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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo August 15th 2007

Look out for the First Blog of the Year after The draw for The Champions League on Thursday 27th of this month in Monaco. After that we will know where we will be heading on another European Venture! read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo July 23rd 2007

Day 8 (5): After the pitstop in Avignon, we made our way down to our campsite in Biot. After our dinner, all of us got dressed up to head over to Monaco, one of the richest countries in the world! "À la votre, À la notre, Santé!" All 51 of us, plus Jodie and Ben, cheered and tapped our glasses (alright, plastic cups) together and looked at everyone in the eye. The old saying goes, "If you don't make eye contact with everyone in the group, you'll have 7 years of bad sex." Haha, then someone else had cut in and say, "Well, it's better to have bad sex than no sex."... read more
Another view of Monaco
Monaco and us
Me and champagne

Europe » Monaco June 29th 2007

Today was my alone day as I paraded around the Cote d'Azur through a small hill town called Eze (funny thing, in Hebrew Eze means goat) to the Ferrari and Porsche laden streets of Monaco. Eze I took the bus first to Eze (heading east towards Monaco) and fell asleep on the bus! Luckily I woke up right at my stop and jumped off. whew! Eze was charming, super small, with nothing to offer except for touristy cafes and boutiques selling nicknacks, porcelain, cloths, and art from the few galleries that were hidden in the rock. But frankly, it was exactly what I needed after bustling Rome. I got a beautiful view of the ocean and saw a lot of the same shops over and over again because I made a few wrong turns and walked ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 21st 2007

Today we took a day trip to Monaco from Nice. We spent pretty much the entire day at the beach, and looked at yachts and Maseratti and Lamborghini dealerships on the way back.... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 17th 2007

An evening excursion down the road from Nice to a little place called Monaco. This country is famous for its Formula One race, dodgy tax rules and the Monte Carlo casino. The city itself though is absolutely spectacular at night, and the amount of money in this tiny place is astounding! To own one of the yachts in that harbour… we’ll keep dreaming! The casino itself isn’t actually that big on the inside, quite old fashioned compared to the brash cheapness of Star City. But the stakes are not small, and some people bet very big! We lost 50 euros quick smart on roulette before earning most of it back on the old school pull-down poker machine which was quite fun! Outside of the casino was packed with luxury cars - Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, ... read more
Monte Carlo Harbour
Kim & the Cannon
Steve's New Car

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 3rd 2007

Ola a todos. Sei que o blog tah meio atrasado, mas hoje arrumei um tempo para dar uma ajeitada nele aquix00 Um notebook faz muita falta, estou agora pagando 7 euros por hora para usar um computador a lenha na pousada que estamos em Sorrento, Italiax00 NICE - O albergue frances Depois do pequeno stress com o atraso no aeroporto, finalmente chegamos a Nice. Um cara do albergue foi lah pegar a gente no aeroporto, e Lorena, toda feliz, disse a ele: Bon Soir!, ao que ele respondeu, seca e friamente: Hi. Nao foi um bom começo... Ele ficou na frente da van, e nos atras, conversando, quando ele, do nada, aumenta o som do carro, para nao escutar o nosso dialeto... Bem, nao parecia mesmo um bom começo. Ainda bem, essa primeira impressao foi ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 30th 2007

I’m not a motor sports fan. I really don’t understand what compels people to watch a bunch of cars that all look the same drive round a track 300 times. If you want to see the crashes, watch the highlights. But nevertheless, Baz loves it, so at my suggestion we booked the Monaco Grand Prix for the end of May bank holiday 2007. I figured it would be quite a prestigious event and we could book ourselves into some decent seats and he could watch the race, while I explored the refreshment tents and perhaps a super yacht or two. It didn’t go quite as planned… Dave and Jess were double dating this trip with us and it’s probably a good thing that they did or Barrie and I may have killed each other, or a ... read more
Monaco Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 28th 2007

Po GP nadszedł czas na zwiedzanie. Pałac, Muzeum Morskie, port...... read more
Część zachodnia Monaco

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 27th 2007

Grand Prix Monaco, Monte Carlo. Minęło wiele lat od dzicięcych marzeń. Wreszcie dotarłem na najważniejszą imprezę motoryzacyjnej Europy. Po bardzo długim spacerze między służbami porządkowymi dotarliśmy do trybuny E. ROBERT KUBICA!!!... read more
Tuż przed wyścigiem
Wesoła gromada

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 26th 2007

Nadszedł czas na trochę hałasu. Pogoda niestety nie wytrzymała...... read more
W drodze na Chicane
W drodze cd.
W oczekiwaniu na transport morski

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