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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo December 11th 2009

Hello everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a merry new year. Please enjoy your families and play nice. See you in 2010 maybe.... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo November 8th 2009

Having allocated a decent amount of time to Nice itself, we decided on the third day to head to the tiny Principality of Monaco or "Principatu de Múnegu" in its native dialect of Ligurian, a western Romance language. At 33,000 people Monaco is the world's most densely populated sovereign country and the second smallest country after the Vatican. It would take maybe an hour to traverse the entire 2 km². It has been ruled by the House of Grimaldi since 1297 - the most famous member of the royal family was undoubtedly Grace Kelly who married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco in 1956. The bus ride from Nice was a mere 1€ and hugged the incredible Mediterranean coastline for the entirely of the maybe 45 minute trip. Border control was non-existent, and suddenly we were in ... read more
Looking up toward the Palace
Heading up
Changing of the guard

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo October 28th 2009

Wednesday 28th October Incident at the toll booth and a few hours with the rich and famous in Monaco We are still adjusting to the demise of daylight saving last Sunday and the location of our hotel high up in the hills behind Nice means there is no traffic noise so sleeping in is easy. We have one English speaking TV channel and that is the BBC but after an hour of watching it all the same news is repeated again it is just as well we can rely on Newstalk ZB from home via the laptop to give us ongoing variety contact with the outside world.The internet connection in this hotel is one of the fastest and most stable we have had on this adventure. We wanted to be a bit earlier on the road ... read more
Downtown Monte Carlo,Monaco
View over Monaco from the palace terrace
Changing of the guard,Monaco

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 20th 2009

MONACO BABY! Words can't really do it justice so I wont even try!... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 12th 2009

Well we've not been here before. You can smell the money! Took the train in, very quick journey. What can i say about Monte Carlo....well it has excellent ice cream! Worth a visit but not for more than a day (well i suppose if you like formula one you'd make more out of the place!) The Opera de Monte-Carlo is something to look at!... read more
A trip to Monte Carlo - 275746980155
A trip to Monte Carlo - 275746985155
A trip to Monte Carlo - 275746990155

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 29th 2009

Le grand prix puis surtout all you can see....I love it is a crazy place and that s the less you can say. Do you know that you always have three cam facing you everywhere. On a pris un bus a 1 euro puis on s est rendu a monaco au debut de l apres midi...on a fait une ballade sur le circuit de formule un puis ensuite nous avons fait un tour de petit train. Pour finir notre journee sur le bord de l eau a manger pour pas trop sur une terrase. Nick... read more
Picture 002
Picture 003
Picture 004

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 28th 2009

Day 446 Step 15478 Up at at 'em early bound for Monaco! The streets were under preparation for the start of the Tour de France, we were happy to have a look around before the start of the tour. Our first stop was the Royal Palace complete with cannons, guards and magnificent views. Further along the cobblestone streets we checked out the Cathedral and the Place of Justice (very impressive old buildings) making it back to the Palace in time for the daily changing of the guard but were equally amuzed by dodging the umbrella's and elbows of the asian's beside us desperate for 100 'perfect' shots. Next stop was the much anticipated Monaco Casino and it didn't disappoint. We waited outside for the 2pm opening watching the Bentleys, Ferraris, Mercades line the entrance of the ... read more
View of Monaco from the royal palace
Carly at the Royal Palace
Brian and his Balls

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 16th 2009

Day 19: Wednesday 15th. July: Temp 27C: We met up with Vera's sister and husband and friends at the hotel before going to the Ship, the Ruby Princess to start our cruise around the Mediterranean. On Board: - we had a twin cabin with en suite (small but adequate), could hang our clothes up on hangers and close our suitcases for 12 days, the food was good and plentiful and we dined together as the ship sailed out of Barcelona in the evening. Day 20: 16th. July: Ruby Princess - Monaco and Monte Carlo: Temp 27C: We were alongside the coast of France and berthed at the Port of Monte Carlo where we disembarked to join our escorted tour in Monaco walking through the Princess Grace Gardens, St. Nicholas Cathedral where the Prince and Princess ... read more
Day 21: Monaco - Monte Carlo
Day 21: Monaco - Monte Carlo
Day 21: Monaco - Monte Carlo

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 14th 2009

Monday Lisa and I left Barcelona and headed for Nice, France. It is a beach town on the French Riviera. We didn’t get there until around dinner time on Monday, and all we had time to do was walk around at sunset (which was gorgeous). We walked around along the water and stopped to have dinner on the beach. It was so pretty with the sunset and the waves! Tuesday morning we took a quick train ride to Monaco. Monaco is a very small country within France. It is on the water as well and attracts many wealthy people, especially in its affluent neighborhood Monte-Carlo. There are HUGE yachts in all the ports and mansions along the mountainous shoreline. We visited the Jardin Exotique which is a park that overlooks the city and has tons of ... read more
lisa eating soup at a cafe in the alps!
julie and lisa in front of a waterfall in the alps
look closely - you can see gimmelwald in the background!

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 10th 2009

We signed up for the St Tropez cruise on the Bus yesterday thinking it would be a good afternoon. Unfortunatley it turned into 2 1/2 hours on the bus from Nice to Port Grimaud (Frances' version of Venice) then we got onto the boat which took us around to Millionares Bay which is where the likes of the Heinekin family, Johnny Dep and The Hiltons have thier houses looking our over the water. We stopped in St Tropez for some dinner then hopped back on the boat and back to the bus. Then another 2 hours on the bus back to Nice. All in all it was good, the bus ride made it a bit shit (didnt really want to spend 4 1/2 hours on the bus but oh well). Wednesday we decided to go around ... read more

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