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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo October 20th 2011

After a couple days sightseeing in Nice, we decided we had to go to Monaco. It was a 30 minute train ride, and easy to catch. First we walked up the hill to see the prince's palace, with a spectacular view of the city. Then we hiked down the hill to the main area of Monte Carlo, stopping along the way for a sunset dinner where I finally found my salmon tartare. After dinner, we walked over to the Hotel de Paris and crashed an outdoor party set in the middle of Louis Vuitton and jewelry stores. I think it was sponsored by Bentley, and celebrating an artist who designed the cover of a Monaco magazine. Porsches, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Bentleys galore in the roundabout hotel valet parking. The BMWs and Mercedes seemed like the ... read more

Europe » Monaco October 12th 2011

When I start telling people that we were off to the Gulf, their immediate reaction was: 'What Regiment are you with??!!' If I was with a Regiment I don't think they'd send me Easyjet!! Although with all the cuts this Government are making at the moment....??!! Benjamin Frankin once said: 'But in this world nothing is said to be certain except death and taxes!'. He obviously had never started his holidays from Widnes!!! I seem to recall in my equivelent blog just over 12 months ago titled 'The journey begins' (17th September - yes it really was that long ago!!), how it was pissing down the day before we set off yet on the day of departure we had a bright start to our big adventure as if Mr Sun had come out (without his hat ... read more
Cafe de Pais by night
Do all Monaco hospitals look lkike this!
Even Fango was a Giants fan!

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo October 2nd 2011

Note: All events described in this entry occurred on December 26, 2006. For more updated trips and entries please refer back to this blog at a later date. Updated trips and entries will NOT have a note like this. thanks and enjoy! Even though I was enjoying my trip to Cote d'Azur, I did lament a bit that I was unable to leave France in order to visit more of continental Europe as planned. However, I did manage to visit the small Principalite du Monaco during my fifth day of travel. My throat was still a bit sore, however thanks to my medicine my coughing had stopped. I also had more energy than on Christmas day so I felt it would be safe for me to go visit Monaco. I had always wanted to visit Monaco/Monte ... read more
Children Skating
Vieux Port, Monaco/Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo district

Europe » Monaco July 11th 2011

Blink and you’ll miss it. The micro-micro state that is the Principatu de Múnegu – or, for those not familiar with the Monégasque tongue, the Principality of Monaco – almost makes little Liechtenstein seem gargatuan. While it has a similar population to Liechtenstein (Monaco has about 36,000 inhabitants, though actually Monégasques are a minority at less than 8000), Monaco is a miniscule 1.98 sq. km. (or .76 sq. mi.)* – meaning you could fit around 80 Monacos inside of the other principality! Not only is it tiny, it is rather vertical. Much of that approximately 2 sq. km. seems to be composed of a cascade of rocky cliffs. There are even public elevators to get from one level to the next, like trains and subways in countries tending more to the horizontal. It is hard to ... read more
Monaco and Me
I always think "wedding" when visiting an Oceanographic museum.
Prince Albert II and Charlene on their special day!

Europe » Monaco July 9th 2011

We arrived at Nice airport in France on Saturday afternoon and after one of the more ridiculous flights we had endured, we collected our bags and headed for the bus stop. But firstly, I suppose I should tell you why the flight was bad. It all started when we arrived at Barcelona Airport that morning at around 6:30am so we would be on time for our 8:45am flight. We knew we had to fly via Dusseldorf in Germany which was already stupid as this made the travel about 8 times longer than a direct flight to Nice. We waited in line to check in and load our bags and waited for nearly an hour and a half without moving because the computer was having trouble with flights connecting in the US. So finally one of the ... read more
The view
city view
Dan's new car!!

Europe » Monaco June 14th 2011

What a beautiful day – just right for the seaside so it was off to Monaco, Nice and wherever the fancy took us. We decided to take the train today so we wouldn’t have the hassles of parking. The train from Grasse reaches the coast at Cannes and then follows it to the Italian border. We bought our Isabelle ticket at the Senior’s rate of 12€ which enabled us to get on and off the train at as many stops as we wanted. Our first stop was Monaco – a 90 minute journey, then we thought we would work our way back to Grasse. What a wonderful sight as we emerged from the hills at Cannes to see the picture postcard scene of blue Mediterranean, cruise ships and super yachts. With seaside views all the way ... read more

Europe » Monaco June 9th 2011

Geo: 43.7324, 7.4186 GÜN 41, GÜNLERDEN PERŞEMBE: Sabah yine bulutluydu… Biz bir hata yaptık ....Cote D' azur' e esas yazın gelmeliymişiz diye düşünüyorum.. Bugün programımızda seyahatin başında pas geçtiğimiz Monaco ve Cap D 'Ail var… 15:30 gibi trenimize bindik. Daha önce yazdığım gibi kampımızın neredeyse önünde tren istasyonu var ... İstasyonda tamirat var .....otomatik bilet gişeleri var fakat bozuk paramız yok .. Bu nedenle biletçiyi hacı bekler gibi bekledik .. Bir taraftan tren vakti geliyor diye endişeleniyoruz ..her neyse kadın geldi ve yaşımız nedeni ile bize "yaşlı" bileti verdi.. Her şeyde bir kısmet var … Makineden alsak bileti daha pahalı alacaktık.. Her şey bir yana, bu gibi yerler, giderek otomatlaşıyor ve benim ( bizim ) gibi sorunlarını yüz yüze çözmeye alışmı... read more
Yüksek yüksek tepeler

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo April 29th 2011

Today I would be making my way a short way out of Nice to Monaco. This is definitely something that I had been looking forward to. In part because my dad was there a few years back and I was looking forward to seeing some of the things that he had seen himself. As I made my way out the train station (which is out of this world by the way!!), I think that I caught Grand Prix fever! There were already setting up bleachers and stands for the race that is only set for the end of May. I would later learn that it actually takes 2 months to actually prepare for this event that welcoes 22,000 spectators (more than the actual population of this small principality). I had a small map from my guidebook ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Monaco April 26th 2011

Hi all, Monday 18th April. The long drive wasn't that bad at all. We followed the 'Route de Vins' through Provence passing by countless vineyards, driving below the Verdon hills and over the switchback roads of the Maures hills down to Port Grimaud. Arriving at this site it was clear that the Easter holidays across Europe were in full swing as the place was very busy. Locals, many Germans and some Italians filled the smart chalets and the motor-home area was also very busy. Coming out of a winter period where the kids were usually the only kids on site this place seemed packed to us. The camp site, Prairies de la Mer has everything required and is right on the beach, it is also just a short walk into the town. Port Grimaud is a ... read more
St Tropez

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo April 14th 2011

Sorry folks have tried to send the blog but the ship's internet is rubbish!! Haven't had time to send it from port. We are now in Monaco having spent yesterday in Rome. Have written up about it but it's refusing to send everything so maybe it'll allow me to do this small amount. Will send the final part of the blog tomorrow from home. As they say "All good things must come to an end". Sadly I am now going to do final packing and get ready for final night out onboard ship. ... read more

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