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Europe » Norway » Southern Norway June 17th 2010

After leaving Copenhagen the next part of our trip took us to the very northern tip of Denmark and then onwards via a ferry to Bergen in Norway. Although this isn’t the most direct route across northern Europe, with 4 days of travelling to get from Copenhagen to Stockholm instead of just one, we really wanted to see Bergen and also travel on the famous Bergen to Oslo railway. This part of Scandinavia is at the same latitude as the Shetland Islands so this time of year is known as the month of white nights. It’s not getting dark until about 11.30pm and is getting light again by 2am. Crazy. Hirtshals, Denmark 6 hours on the train north of Copenhagen is the harbour town of Hirtshals. Arriving in good time on a Saturday afternoon we decided ... read more
Hirtshals Beach
The irony of that sign was amusing!
Getting wind swept on the ferry

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway June 13th 2010

hello every one of you, Thank you all for your greetings and encouragement. It was only today that i saw your comments for the first time and was very touched by the amount of messages you have sent, keep it up! My trip is running very much to plan and i feel confident that i,ll beat the hills to come although the toughest are still ahead . I,d like to give you a rundown on the route since arriving in Goteborg on the 2nd.June. After touring goteborg city, (which was,nt planned, Claudia and i were in search of a youth hostel and my Navigator sent us in circles) we reached the hostel which, i assume was previosly a barracks with long corridors to search through till we found our rooms. headed downtown to buy a suitable ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand August 31st 2009

Hey everyone! So I am moved into my dorm and I am loving it! School is so much fun and everyone is so nice. I have made lots of new friends. I am learning Norwegian bit by bit and its a little tough, but I think I will be speaking it by christmas. My Mom went back to Los Angeles yesterday and I miss her a lot. This is like the first time we will be apart since I don't even know when haha. But She is going to send me stuff so I am so excited! Oooooh also if you guys want to send me letters, I would LOVE that. The address to send me stuff is: Agder Folkehøgskole 4640 Søgne, Norway Please feel free to send me letters! I love getting mail. :) Anyways ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Drammen August 31st 2009

We were standing in an idyllic tree-filled gorge overlooking a sweeping, glacier-carved valley. Thick clouds of mist flowed over the ridges and shrouded their heights in mystery. In places the thick forest gave way to sheer gray walls of stone that rose up into the mist and disappeared. Below us to our right was a giant box canyon with smooth, vertical walls. There was a small waterfall there that trickled down the wall into a calm pool at the bottom. To our left, hidden behind a blanket of trees was the town of Rjukan, once a major Norwegian industrial center that produced saltpeter. Across the valley in front of us there were large pipes running down the forested slope to a grand stone building in the valley. The waterfall had put Rjukan on the map, but ... read more
Exploring Kjøsterudjuvet 10
Moulin Rouge
Rjukan Power Station

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Setesdal June 15th 2009

herregud å vanskelig det skal være å pakke... har lyst å ha med meg alt eller ingenting. superklar for å shoppe, samtidig som mine gammle klær bare skriker etter å få være med i sekken. sitter å venter på katrine, ho er på vei i fra kr.sand, kanskje det er noen råd å hente der. "dere skal være borte ett år, så skal dere pakke dagen føre dere reiser" løt pappas stemme ved middagsborde.. jaja det ordner seg nok i morra så setter vi i hverfall kursen for Oslo, med eller uten klære.. mamma skal kjøre oss inn. reiste i fra bø i dag, var kjempe trist! kommer til å savne alle dere kjempe mye! men HUSK vi kommer til bake! tenker det er en tårevåt søster også som går av bussen... huff nei, får prøve ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand January 16th 2009

Norway was a trip that is worth taking. Norway is in north Europe and is on the western side of Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway has many natural resource's that they can use. Norway has forests, an abundance of fish, uses a green alternative by using hydroelectric power. with these resources Norway makes money by making boats, working with chemicals, metals, mining, fishing and selling fish. Norway is the second largest fish exporter only China exports more fish. Since i told you about the business i guess i should mention that the climate is pretty cold because Norway is classified as a Arctic Tundra climate, there are many prehistoric glaciers still around Norway preserved by the cold. Norway also has waterfalls. As a mentioned earlier in this blog Norway is on a peninsula and as we all know ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Setesdal November 3rd 2008

Etter litt fram og tilbake atter ei gong, trur me no at reiseruta endeleg er i boks men endringar kan kome, for ein veit jo aldri om mi blir stoppa i ein passkontroll, og ender vår tur i ein nedstøva landsby med mygg og lus...) her kjem asia-planen åkkå: Avreise kalde Noreg 6.november. Me rekner med å lande i Bangkok etter omlag 1 døgn. her ska me vere omlag 3 dagar, før me legg ut på ein ekspedisjon til Kambodsja. dette rekner me med å bruke 1 veke på. derifrå gjeng turen tilbake til Thailand, der me skal utforske landets nordlege område. vidare skal me ta okk fram nedover thailand, mellom anna phi phi, krabi og phuket. deretter reiser me mot malaysia og skal etter planen ende opp i Singapore. her skal me feire ei annleis ... read more
Reiseruta åkkås

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Setesdal November 2nd 2008

Her har me lagt ut eit kart som syner landa me har tenkt å innom i løpet av dei neste seks månadane. Forandringar kan alltid dukke opp ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Setesdal November 2nd 2008

Kanskje litt tidleg å kome med denne, men me rekner jo med at dykk saknar okk så der heime at dykk bare sit og tel ned dagar og minutt til me atter ei gong er heime på norsk fedrelands jord.. ... read more

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand September 10th 2008

Tuesday 9th September It was always going to be a long day. When I typed in Kristiansand into the TomTom on departing Bergen at 10:15 it reckoned my arrival time would be 19:30. Well cheery. It's only 500km but you have to account for the ferry crossings around Bergen and Stavanger and the fact that there is no Norwegian translation for dual carriageway - let alone Motorway. Still I figured I could beat that geriatric estimate - I think TomTom counts a typical road user as someone on life support on their last journey ever. Well beat it I did, but not massively - I hit Kristiansand at 18:15. Eight hours straight on the bike, save for 2x20 minute ferry crossings and fuel stops I took no breaks. I even maximised my time by eating on ... read more

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