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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo April 23rd 2013

Monaco. Moving south, we hung a left near Aix-en-Provence, skirted Nice and arrived in the tiny Principality of Monaco. Monaco is famous for a host of reasons: it is a favorite of the mega-rich and famous and its crown princess was All American Sweetheart Grace Kelly. The Monaco Casino and Monaco Grand Prix are renown throughout the world. The Principality perches on the side of spectacular cliffs, reminiscent of Amalfi but less dramatic and more opulent. Its Mediterranean vistas are marvelous and, for those who like toys, its marinas harbour personal yachts that would qualify as ships. We went up to the Monaco Cathedral to pay respects to the tombs of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III, and then wandered over to the Palace courtyard for views of the city and marinas. In the foreground, seating ... read more
The Royal Palace

Europe » Monaco December 17th 2012

Monaco:Monaco is the second smallest, and the most densely populated country in the world and is a playground for the rich.... read more
Monaco  9-2005

Europe » Monaco October 21st 2012

We arrived in Monaco and walked down the hill to the harbor. What an amazing place! We were really liking it here and that was just in the first 10 minutes. We walked along the water towards the Palace. We found a place below the palace to eat lunch and we had pizza again. It was a very good lunch and soon we were climbing the path to the palace. It was so nice up there at the top and the views were amazing! After walking around for about an hour, we went and toured the inside of the palace. It was pretty cool to see some of the rooms and learn about Monaco. After the palace tour, we had some gelato before going back down the hill. We got a bus to the casino so ... read more
Rail Station

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 8th 2012

Monte Carlo, was unreal. I could not believe I was there, home of the most famous race in the world. It was so beautiful, with the sea and the mountains and cliffs. And the cars, holy crap. If I was walking around the streets and didn't see at least one car worth more a 100,000 dollars in 5 minutes it was unusual. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Astin Martins, Maseratis, and Bmws, porches, mercedes and audis up the wazoo. Everytime I saw a really nice car my heart skipped a beat and I had trouble breathing. So pretty much the whole time i was there i couldnt breath. I walked around the F1 circuite in the town. Visited the Casino of course, did not gamble though, i thought that would be a bad decsion. Went swimming ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo August 23rd 2012

Nachdem wir uns heute morgen gestärkt hatten und die die Tupperdosen mit Nahrung gefüllt waren, verließen wir unser Hotel und fuhren weiter Richtung Westen nach Monaco. Das Auto stellten wir im Casino eigenen Parkhaus ab und begaben uns hinaus in die brütende Hitze...vorbei an all den Bentleys, Ferraris und Lamborghinis hinunter zum Hafen, wo uns die waren Prachtstücke Monacos erwarteten: eine Yacht größer als die andere...wir konnten uns gar nicht entscheiden, welche die unsere sein wird...ein gewisser Casiongewinn vorausgesetzt. Natürlich durfte einen Besuch beim Fürsten nicht fehlen und so schauten wir wir uns heute auch den Palast an. Als vierte Attraktion des Tages machten wir noch einen Spaziergang über die Formel1-Rennstrecke zum Japanischen Garten. Wir ließen es uns auch nicht nehmen zumindest schon mal unseren Füßen eine Abkühlung in dem Blau grünen Meer zu gö... read more
Vor dem Casino
Alles was PS und Namen hat, ist auch da!
Das sowas überhaupt schwimmen kann ...

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 23rd 2012

The morning was so beautiful in Cannes that we decided to start the day with time at the beach. Now beaches are not my favourite places in the world to be. Sand in generally is dirty, water is cold and dirty and I am a typical super pasty white Canadian dude. Standing next to buff, bronzed goliaths at the beach is not always my idea of a good time. However, we did have a great time at the beach today. I had to warn Sydney that beaches in France are a little different than beaches at home in that people do not always where their bathing suits, apparently she already knew that. The kid knows more than I think she does. We swam in the Mediterranean Sea and it was a lot of fun. There was ... read more
More mountain views
Views along the drive
Palace in Monte Carlo

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 4th 2012

Today we tried to get an early start so that we could go to Monaco, Grasse (the perfume capital of the world) and then head to Antibes to the beach. One thing we've learned on our trip is that getting somewhere usually takes twice as long as you think. We left Aix around 9:30 am and headed to Monaco, the furthest point on our list of places to go. I have always wanted to see Monaco. I love the glamour of Monte Carlo in Casino Royale, the James Bond movie, and the girls and I recently rented the Monte Carlo movie with Selena Gomez. So we thought we could take a quick stroll around town and see it for ourselves. Well, we never made it to see Monte Carlo and the casino. We walked from what ... read more
Monaco Stairs
Monaco-More Stairs
A Unique Building in Monaco

Europe » Monaco June 6th 2012

I’m currently aboard a train to Marseille with my final destination being Arles. Since I have a few hours I’ll catch you up on the last few days. Instead of going back to Monaco on Sunday I stayed in Nice and poked around; I had made arrangements to Skype with my mom at 6pm my time and didn’t want to miss it. I decided to wonder through old town where I was told they have a flower market on Sundays. I walked through the main tourist area to get there taking my time to look in shop windows and occasionally sit and people watch. When I arrived in old town there were flower stands filling the lane. At this point it was early afternoon and many of the stands only had empty buckets that I’m sure ... read more
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2012-06-04 11.03.25

Europe » Monaco June 2nd 2012

My morning started off slow, I woke around 9:30 brushed my teeth and went down to grab some breakfast. It is a decent arrangement of breads, jams, cereal, yogurt, and juice. I had some toast then went back to my room where my roommates were finally beginning to stir. I finished writing my blog I had begun last night and got that posted on the website. Next I battled balancing my cash flow spreadsheet; that took a while. I decided to go to Monaco today because it was on my paces to visit and I’m only in Nice for 3 nights; but first I wanted to stop by the tourist information office (TI) and grab a map and some brochures. At the TI I got a map of the Nice area and one for Monaco. With ... read more
Fiat Jolly Beach Car
2nd Favorite
June 2nd Download 354

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo October 20th 2011

Monaco gets comparisons to Disneyland all the time with it's fairytale cleanliness and picturesque residences. From the moment the train arrives this place does feel like a magic kingdom, the main difference only becoming apparent later on when you realize that everyone visiting is a pauper in a land of princes. If you drive a shinny new Mercedes looking cool in Santa Monica, get ready to be upstaged big-time. Still, Monaco is used to being a tourist destination, and they’re good at not rubbing it in. If you’re decently dressed you can make it through every door, although you may soon realize nothing is in your price range on the other side. Robyn and I began our late afternoon stroll at the castle atop the hill; this is where the Price of Monaco resides. We dined ... read more

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