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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo April 9th 2011

Our last 2 nights in France were spent in the French Riviera, staying in the village of Antibes. Getting really into the rhythm of the Contiki ways, breakfast at 7am, bags to coach at 7:45am. Waved goodbye to the Chateau at 8am, bound for our next 2 nights down the far south of the country. Took us a 6 hour journey to get to Antibes. There were thankfully washing machines on site in Antibes, almost down to my last set of clean clothes! Upon arrival, a nice surprise waiting for us once we put our bags in the cabin accommodation. We all strolled up to the breakfast room, no it wasn't actually breakfast, nor would you want to eat these for brekkie either! Contiki on-site crew brought plates of... wait for it... Cuisses de Grenouille, otherwise ... read more
The view!
€ € € €

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo April 5th 2011

Spent 3 hours at the most beautiful Aquarium in the world, the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, associated with Jacque Costeau. Clown Fish in Anemone, Nautilus beautiful corral. Had lunch in the Terrace of the Museum, Spagetti and small clams. Then to the famous Monte Carlo Casino to see the very rich, and did some people watching, a short look inside the casino. Then took the Elevator from outside the casino back to the water front and a water taxi across the harbor to the boat. Our dinner tonight was Lobster Taill with Rosetto. ... read more
Monte Carlo Casino
Changing of the Guard at the Palace
Mary over looking the smaller harbor

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo April 2nd 2011

Yes it has happened. VCU is beast. As I sit here and type this VCU is showing the world that we want it more. I hope we win cause if we don't then this will look so silly. There are so many freaking commercials for these games. I never knew just how many there were until I watched a game here and found out that they only did 2 minutes of commercials at halftime and that was it. It's even worse because these are all the same commercials over and over again and at the most random times throughout the game. I've been told by the Appelbee's lady to stop watching my laptop and go down to my local Applebee's about 5 times so far. The nearest Applebee's? Uhhhh the closest Applebee's. Riiiight. I told her ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo March 12th 2011

Day 2 of our trip and we stopped by our 3rd country already. Daddy had never been to this one before and it was a very small country and much smaller than the CITY I live in. This was my 44th country I have been to. Not to bad for a 5 year old, and considering daddy had only been to 3 countries (Mexico and Canada) by the time he was 20, I think I am doing pretty good. We first walked to a place where they had a lot of famous soccer players feet in the cement called "The Champions Promenade". There were a lot of players from Brasil and Italy, but none from the USA. Daddy is a big soccer fan, and we both had a lot of fun going to the World Cup ... read more
I loved the swinging ballerinas
Making fun of Baggio
Grace Kelly Statue

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo February 4th 2011

Leaving behind the Mistral winds (those strong, ever-present, cold winds from the north which easily pierce any protective layers of clothing) for the gentle, warm breezes of the Mediterranean coast, we set out for Nice and Monaco. Sylvie (our hostess) thought our plan to be a bit on the “crazy” side, and looking back on the adventure, it was a bit hectic, but all worthwhile for the experience of Monaco and French Riviera. Our journey was made possible by the ever-fuel efficient and ever-compact Peugeot. We set out on the French highways, whose toll system makes the NJ Turnpike seem like a small charitable donation by comparison. However the road was smooth, well-signed (with a few exceptions) and offered a panoramic view of the Provencal countryside. There’s no grander entrance to Nice than seeing it from ... read more
The Dock

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo November 3rd 2010

25th October 2010 Embarked Queen Elizabeth at 5pm Southampton Our stateroom is very nice with all the facilities required, as the ship has only been on one voyage, everything feels and smells new. Nice bottle of bubbly on ice ready to drink pre dinner Sailaway quite cold - out through the Solent into channel. Dinner 8.30pm, met our fellow guests John & Emma frm New Jersey and Don & Noreen from Swanage. 26th October 2010 We have three days at sea before our first port of call which is Barcelona. We are finding our own way round Barcelona and Monte Carlo so we are going to the sessions for these port of calls in the theatre during the day. Tonight is a formal night, we had pics taken 27th October 2010 Interesting at breakfasts so far ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo October 25th 2010

******* FRANCE ********* NICE AND MONACO It was about a 7 hour train trip to get from Florence to Nice (pronounced nees). We could only get a ticket as far as the Italian border as the ticket lady wasn't sure if there were trains running in France due to the ridiculous strike based on the extra 2 years the government wanted to extend the pension age (from 60 to 62). They already have a 34 hour working week! Eventually, we managed to make the two transfers and get to Nice. As we crossed the border, the National French Police came on board and checked everyone's passports. We witnessed one guy get dragged off and the train left without him. Nice was nice (hehe) but not as nice as my niece (hehehe). Homeless people frequented the alleyways ... read more
Monte Carlo
One of the numerous massive private boats in Monaco's harbour
This Ferrari was parked beside one of the boats

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo October 19th 2010

October 19, 2010-Monaco We arrive at Monaco after a beautiful sail past Nice. The Maritime Alps have a mantle of snow at their summit but it is warm on board. Today I take the Hop-on Hop-off bus and actually hop off. The tiny principality of Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world, the Vatican being the smallest. It consists of two old sections connected by ever increasing reclaimed land area where the port is located. My first hop off is in Monte Carlo the area on the right hand side of the harbour. The stop is at the Hotel ‘de Paris, the exotic gardens and the Monte Carlo Casino. It is a beautiful day, warm sunshine and fluffy clouds. The garden is one of the few open spaces and is before the ... read more

Europe » Monaco October 12th 2010

We boarded our Costa Cruise in Barcelona. Costa is an Italian Cruise line. Within an hour, we started to realize that no one spoke English. We went to our English speaking meet and greet. There were 6 people there. In total, the cruise ship can carry 920 people or so. Our English guide for the week was in fact, English. It turns out there is only 1 other American aboard the ship, a 50 something single female from Colorado. She is already my mom’s new bff. 21 people in total that speak English (excluding the crew) are aboard! The ride from Barcelona to Monaco was apparently the harshest of the entire cruise due to the current. I of course took a precautionary pill that put me in a coma for about 11 hours (I slept from ... read more
Monte Carlo
Oceanographic Museum

Europe » Monaco October 5th 2010

OK, they said this would happen… When we got here, we did a workshop on Culture Shock. The first stage is “Honeymoon”. Oh, is it ever! Everything is novel, exciting…every experience is an adventure! We are experiencing so many new and different things, and we love every minute of it! I’d say in most cases we are still experiencing Honeymoon phase. However… the small bits of “Rejection” are starting to set in. I wouldn’t exactly call it rejection in our case, but more of a homesickness for certain things. And it’s interesting what I am finding myself homesick for. Of course there is the obvious, our family and friends. But it helps that it’s so easy to keep in contact with everyone. For me, it’s more of the little things. For example, I really miss having ... read more
Our first field trip!
There are working wells all over these small is common that they do not have running water.
Another well in Capriana

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