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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo March 26th 2008

Thursday morning was the hangover from our disastrous train experience the night before; we had to get up at 5:00 to make it to our 6:30 train, which of course was 30 minutes late. What luck! It was all worth it though when we got into Nice. Our hostel was only a few minutes from the train station, which is always nice when you have a 50 pound pack on your back! We stayed at Hotel Baccarat and it was such and awesome place! The staff was super friendly, and when we got there they bumped us up from a 10 person shared dorm to a 2 person private room for free! It was awesome! That afternoon we went and saw the city a little bit, we visited the Russian Cathedral which is really beautiful, it ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo March 25th 2008

Have you ever sat in your car in your driveway and thought "Hmm, I hope there aren't any sharp objects that could puncture my tyres around here"? No? Me neither. No, my brain likes to throw me that question just as I'm hurtling around a bend on the Italian highway at 130kph, with mountains on one side and a sheer drop into nothingness on the other. And then your mind's eye plays a little movie just to show you what might happen. It doesn't inspire confidence. Anyway, Jesi and Ancona. Tiffany and her cousin Margaret were terrific hosts, telling me about all the good spots around the area. First stop was the Frassassi Cave. Mightily impressive and massively huge. Cameras weren't allowed, but I'll try to do this justice: The first cavern was about 200 metres ... read more
The Ancona Boys
The Filipino Congregation
East Coast of Italy

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo March 1st 2008

Okay well we woke up around 9.30/10am...painfully After getting ready and dropping off our bags with luggage storage we had an hour before we were meeting up with one of ang's friends of a friend that lives in Nice. We went to a local cafe and I had the best late I have EVER had...we also did alittle shopping where I found this really cute pinky ring that I could not resist buying. At 12.30 we met up with Stephan....his first language def was not english but he showed us around parts of nice we probably would not have seen without him...specifically to the base of this castle off a cliff in Nice, with AMAZING views. We had a three course lunch and really took in everything....even had some gelato although it was not that warm. ... read more
Nice 29.02.08 018
Nice 29.02.08 020
Nice 29.02.08 021

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo February 23rd 2008

Yes I went to Monaco, the place where the enviable Princess Grace dwelled and reigned. What a lucky woman! It was here that we actually went to the beach. Allow me to relate that tale briefly. We woke up in Nice and ate a 6 euro breakfast (we were tricked) and then hopped on a train to our final destination. One problem...there were no seats. Natalie, Monica and I stood the whole way, which was only about twenty minutes, but still. We had our backpacks with us too which made it even worse. O well. Once we arrived we reserved our tickets back to Lugano and attempted to find a place to put our bags. No luck. In the end we carried them around ALL day. It sucked but what can you do? After that slightly ... read more
Monte Carlo
Up Close and Personal
Three lovely ladies in front of a very famous casino

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo February 19th 2008

The college had an excursion to Monaco on Saturday! It was very nice! It took only an hour and a half or so to get there by bus, so its pretty close! First we stopped at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, we didnt go in but it was cool just to look at, everything is really clean and nice and there were a lot of expensive stores around. i guess the police are also really strict because we had to hurry getting on and off the bus, it was probably illegal i guess. After we took some pictures of Monaco and Monte Carlo we saw the church where the prince and princess were married and buried. We also saw the palace and the changing of the guards which was fun to watch! We walked around ... read more
Monte Carlo Hotel
View from above
Some yachts in the harbor

Europe » Monaco December 11th 2007

Monaco is the second smallest independent country in the world, and is only around two square kilometres in length. Famous as a tax haven for the super rich, this little jewel on the mediterranean coast is only sixteen kilometres from Nice on the French Riviera. The trip takes a little over twenty minutes as the train hugs the coast, offering spectacular views along the way. Monaco is a great country to explore, and the home of the annual Monaco Grand Prix still feels like it's a part of France. The last journal left off in Bern, dear reader, from where I caught the TGV out of the Swiss capital heading north to the capital of France. I can't imagine that you would struggle to name this world famous city! Oh Paris, I can confirm it is ... read more
Mega yachts, Monaco
Coffee with a friend in Paris
Old Town, Nice

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo October 22nd 2007

No trip to the Côte d'Azur would be complete without a stop in Monaco. Monaco is an independant principality that is basically a small urban area on the coast of France. It is the second smallest country in the world (Vatican City is the first) and the most densely populated given its small size. It's legendary wealth comes from its status as a tax haven for Europe's wealthy. Well that, and a beautiful location on the sea. To get to Monaco, you basically take an exit off the highway in France, high above the ocean and drive down towards the water. It took about 30 minutes through heavy traffic until we happened upon the famous casino from the James Bond films. Parking there was quite easy, so we parked under the casino gardens and walked over ... read more
Monaco Passport Stamp
Casino Portrait
Casino Fountain

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 19th 2007

Bonjour tout le monde. This will be my last chance to update for a bit as we are travelling a bunch over the next bit before heading home. Today we ventured to Monaco making this our 4th country on our little 3 week visit... but getting there wasn't that easy. There were even a brawl between some men at the bus station trying to get on a bus because it was late... Nice! Any way, almost an hour late our bus arrived and we headed East again to Eze, a medieval town atop a hill. We walked through the backstreets and alleys and admired the views amid the bougainvillia (sp?) trees etc. This was a short visit because our destination of the day was Monaco. We arrived and quickly noticed how the cars in this the ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 17th 2007

Ciao! I just came back from Monaco for the weekend... oh my god, so breathtakingly beautiful! When we got off the train, we walked through the train station which is carved into the top of a cliff, so we could see a beautiful ocean view right from the train station. That's when we knew it was going to be a good weekend! Our hotel was in a town called Eze village, a quaint little town in between Monaco and Nice. Our hotel was faabulous - we had two apartment-style rooms for 5 girls each (yes there were 10 girls total... madness), each with a balcony overlooking the ocean. The hotel had a pool with that same amazing view. We just could not believe our eyes... while the rest of our friends were camping out or in ... read more
the harbor
view from the hotel
View from the hotel bar

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo September 7th 2007

A week relaxing in the south of france in the sun! We went to Monte Carlo for my birthday and spent the day on the beach and admiring the posh cars parked outside the casino....convertable aston marton, numerous ferarris and masseratis!... read more
The view coming into Monte Carlo
Around the casino
The casino

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