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Europe » Monaco July 30th 2014

A short break to the South of France for Jon and Charlottes Wedding (last summer) - looking back at the pictures now brings back memories of a great day! Monaco proved to be the best post wedding day hangover cure - we pretty much walked the entire grand prix circuit, had a delicious lunch and a quick dip before heading back to the airport.... cracking short break catching up with old friends! Pictures say it all really............. read more
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Europe » Monaco July 5th 2014

“Anyone been to Monaco? I'll be on a train passing through on Saturday, therefore; off the train, wander around for about 2 hours, back on the train and continue onwards? Does it deserve more than 2 hours if you won't be gambling, drinking champagne on an oligarch's yacht, watching a grand-prix (that's later in the year), or inaugurating yourself in a tax-avoidance scheme?” Those are the questions I posed on Facebook. The responses were generally positive-ish: It is worth a bit of time just to see views of the harbour from the palace and gardens, to see such an abundance of supercars and superyachts, go there during some kind of race and the atmosphere is great but it’s impossible to get around, actually, have a quick look then move back into France or carry on to ... read more
The Other Harbour (Port de Fontvieille)
Typical Monaco Scenery
Setting up for the Monaco GP

Europe » Monaco June 22nd 2014

If you can't stand bad jokes you might want to skip the text in this blog entry and limit yourself to just looking at the photos Here comes the first joke, if you can even call it a joke: Nice is nice. That one is so obvious that it probably is featured on two thirds of all the blog entries about the city Nice. We thought that we put it right at the top and thus get it over with now already. Sadly, the other jokes in this blog entry aren't much better. Three days off from work thanks to the national day being on a Friday in combination with us having travel vouchers that we had to use before they expired made us book a trip to Nice. Since Monaco is not far from Nice ... read more
The train station in Nice
Monaco Harbour
Francoise Grimaldi

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 13th 2014

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo August 10th 2013

French Riviera & Monaco 7 to 9 Aug 2013 – from Ventimiglia to Hyeres It had been a very hot night at Sam Remo and we had a few mosquitoes as we left the camper door open. But despite this, we got up and left at 7.45am to try to beat the traffic. From Sam Remo to Nice…it didn’t work! The traffic and narrow roads were incredible. Despite reading advice that Monte-Carlo traffic and available parking was incredibly unfriendly to campers, we tried…and failed, so we decided to take the written advice and drive to Villeneuve-Loubet which was 45 kms further west along the Cote D’Azur (French Riviera). Our drive through Monte-Carlo looking for a park gave us a picture of the busyness of this port-based city, and that walking around was the best way to ... read more
Monte Carlo Monaco (8)
Roof top gardens in Monte Carlo Monaco
Many posie cars seen in Monte Carlo Monaco (2)

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 30th 2013

Our second port where we have to use tenders to shore, as they only have one huge wharf and there was a Carnival ship in town. Monte Carlo, Monaco is such a picturesque place - dripping with money - expensive boats and yachts everywhere and loads of expensive flashy cars. Monaco is a very small municipality - 3/4 mile - but built up the very steep mountains surrounding it. We walked over to the casino and then back around the bay and up the hills to Old Monaco to the changing of the guards at the palace - saw the cathedral where Grace Kelly was married, maze of little narrow streets around here being Sunday there was a little market on and lots of lovely restaurants. Short visit here as we sailed at 3.30p.m. but did ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 21st 2013

Today I explore the principality of Monaco. The second smallest country next to the Vatican, which Ive also been to. Im excited to see Monaco and Monte Carlo, and all the yachts I imagine. It did not disappoint. I hopped off the train and looked at my directions I had received from a client about an amazing walk On the far side of the cliff. Im in a church square that opens up to the harbor where, as you can imagine, a ton of big yachts, bobbing slowly in the marina. To my left is a long hill that goes up towards Monte Carlo. To my right I can see a cliff around the other side of the harbor, and a stone castle tucked away on top. I walk over to that direction and get lost ... read more
Those are big yachts

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 21st 2013

Hej hej, Končno sm najdla čas da se javim - po dveh tednih na ladji!!!! Je tok stvari za počet, da se mi enostavno ne da ukvarjat z netom, k dela 2 minuti pol pa crkne J No pa gremo od začetka: V Londonu se mi je že mal mešal, vse je ful predolgo trajalo, tako da sem res že komi čakala svojo ladjo. Pa sm jo dobila z dons na jutr – dobesedno!! V petek ob 3 so mi povedal, da moram bit v soboto zjutraj že na ladji. P&O Ventura - nisem mela pojma kaj je to za ena ladja, sploh nisem vedla kam grem. No pol se je pa počas vse sestavilo: 5*, ful dobra ladja, ful dobra križarjenja: Najprej en teden Norveške ( Bergen, Andalsnes, Olden, Stavanger), mela sem šanso videt norveške ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 7th 2013

Woolly was up with the birds, showered and dressed in his bow tie, we checked his temperature and double checked that he was still the same Woolly…. Woolly says – I was really excited about our adventures today, into a Principality and another flag for the blog. Having decided to take the train, Ian had a quiet word with Ollie who was sad not to be joining us, we waved him goodbye and walked the few minutes to the station. There was an impressive queue of Americans waiting for tickets so we joined the line, but the Americans all started leaving which left us only two away from the counter. The information board was flashing red, a 40 minute delay due to ‘personal accident’, no problem we thought and we collected our ticket and handed over ... read more
A drooling Mammoth
A helicopter on board!
The Pits

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo April 23rd 2013

Monaco. Moving south, we hung a left near Aix-en-Provence, skirted Nice and arrived in the tiny Principality of Monaco. Monaco is famous for a host of reasons: it is a favorite of the mega-rich and famous and its crown princess was All American Sweetheart Grace Kelly. The Monaco Casino and Monaco Grand Prix are renown throughout the world. The Principality perches on the side of spectacular cliffs, reminiscent of Amalfi but less dramatic and more opulent. Its Mediterranean vistas are marvelous and, for those who like toys, its marinas harbour personal yachts that would qualify as ships. We went up to the Monaco Cathedral to pay respects to the tombs of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III, and then wandered over to the Palace courtyard for views of the city and marinas. In the foreground, seating ... read more
The Royal Palace

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