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Europe » Monaco October 13th 2019

A country on it's own....if you are super rich you'll be in Monaco then...didn't recognise anyone famous. The bus trip to Cap D'Ail is amazing...everyone moves to the seaside of the bus to snap photos it is truly a beautiful scenic route. We opted for disembarkation at Edmond's stop to walk from 'Plage Mala' on the 'Bord de Mer' (the boardwalk by the sea) 1hour 15min easy walk beneath some very expensive & lovely homes set in the rocky hillside. Over Summer the rocks beneath the boardwalk are littered with sunbathers. We came off the walk at Port Cap D'Ail beach & headed inland for a little shade. Past the Clay Tennis courts, the Louis II Stadium of Monaco, recognising now our entry into the Principality. An escalator ride to the Carrefore Supermarket where we noticed ... read more

Europe » Monaco September 23rd 2018

23 September 2018 The reason we chose camping Por la Mar in Ventimiglia was that it has a shuttle service to the last town in, France, Menton, from where there is a short train ride to Monaco. Consequently, we had our day with the rich, famous and thousands of other tourists in this iconic little place. The day included; watching the changing of the guard at the Palais Princier; a ride around the town in an open top bus; lunch at the Café du Paris outside the Casino; a peek into the Casino; a wander into the Cathedral and along the narrow streets of the old town; and a visit to the huge cactus collection in the Jardin Exotique.... read more
The palace
Changing the guard
Monaco and its harbour with the luxury yachts. It surprised us just how many buildings are crammed onto the hillside

Europe » Monaco June 2nd 2018

We disembarked at the huge, cavernous railway station in Monte Carlo. The platform seemed to go on for half a mile. After several banks of escalators we emerged in a high part of the town and worked our way towards the older parts of the Monte Carlo. This was my very first visit to Monaco and my first impressions of the capital were measured. A bank of low cloud blanketed the hills surrounding town. The air was thick and humid. The city seemed somehow buttoned-up and subdued. The tall buildings impart a slight sense of claustrophobia. Window shutters were tightly drawn and there were few signs of normal life. There is also a distinct waft and sour smell of indolent, unearned income about the place. The maxim that the place is “a sunny spot for shady ... read more

Europe » Monaco April 12th 2018

Es schüttet fast den ganzen Tag. Busfahrt durch die Stadt zum Schloss und Besichtigung. Dann noch kurz Essen eingekauft und mit dem Bus heim. M liegt in einer steil ansteigenden Bucht, deshalb gibt es viele Aufzüge, damit man nicht so viel steigen muss... Möbel werden meist mit dem Kran in die Wohnung gebracht. Weder in den Häusern ist genug Platz um große Stücke zu transportieren, noch kann man auf den engen Strassen leicht stehen ohne ein Chaos zu veranstalten. Handwerker, die Lärm machen, dürfen von 10 bis 12 und von 15 bis 17 Uhr arbeiten. ... read more

Europe » Monaco April 11th 2018

900 km. Abfahrt bei 10° und den ganzen Tag immer wieder nur so ähnlich. Ab Sirmiome die letzten 400 km Regen oder Regengüsse. Freundlicherweise nahm mich Astrid auch nass auf und ich verstreute meine Sachen auf den warmen Heizkörpern.... read more
Rast 200 km vor Ziel

Europe » Monaco November 12th 2017

Fontville is part of Monaco Principality... The weather was cool but a lovely sunny day so we decided to spend our last day and head along the coast to Fontville. The bus zone changed at the border so we got off just before and walked in. The bus trip from Nice to Monaco is a trip in itself with views all the way along the adzur coastline below. Fontville is the harbour that sits below the Prince's Palace and alot newer in accommodation than in the centre of Monaco itself. Many people out dining having arrived in their flash vehicles. We walked out to the pier where there was a run/walk of sorts doing circuts of the waterfront. Didn't take long to nosy around and walked back to the bus stop and past the Monaco Stadium. ... read more
Bus trip coast to Monaco
Gate house

Europe » Monaco October 28th 2017

Cannot come to the French Riveira without visiting Monte Carlo! With all it's tacky predictiveness it still draws a crowd of gawkers like us! Easytrain ride along the coast (most trains run right on the waters edge-flattest) & run through many tunnels. So it is really scenic from the train most of the journey through Villefranche, Eze sur Mer, Beauleui sur Mer, Cap d'Ail to the Monaco Gare in the tunnel. Out of there pronto and emerged from the cliff side into the Principality of Monaco. It is a hotchpotch of building designs with many needing attention. It is certainly the playground for the rich who want to be seen by the rich. We came hoping to see some fancy things and were not disappointed. A walk up hill to the Casino where most of the ... read more
Walk out of the cliffside
Some of the original
Monte Carlo

Europe » Monaco July 19th 2017

Our 5:45 alarm roused us, our brains and bodies complained but we dragged ourselves out of bed and made our way across town to catch our 07:10 train out of Milan and on to Nice. The train journey was 4h 50m which we utilised in a few ways, napping, playing cards and trying to plan out our 23 hours in Nice, which was harder said than done over 4G when there are that many tunnels on the route along the south coast of France! We are finding it quite difficult to keep up with our planning and research at the moment and on occasion we are boarding trains on to our next destination without any idea where we are staying or what we can do in the next city! We plotted a number of points of ... read more

Europe » Monaco June 7th 2017

TODAY Ron and I (Dennis) toured the corniches of the Cote D'Azur.. We left the Muse in Monte Carlo and drove via the upper corniche to the little town of La Turbie high on the mountain. The view of Monaco below was fabulous. We saw the Alpentrophy, a huge stone monument to Augustus built by the romans in 6 B.C. It was a quaint little town of narrow streets. Then it was on to Eze via the middle corniche where we had climbed to the castle on top in October. This time I sat in a cafe and had a Coke Zero. We then went to Nice and saw the War Memorial (WWI) the beach and Promenade des Anglais and the Negresco hotel and the main plaza before returning on the lower corniche through Villafranche and ... read more

Europe » Monaco September 26th 2016

This time I am filling you in about my time in Nice, as well as my day trip to Monte Carlo. I left Montpellier (I so have a soft spot for that city) at around 9.15am, and travelled by train via Marseilles ( around 60 minutes stopover) to Nice arriving just after 3pm. I walked from the station, down the main street leading to the promenade. After a few minutes, I came to the narrow street called Rue de I’Hotel des Postes. This was another hotel taking up only a portion of the building, in this case, half of the third floor. And there is no lift. NO LIFT. This was why it was vital for me to re arrange my packing when I was in Montpellier. I was aware of the third floor/no lift set ... read more

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