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Europe » Montenegro » Budva January 1st 2018

Arriving at the border post at 8pm meant no traffic so we entered Croatia quickly and were soon back on the road to Dubrovnik which was only about an hour away, on arrival we headed to the guest house which was by the way very difficult to find, to find the place quiet with nobody there. So with some frustration we went looking for somewhere with wifi, but with new years eve upon us everything outside of the old town was closed except for the odd hotel so after what seemed hours we went there to see if they had rooms which they didn't but at least we could use their wifi over a beer or two. We looked on a hotel booking site or two but couldn't find anything close so we ended up staying ... read more
Old Harbour
Buza Gate
Plovani Skalini

Europe » Montenegro » Budva July 28th 2017

The next morning we wanted to leave early to go to Budva but after planning our further way and having breakfast, it was about 11 AM when we left. It was pretty difficult to find a parking spot in Budva, but in the end we found one that was quite cheap, just in front of the tourist information. We went to the seaside where Anne had to buy new flip-flops because hers were broken. On the promenade next to the seaside, we got to understand why they call Budva "Ballermann of Croatia"! There were bars everywhere, it was so touristic, it was awful. We went to the old town where it was quite nice but it was too touristic as well with lots of tourist shops. We decided to have lunch there but it wasn't quite ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Budva June 17th 2016

Vrijdag 17/06/2016 – Budva (Montenegro) 220km Via Podgorica, hoofdstad van de jonge republiek Montenegro naar Budva. Parel aan de Montenegrijnse Riviera. Tenmenste dat was het toen we hier bijna 50j geleden eens op vakantie waren. Ondertussen is het volgebouwd en ziet men zelfs het historische centrum in die mooie baai niet meer liggen vanop de kustweg. We staan op een gereserveerd stuk van een grote betaalstrandparking even buiten het centrum. Dus vlak bij het strand met wat restaurants, strandprullariastalletjes en strooiendakparasoltoestanden. Voorlopig niet overdreven druk, maar morgen week-end zal dat zeker veranderen. Het was hier zeker ooit een pracht van een strandcamping gezien de ligging en getuige van overblijfsels van stroompalen waar toch hier en daar nog stroom opzit. Gelukkig vrij uitzicht op het zuiden voor Astra 3. Zo missen we de belangrijkste match... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Budva May 31st 2016

As we left Durres behind us we knew there might be some nail biting on the journey to come! Woolly says – I haven’t even got nails so I wasn’t sure what I would be biting...possibly Jo!!! Having spent hours on the net researching the bus routes we appeared to have two options to our next destination, one that involved seven buses one of which was a once a day option and would leave at 1.30pm or and it was a big OR two buses and two taxis but we had to get through the capital to the pick up point for 8.30am.....we went for plan b. First taxi and bus done and as we arrived back in Tirana we only needed the taxi to get us there to make our final bus of the day, ... read more
The Symbol of Budva
looking out over Budva
Holy Trinity Church and the Clock Tower

Europe » Montenegro » Budva May 20th 2016

The sixth and seventh countries of our tour may be the smallest and youngest, but they certainly deliver when it comes to spectacular scenery. Kosovo has an interesting population....a mix of Serbian and Albanian people's, who, at this point in time at least, bump along together well enough. The majority of them are Muslim, and so minarets feature largely as you travel through this fertile land. We enjoyed a night in Prizren, in a newly (almost!!) completed hotel, and got to enjoy some wonderful hospitality. These people are enormously proud of their new nation, and extended us such a warm and generous welcome. We enjoyed learning a little more of the history of the region from Rozle, who explained why the town was so strategically placed, at the door to a river valley. The surrounding mountains ... read more
Winding mountain roads....
Flying high on the joys of motorbiking in Montenegro!
Ostrog Monastery

