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Europe » Norway » Southern Norway August 1st 2008

Vi tyvstarted sommerferien og dro på hyttetur til Grønsfjorden helgen før den store USA turen. Det frister mer å tilbringe late dager med god mat og drikke ute enn inne i en varm Osloleilighet. Vi fløy til Kristiansand og ble hentet av mor og John. Derfra var det 1 time og 20 minutt til hytten. Fredagskveld tilbrakte vi på hytten og koste oss med hvitvin og reker, det ble vel kanskje mer hvitvin enn reker faktisk! Lørdag kjørte Thomas og jeg en tur til Mandal........Thomas skulle se etter vinyl selvfølgelig! Etter et par vinylkjøp og en pils på brygga kjørte vi til Lindesnes for å se på fyret og tyske bunkers. Kjipe turister som vi er synes vi 50,- var for dyrt per pers så i stedet spiste vi en alt for dyr og dårlig lunsj.......... ... read more
Gråtende Grønsfjord i solnedgang
På brygga i Mandal
Det er kun 2518km

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand June 10th 2008

A big hello from Norway - after 3 weeks I finally reached what was to be the start of my cycle trip!!! I just caught two ferries in the last 3 days. One from Gothenburg, Sweden to Denmark and the other from Denmark to Kristiansand, Norway. But just in case you were thinking that's a bit of a cheat seeing as I'm supposed to be cycling all the way, well I took in a couple of detours one to the very tip of Denmark and the other to an huge sand dune which has literally swallowed a lighthouse. Both impressive sights... more below. So it was with a bit of a heavy heart that I finally left Sweden. My last evening in Gothenburg at the lovely clean hostel I got chatting with a Portuguese guy living ... read more
Gothenburg has a bit of San Francisco feel in places!
I'll miss the amazing swedish sweet selections...
Gothenberg from the ferry

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand October 11th 2007

Nå er det bare 1 vaksine og 1 uke igjen til jeg reiser. Sekken er tom, og jeg har ikke peiling på hva jeg skal ha med meg. Tenkte jeg bare skulle legge til denne lille teksten, for å se om folk mottar e-post når jeg lager et nytt innlegg!... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand July 15th 2007

It's been about 4 days since I last had the pleasure of having internet (It's amazing how dependent we are on internet now!!!) and there is a certain gladness you have when the internet place is open when you venture back into the city. I spent my last 4 days in the area of Norway in which my family lived and immigrated to North America from. The farm in which they lived and worked is near a hamlet called Åraksbø by the town of Bygland...which is beside the Byglandsfjord (complicated isn't it!!) I rented a vehicle from a company called, "Rent-a-wreck" and believe me, they don't disappoint. My Toyota Corolla, which I gladly named 'Hildy' for reasons I will keep to myself unless you ask, took me from Kristiansand, north to Bygland. The city of ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand July 11th 2007

The most common phrase that I do say while I'm here is in the title. Translated it means, "I am from Canada. Do you speak English?" The Canada thing is important b/c americans are a little iffy up here as well. (are there any places in the world for an American to travel anymore!?!?!) Anyway, like I said before, they all generally speak english so that usually works. Last night I thought I would take in a movie at the local Kristiansand cinema. I decided on 'Transformers', which I wanted to see anyway...(Geek I know, but it was quite good!!!) The movie is presented in English with Norwegian subtitles on the bottom. The great thing about this movie theatre, however, is that you get to pick you seats...much like during concerts or sporting events. There ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand July 10th 2007

I've made it to Norway and the experience of getting here is something I'll remember. First, the keys on the keyboard are not THAT different...however i've caught myself having to look for certain keys, since they are not where they SHOULD be! The day outside here in Kristiansand is quite overcast, it's not bad out however it is a little nippy. I'm actually quite humbled by my experience here in the morning so far. Generally, everyone here speaks english...but it is the initial shock that they go through when you start speaking english to them that is quite funny. Here's how it goes: You'll walk into a store, the worker will say "Hi." and you respond, "Hi". The problem is..."Hi" in norwegian is pretty much the same damn thing....(spelled Hie)...its after that when you say, ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Grimstad July 2nd 2007

Untitled I arrived in Narvik on a Monday at 7 pm thinking I wouldn´t have any problem getting a room. Now that I´ve become more accustomed to traveling, the first thing I do is grab a hotel brochure at the train station and start calling for a room. Well I run out of Norwegian money before I find a place to stay, then I look at the map of Narvik and realize the hotels I haven´t called are all with in 10 blocks. I set out with my back pack to track down a hotel, the only one that has a room is five star and $500 a night. By now I´ve walked up and down main street twice in search of a place to lite with no luck. I realized I´d better get more money ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand May 5th 2007

South East Norway - Nes Europe » Norway » Kristiansand By Olivi3rMay 5th 2007Back to Oslo in my confy friend's flat just on time to go South for the week-end in her grandparents' place... 3 hours drinving under the rain cause this time the sun walked away ... Another beautiful part of Norway, different from around Bergen and the Sognefjord, different kind of coasts, so peaceful again, even with the bad weather, that was real holidays for eveything, all this trip in Norway in fact. Thank you so much Carina ........ read more
Watch for reins !
a little town
and its church

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand February 1st 2007

Ja, nå e d snaue 2 veker igjen te reisa starter,og forberedelsane bjønner for alvor å sette inn. Me tenkte me måtte teste ut denna bloggen litt,så derfor har me laga ein liten fotosession der dikkan kan se at me bjønner å bli litt klare for avreise:) merk: me e overtrøtte etter ein lang dag på kiwi, og frøken ur viser at det egentlig e leggetid for lengst...jaja,ein får ikkje meir moro enn ein lagær sjøl....hehe !! ... read more
Godt skodd
Ting og tang te turen

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand June 14th 2006

I've arrived - and started the first leg of my journey. I'm here in Kristiansand, about as far south in Norway as you can get. The boat trip over from Newcastle was easy - sitting in a bar watching a band play whilst the North Sea passed by outside. I have a feeling it might be one of the easier journeys of the trip! The North Sea was as calm as a mill pond the whole way and in the distance you could see a big electrical storm - stayed inside with my beer watching that one! The first view of Norway was a beautiful fjord, with rocky islands on either side and small red and white timber houses perched on top, surrounded by pine trees - idyllic! Of course, it looks lovely in 30C sunshine ... read more

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