
Sandefjord Norway (9)
Sandefjord Norway (11)
Sandefjord Norway Whale bones

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway May 31st 2014

As the title suggest this is the start of my travel blog. Certainly this will be of concern to my loved ones on this earth. Family members can keep track and others who have interest. Writing always has been of interest to me and to share with others my experience in life is a worthy endeavor. Let me get to the travel part of this blog and say that at this time my residence has been in Norway for the last 24 years. This will not say that my total time has been spent here in Norway. I have traveled much and experienced much so the following information is a synopsis of the countries I have live and worked in for a minimum of three months. USA 36 years Norway 22 years Israel 14 months India ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway »  February 4th 2012

Well it was a year late again, but all the better for it. Stayed in a geat apartment with good friends. Not much snow but no rain either so very happy. Not the most exciting place in the world and v expensive but overall a great experience.Esp liked the viking ships from 850/900 AD !!! kinda makes you feel pretty small !!... read more
c 200
c 066
c 078

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway January 12th 2012

Og her er reiseruta vår: 6. feb. - 17. feb. → Safari i Kenya og Tanzania. I Afrika skal me være med på ein organisert safaritur! Her håper me selvfølgelig å få sett "The Big Five" og mange andre ting. Blir nok ein del knipsing av allverdens dyr som me ikkje aaaaner navnet på og noen av de som me faktisk kan navnet på! Turen skal foregå gjennom de største og mest kjente nasjonalparkene i Tanzania og Kenya. Bl.a. Masai Mara og Serengeti. Og mest av alt håper me at ikkje alle i reisefølget vårt er pensjonister med solhatter og 2 meter lange kameralinser ;-) Ein liten spøk, men.. Detta blir moro ! 17. feb. - 2. mars → INDIA! India - land of spices! Her bor det over ein milliard innbyggerer, så kontrastene til Drangedal ... read more
Taj Mahal
Golden Gate Brigde

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway August 9th 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 I arrived. In oslo airport. It's bright, no clouds, & everyone ,speaks English. waiting for my bike. I guess I'll need that. Also, I need a map and a plug converter. So far, so good. I put my bike together & packed it. For some reason that took 2 hours. I finally got on the road @ 1 pm. Once out, went NE to Jessheim. I then went what I thout was north, but Iwent in a complete circle, and after riding 3.5 hrs, I made a big circle & found myself @ 6 mi from Jessheim. I'm staying in Rica Hotel. It was much cheaper than the quality inn. The QI wanted 980 kr. For a night. The RH charged only 650 kr. It's very expensive here. Losing my map today, ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Noresund December 14th 2010

After a hectic 20 hour adventure of busses, planes, doubts, and shut down subways, I finally caught my breath on Wednesday when I finally arrived at Anders' house. Anders was to be my second couch surfing host and allowed me to enjoy the beauty of Norway without paying 150 Euro for a hostel. Couch surfing has a million other benefits, but in a city where a bottle of water can easily set you back 25 Kroner ($4.12) budget is an important consideration. Aside from the dollar crunching power of the kroner, I enjoyed Norway for its landscapes and, sadly, its shopping. I found Oslo to be the perfect place to buy souvenirs for my family that I had neglected on previous travels, with Paris and London always promising a return visit, and Germany lacking the opportunity ... read more
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