Europe » Montenegro » Budva February 19th 2016

New day, new beginning. Just before noon, on 19th of February, I grabbed my backpack and left Kotor determined to catch a lift to Budva. Budva is a Montenegrin town on the Adriatic sea. It has around 14,000 inhabitants. The coastal area around Budva, called the Budva riviera, is the center of Montenegrin tourism, known for its well preserved medieval walled city, sandy beaches and diverse nightlife. Budva is 2,500 years old, which makes it one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast. It took me less then hour and two cars to get to Budva. I enjoyed second ride very much as the driver was a football player who played with Stefan Savic (Man City, Fiorentina and currently Atletico Madrid defender) in Montenegrin national junior team. But knee injury ruled him out of professional ... read more
Budva Riviera
Sveti Stefan
Dancing Girl

Europe » Montenegro » Budva July 5th 2015

The rule was no Christmas music unless the temperature fell below 8°. Leaving the farm, we achieved this, and I tortured everyone and delighted myself with three (or maybe four) Christmas songs. The cold temperatures in conjunction with our lack of cold-weather/hiking/hanging out on the farm-clothes made all of us anxious for the coast of Montenegro with beaches, sun and warmth. We were on our way through Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, with the destination of Budva, a super touristy beach resort town. None of us gravitate toward hanging out in super touristy beach resort towns but we were on the cusp of tourist season, so Budva was serenely empty. We happily settled into our villa near old town, checked out the beach and had salad for dinner to offset some of the pounds of cheese ... read more
On our way to Sveti Nikola
Our beach for the day

Europe » Montenegro » Budva June 29th 2015

MONTEGRENO 1 We knew we had crossed the border from Croatia. The first sign that we had crossed the border was that the 40+ minute wait at the border was over. Then before we drove far at all – it felt like we were back on Italian roads. Not bad roads , but corrugated and a bit pot holey – not as wide and not as smooth as those of Croatia. Obviously not as much money here. Then the shops beside the road- looking a bit more like they sell junk. And the houses a little less loved. Not much new structure or infrastructure. Faces of the people we encounter display a tougher life – perhaps a bit of stress. From the road the most apparent difference is a devil may care attitude to driving. Montegreno ... read more
Montegreno 031
 Kotor from the Ferry Montegreno 009 (5)
Sunset nr Budva Montegreno 011 (1)

Europe » Montenegro » Budva September 27th 2014

Geo: 42.2561, 18.8914 GÜN 03 CUMARTESİ: Otobüsümüze binip Budva istikametinde belki de Adriyatik'in en güzel resim veren yarımadası Sveti Stefan'a vardık.. Sveti Stefan ,Budva 'ya 6 km mesafede küçük ve tarihi bir yarımada.. Tito döneminde tüm evler Yugoslav devletine aitti. Evler, parti yöneticilerinin yararlanmaları için otel haline getirilmişti. 15 YY da burası kale ile çevrili bir Osmanlı köyü.. aslında Osmanlıya karşı korunmak amacı ile kurulmuştu.. Bir lokma yer. Osmanlı yutuvermiş. Başlangıçta 12 aile oturuyormuş burada. 1800 ler de nüfusu 400 e ulaşmış. Tarihi boyunca ünlülerin ağırlandığı bir yer olmuş. Orson Welles, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Princess Margaret, Carlo Ponti, Ingemar Stenmark, Kirk Douglas bunlar... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Budva September 27th 2014

Geo: 42.2879, 18.8394 GÜN 03 CUMARTESİ: Artık Budva ya dönme zamanı.. Ortalığı muhteşem bir kızıllık kapladı.. Otelimize vardık.. Biraz toparlandıktan sonra ilk gece çok mutlu olduğumuz Porto restaurant a gitmeğe karar verdik .. Yerimiz aynı… garsonumuz aynı … Deniz ürünleri yine doldurdu soframızı.. Hacılarımızı bu taamlardan uzak tutarak ,yörenin kırmızı şaraplarını denedik.. Yine güzelleştik yarın yola gideceğiz .. Kalkıp efendi gibi otelimize gidip yattık.. ... read more

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