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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 31st 2009

Weila and I met in the morning and by the afternoon, we were good friends. We spent the day in Monaco together while Jo was at work... Our afternoon... ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 25th 2009

Today we woke up early so we could try to get home at a decent hour. We have a long days journey today, a 14 hour drive back to Uffington! We decided to drive through France but we should have driven through Italy, less traffic!!! Too bad I can only upload pictures on this blog, I have some funny video clips from my camera of Greg singing.... ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 24th 2009

race day at the circuit........ read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 23rd 2009

I spent the day yesterday in the garage so no photos from yesterday. But today since they were holding the qualifs, I went back to the castle and roamed the little village up there and walked through the jardin exotique again - it was amazing walking through there, I even had a little picnic (by myself!!). enjoy!... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 21st 2009

I was limited to where I could go today because they held the practice session for the race today. so I took advantage of walking around away from the track...... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 20th 2009

walking by the marina to go see Greg at work...... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 19th 2009

we left Sanremo and drove back into France to get to Monaco, about a 40 minute drive - yes forty minutes to go from the Italian Riviera to the French Riviera.... Our hotel was not in Monte Carlo, but in Beausoleil, France. You could litterally walk into Monaco - which I did everyday! By the end of the week, I think I walked all of Monaco!!! It wasn't what I expected but it was nice nonetheless. I was expecting to see lots of glamourous and glitzy people walking the streets but instead i say lots of young people, in their early twenties. At a certain point, I actually felt like i was in Mexico on spring break surrounded by horney teens!!! As the week went by, we noticed more exotic cars around and things started to ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 19th 2009

On th 18th Krista, Dan, Pat and I (see mom...I remembered!) went to Monaco. Monaco is awesome. Its so wealthy. I saw so many gorgeous yachts that I am ready to own at any time! We saw the Grand Prix setting up and the famous tunnel. We also walked up to the Palace . The view from the Palace Hill is AMAZING. Afterwards we found the Monaco beach, which is mostly pebbles, and laid there for a while. Hard life, I know. We ran into another group from the hostel and talked to them for a bit. After trying to find the bus ride home, and surviving crazy tourists trying to force their way on, we relaxed at the hostel for my last night there. I loved Nice. Villa Saint Exupery made Nice almost like a ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 8th 2009

Holy man! So let me paint you a picture. It is just before dusk, around 8 o'clock. You look at your surroundings as you are driving up these huge cliffs that wind in and out of tunnels. To your left, you drive past scaling mansions made of smooth white and pink cement with 12ft windows and a Exquisite gardens with climbing roses in every colour you can think of. Every inch of each property is pristinely kept and glimmers in the sharp orange sunset glow. You look to your right. Your eyes meet the mediterranean sea that seemingly goes on forever. You can catch glimpses of the world below, the old French architecture of Nice far off in the distance below. The houses climb up the cliffs of the terrain so seemingly effortless. You can see ... read more

Europe » Monaco May 1st 2009

We then headed to the south of France, Nice and on the first day made a day trip to Monaco. We never actually met our couch surfing in Nice, we were welcomed by another couch surfer from the States who had been given the keys to look after the place for a few days. Jesse was super cool, and we had a tun of fun cooking and explore both Monaco and Nice together. We were able to take a quick train to Monaco in the morning of the first day, and set off to explore the city. We were forced to do this by foot because everyone was on strike that day lol... but we had a beautiful walk by the waterfront gazing at all the ridiculously expensive yachts and cars. We hen made our way ... read more

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