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Europe » Monaco June 23rd 2016

Well, into another country already. Up early, Sweden lost the soccer so we had mournful singing most of the night. Up early for a walk along the promenade by the sea. Lots of rubbish everywhere and lots of council workers cleaning it up. quite a few sleeping bodies on the beach as well. Bought some nice fresh fruit from the market outside our door. Then off to our boat to Monaco. Sea was like glass. And ever so clear. Cruised along the coast and arrived in the French harbour which is just beside the big port of Monaco. Short walk into the main town and found our way up the very steep hill to the Prince's palace. Disturbing thing is they have defribulators placed in strategic places on the way up...... Got there in plenty of ... read more

Europe » Monaco February 22nd 2016

Monaco and our transition from Italy to France: guns at the border but smooth passage through (maybe the French number plates helped). We danced on the edges of the world ok prince Rainier, princess grace and the chosen ones when staying at Roquebrune-cap-Martin. our BnB overlooked the city of Monaco and apart from nearly killing ourselves exiting the autobahn all was good. Sorry we overlooked this - too much wine or travel fatigue- take your pick. The wine in Europe is SO CHEAP and yep NICE - we treated ourselves to dinner out last night in Vienne... read more
Ospedaletti: cake shop
Art nouveau: last Italian door photo

Europe » Monaco February 16th 2016

Tuesday February 16 – Today I went to Monaco. And even better, I met a friend there. A couple days ago, I found out that Lisa would be in Nice at the same time, so we made plans to get together. Last night we made plans to go to Monaco together today. We would meet there, since she was taking the bus and I would take the train, since I am practically living at the train station. Or at least, on the tracks. This lovely apartment just so happens to back up to the tracks, and the bathroom window overlooks the tracks. When I shower, I feel certain everyone zooming by would have a good view if only they looked up. Anyway, I stopped by the tourist info office at the station in Nice and got ... read more
Prince's Palace area
Princess Grace

Europe » Monaco October 16th 2015

We were in no rush this morning, with no tour planned for Monaco. Instead, our modus operando was to get on the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus and take a loop of the town including stops at the casino and palace. We ate breakfast in the Dining Room, a fritata for me and some French toast for Sharon. I stopped by the Exploration Lounge on Deck 11 to pick up the Sudoku puzzles and returned to our cabin with them. I finished both of them slightly ahead of Sharon who winked and said that she was just being nice to me… again. The forecast called for a mostly sunny day. On the first leg of our cruise I’d talked with a couple who said they’d really enjoyed the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus in Monaco; but a couple on our trivia team ... read more

Europe » Monaco September 9th 2015

Yesterday we went to Monaco, bought round trip tickets on the train for $10.60E each, and wanted to stop in Eze along the way. We discovered not ALL the trains stop so we went flying by Eze, saw it looked like a wonderful coastline and ended up in this fancy train station in Monaco. Got out and wandered along; noticed how clean it was, how hot it was and yes, how rich it was. Very obviously full of money; we saw what we thought was a 6* hotel and it turned out to be a Cardio Thoracic Clinic – good lord, people have money! You know it and you see it on TV but until you experience it, completely different. We wandered along a little lost, a little in awe and then found the Tourism Board ... read more
6* Cardio Thoracic Hospital. U-huh
"The" Casino of Monte Carlo. The only view we paupers get.
Ferrari's Everywhere in Monaco

Europe » Monaco July 31st 2015

We decide to have breakfast down in the old town, but we get lost and end up in the port instead. We seem to be having a lot of success getting lost here. We walk past a large war memorial carved into the rock and then up Castle Hill for views along the long spectacular beach. The hilltop is a mass of botanical wonders around the ruins of the old city walls and an ancient church. We walk on into a very sad Jewish Cemetery dedicated to victims of the holocaust and the French Resistance fighters. We walk back down the hill into old Nice, where the streets are all very narrow, and lined with expensive looking cafes and boutiques. Issy left her sunshade back at the hotel, so she goes into one of the boutiques ... read more
Nice Beach from Castle Hill
Palm trees on the promenade, Nice
Nice and beach from Castle Hill

Europe » Monaco July 25th 2015

Our final chapter of France! Tell my parents I love them dearly because we are dying.... of heat. It has been around 3 weeks since we saw a drop of rain, we have unintentionally converted our Wiz into a sauna and created separate sleeping quarters, not because we are unhappy in any way, just sweaty! In saying this you can't hate the heat completely, we have developed a nice shade of tan, not quite a St Tropez tan but we will see in a few more weeks. We are also pretty conscious that we would like to return home with some elasticity left our skin. In the heat, the last 3 weeks have been a lot of fun, the French scene has changed frequently ... read more

Europe » Monaco June 27th 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning we headed out together with François again to visit the old Roman settlement of Cemeneium located not far from here, close to the Cimiez Monastery. The first stop was the monastery and boy was it beautiful! Both the Franciscan Church, the Cimiez Monastery and the monastery park are all absolutely amazing! The Franciscan Church houses some truly wonderful paintings, especially the painted ceiling is breathtaking! Not much of the Cimiez Monastery is open to the public since there are still monks there but the parts that we could visit was quite nice and I even got to see one of the monks which was kind of cool. The park outside used to be tended to by the monks but it's now under the responsibility of the city of Nice but ... read more
Gladiators Prepare!
Meeting Friends!

Europe » Monaco May 8th 2015

The Nice Garden Hotel has a separate charge for le petit dejeuner (breakfast) of €8.00 per person. That seemed reasonable so we decided that we would have breakfast at the hotel rather than go out looking for something for breakfast. There was plenty of food to choose from - orange juice, coffee, cereal, yoghurt, salami, cheese, butter, jam and a basketful of bread and croissants - but, there was no fruit. We have been struggling to keep our vegetable intake up to scratch, but at least we have been consistently having two to three pieces of fruit at the start of each day!! We might buy some fruit to supplement tomorrow's breakfast? Today's sightseeing involved a day trip to Monaco on the bus. Bernie had done all the research and checked it again last night and ... read more
Anyone for a slice of cheese?
Nice garlic
Nice tomatoes

Europe » Monaco April 3rd 2015

Whew, that was a whirlwind! I didn't have as much time in Monaco as I would have liked, for numerous reasons. And kinda like Gibraltar and Morocco, at least I can say I've been, now. I decided to take it easy this morning. It didn't help that my mind woke up, ready to go, at 5:30AM. After an hour trying to coax it back to sleep, I succeeded, sleeping virtually until almost 9. I showered, got dressed, etc., until a little after 10, when I decided to see what I actually wanted to see in Monaco. I guess that was a bad sign. It's so small, though, I figured it would be easy to hit the highlights, and I could find out what those were once I got there. But just to be on the safe ... read more
Clouds on the mountain
Opera one side, Casino other side
Space is a premium here

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