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Europe » Monaco April 28th 2009

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe--Anatole France Ah France. Why do I like you so? I suppose the years spent studying the language have helped my bias, but that still doesn’t explain it all I think. The trip to Nice wasn't, perhaps, so smooth (anything that makes me scared that I'm about to become a felon isn't smooth). But things calmed down once we entered the city. Chris, the K’s, and I arrived late the night of 9 April. Despite it being night, we managed to find our hostel pretty quickly. It was really close to train station, and luckily for us in an area full of restaurants opened late. The hostel was also full of Americans. They seemed to have just graduated high school and we loud. ... read more
Contemporary Art Museum
Hello Nice!

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo March 24th 2009

We take the train from Nice for a day trip over to Monaco, a ten-minute train ride. But we hold a breath, not completely sure we're on the right train...there are signs that we are on a train bound for Italy--which we're not quite prepared for. When the train does in fact stop in Monaco, we eagerly get off and start on foot up to the Royal Palace to see the changing of the guard. We had over to the Monaco Cathedral and a nearby park, and then to the Napoleon museum. The weather suddenly changes from sunny and mild to overcast and rainy, while we check Princess Grace's Rose Garden, so we take a bus over to the famous Monte Carlo Casino. ... read more
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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 29th 2008

MONACO!!!! What can i say, i pretty much had sex with these two Astin Martin DB9's that were parked out front of the Casino Royal... yes that's right, i was there rubbing shoulders with James Bond and his entourage! By the way, Miss Moneypenny is a mole... just so you know... We started out in Nice, Nice is nice by the way... haha... yeah anyways... gorgeous place right there. So with Nice comes Monaco! RRRIIIICCCHHHHH everything, everywhere! That pretty much sums it up. had a great time walking around at night and day. Lots of car pics, as would be expected! I tried to track down this bloke that does Ferrari drives for $85Euro but i couldnt find him! there was the Monaco Boat show on so he had to moved, and i just missed where ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 24th 2008

If anyone ever needs a reminder of how little money they really have they should head to Monaco! We went there two days ago with our new friends from Australia. We stopped in a village called Eze on the way there and went through a tour of a perfume factory to avoid the pouring rain. I can still smell the perfume on me, it's that strong! Here in Nice there are a lot of people who are obviously wealthy, but in Monaco it's the people who aren't who stick out more. We mostly just walked around the town and window shopped for 17 000 euro watches and rings. I had never seen a Prada store before! Obviously we went in the Monte Carlo Casino. But to see the large portion of the interior you had to ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 7th 2008

Friday 5th September (Geoff) Today is the day that we will board the ship for our long awaited Mediterranean cruise. Before that happens, we have a few loose ends to tie up in Barcelona. We sleep in a little (jet lag is now long past) and after breakfast we head back towards La Rambla. We potter around here for a little while before we decide to head back to the apartment and get a taxi to the port where the ship is docked. This sounds really easy doesn't it? Well it doesn't work out to be so!! We visit the markets on our way back and get some nice fresh fruit and pastries (good practice for Paris) and decide we will have morning tea in the apartment before the cleaner arrives. Only problem is, we get ... read more
Familia 2
Guell Park
Guell Park 2

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo August 22nd 2008

I normally hate traveling tired and hungover, but much of this is due to the fact that I am always apprehensive and stressed about flying and the hangover just exacerbates this. I was not worried when I awoke this Tuesday morning, because I had a car and driver bringing me to Monaco and I knew I could sleep in the car. Being as I was out until 6am the previous night, I had not packed. I got up around 11:30, drank all the evian remaining in the room and started to put my things together. I was still slightly drunk, so I hoped for the best and trusted I would remember everything. I checked out of my room, not in the greatest room both because of my lack of sleep and because I was sad about ... read more
Casino from further
Grass chair
Hotel Facade

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo August 14th 2008

Hannah and I woke up earlier than everyone else in the group since we were taking the train into Monaco, however by the time we left the others were starting to get ready. We walked down to the train station down the road which took us straight into Monaco, but we realised that we had only just missed the train by a few minutes and the next one wasn’t for an hour. We bought tickets and headed down to the beach for a look around. We walked up and down the pebble covered beach until it was time we head back to the station and catch the train. It took around an hour to get into Monaco but the train ride was fantastic. It ran along the cliff side where we had incredible views of the ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo August 5th 2008

Monte Carlo, Monaco. Wow, this place just oozes money. Check my video of the automobiles in front of the world famous Monte Carlo Casino--Rolls, Rolls, Bently, etc. That video is in the French Riviera Cars and People Blog. The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Monaco. The casino complex is a gambling facility which also includes the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, an opera and ballet house, and the headquarters of the Ballets de Monte Carlo. Monaco is a Constitutional Monarchy and Principality with Prince Albert II as head of state. The Grimaldi family has ruled over Monaco since 1297 and the state's sovereignty was officially recognized by the Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861. Despite being independent, Monaco ’s defense is still the responsibility of Fra... read more
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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 26th 2008

French Rivera (Nice) and Monaco Days 5-6 Our time spent in Nice was quiet and relaxing, as we arrived on a Saturday night. The first night we were taken around the corner for a group dinner which was quite tasty. We all stopped off at the bottle shop on the way back to the hotel, we all somehow ended up in alex and my room, this was a very small room but one of the only ones with a fridge being the main reason why we ended up there. We passed the time with many different drinking games which taught us a lot about the people we were travelling with. After a great a sleep in Alex and I headed straight to the laundry for obvious reasons. We then decided to go find the boys on ... read more
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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 20th 2008

Hello everyone, it's been a while since our last blog. Hayley has gone home, and my parents came to visit 2 weeks ago. See the Avignon blog for those pictures. My parents went to Monaco while they were here so I decided I should go for a day. I only spent 3~4 hours there but I saw the Musee d'Oceanographique and got some nice pictures. Enjoy! ps: the casino has a very strict dress code so I could not play any poker :(... read more
Prince's Palace
Monaco - Monte Carlo
Monaco - Monte Carlo

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