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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa May 31st 2019

31/05/2019 – Pisa Alhoewel we hier al eens waren 2 jaar geleden, kunnen we toch niet anders dan nog eens te gaan kijken of die toren nog wel scheef staat. We waren er weeral niet alleen. Toch altijd nog indrukwekkend dit 'Piazza del Miracoli' en de massa toeristen die er raar staan te doen.... read more
Pisa - Piazza del Miracoli
Pisa - ligweide
Pisa - de Duomo

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa May 30th 2019

30/05/2019 – Pisa Donderdag van La Specia naar Pisa, via Carrarra en Lido di Calmaiore. Op bezoek bij Oma/Opa Aaltert, en samen naar de Cavi di Marmo, een begeleide rondleiding in het hart van een operationele marmergroeve in het Carrarra massief. De identieke plaats waar reeds de Romeinen 2000 geleden hun witte marmer haalden en Michelangelo zijn ruwe blokken zelf kwam uitkiezen. De uitgezaagde ruimtes midden in de berg zijn indrukwekkend. Er passen kathedralen in. De technische uitleg hoe de blokken uitgezaagd worden door middel van diamantdraden en water onder hoge druk heb ik niet helemaal gesnapt, maar dat ligt aan mij, en dus zeker niet aan onze gids Francesca in een perfect Italiaans Engels. De toegangsweg is spectaculair, gedeeltelijk door lange smalle donkere tunnels, stijgingen tot 10% en haarspeldbochten die met de MH soms in ... read more
Carrarra - Marmo Tour
Carrarra - Marmo tour
Carrarra  Marmo Tour

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa December 6th 2018

We had a nice day in Pisa and Florence today. We had some morning and early day showers, but it was 62 degrees and really no wind, so it was a very comfortable day. We took the train from Rome to Florence and then switched trains to get to Pisa. We walked to the leaning tower and paid our 18 euros each to climb up to the top. Kasie was happy that we got to do the climb to the top as we did not have time on the last trip. We had lunch in Pisa after the climb. Sriracha enjoyed her meal of unique eats. We took the train back to Florence and wandered the city. Every street was lit up for Christmas. Pedro was also in his element. There was gelato on every corner. ... read more
At the top of the Tower of Pisa
Pedro and Sriracha in the Tower of Pisa

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa September 30th 2018

Early morning train to Pisa, the “locale” which stops at 7 stations before Empoli and 9 stations to Pisa, with two minutes to change trains! We were movin’ fast and happy to make the trip in just under 90 minutes. Checked into our hotel, Royal Victoria, and contacted our son-in-law, Matteo, to meet up and have lunch with his sister, Magdelena, and his parents, Sergio and Laura, as well as our granddaughter Maya. They generously invited us to the beach where we had a great lunch of various seafood dishes, along with a local white wine by Grifon. Afterwards we checked out the beach and Maya and Matteo took a swim … or at least tested the waters of the Ligurian Sea. Back in Pisa with Matteo and Maya, we stopped for what everyone claims is ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa May 28th 2018

Today is a day trip to Pisa primary to see the leaning tower, and yes climb the 251 steps to the top. We had an 8:30 train, so it made for an early rise. We had enough time for a quick bite of the breakfast and some coffee. We walked to the train station since we did not have any luggage, it was about 15-minute walk, and the humidity was beginning to build. Florence has been the warmest and most humid of all the places we have been so far on this trip. With all of the walking and climbing you are basically constantly wet, but that is the price of a vacation. Overall, we have been very lucky weather wise, and the only days it has really rained was the morning of Verona and part ... read more
Looking up the center of the tower
Well walked steps up
Looking down from the top

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa October 27th 2017

Muchos vienen a Europa con su tour prepagado, vi en Florencia grupos grandes dirigidos por guías turísticos, no sea que un turista se les pierda. Sin embargo, aprendí que perderse en Florencia es mas bien una bendición, en cada esquina, en cada vuelta de callejón se encuentra algo que vale la pena ver, tomar foto o comer. Son como secretos escondidos, todo el mundo que se ha perdido en Florencia te dice, "si, en tal esquina encontré este lugar especial". Estoy en tren ahora mismo rumbo a Pisa. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa October 13th 2017

up at 630 picked up car and drove the wrong way for about 15 mins until we realised we were heading to Rome by the signs we had put piza into our GPS instead of Pisa and it came up with a name that sounded like an Italian version of piza so we were going there so we pulled over on the Autostrad in the emergency lane and changed the GPS trouble is it just said do a U turn where possible so we went off at the next exit and did a U turn in front of the Autostad pay booths and headed back towards Florence looking in our mirror for police, silly to worry no one cares about road rules here, it seams you go 20 to 30 km over whatever the sign says ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa September 26th 2017

Dag 25 – dinsdag 26 september 2017 – Aleria/Bastia/Livorno/Pisa Korte rit (75km) naar Bastia voor inscheping ferry naar Livorno, en dan nog 30km naar een camperparking in Pisa. We stonden om 12u in de haven van Bastia in de wachtlijn voor de ferry naar Livorno. 2 uur voor het vertrek zoals aanbevolen. Na de gebruikelijke controle van de reservatievouchers, kregen we nog 2 maal bezoek van de 'security' – Eenmaal blijkbaar op zoek naar verborgen passagiers, en een 2de controle voor instructies voor het afsluiten van de gasflessen voor de ijskast. Die mocht nog wel aanblijven tot bij de inscheping. Wat we nog nooit eerder zagen waren trucks die in achteruit moesten inschepen Tot wij uiteindelijk aan de beurt waren. Wij dus ook, achteruit dat donkere smalle gat in, tussen al eerder geparkeerde trucks. En dat ... read more
Bastia - ferry terminal
Bastia - ingescheept

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa September 22nd 2017

We made our crossing from Imperia to Pisa - it took a total of 21 hours as we had to divert a couple of times in the night around some thunderstorms - they gave us quite the light show & fortunately we were able to avoid them. The first third of the trip we had the wind & waves on the aft quarter so it started off well, then the wind decided to shift around coming at us in all directions. We navigated around the 1st thunderstorm & then got a 2nd one. The wind piped up to 27 knots so had to go off course to have a more comfortable sail. Finally after sunrise the winds settled down some and we had a pleasant sail - 2/3 of the trip wasn't bad at all - ... read more
An Overnight Trip from Imperia With Some "Grey" Skies
Clouds Can Look Beautiful BUT they also can
Always Enjoy the Sunrises While Sailing

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa September 17th 2017

Today we went to Pisa and Lucca Italy, they are not to far apart. Pisa is mostly the Leaning Tower and the Doma. Almost everyone there was holding up the tower. It is so much the thing to do 😴 I would NOT do it. It looks silly. Tomorrow we will take the train to Firenze (Florence ) It is a day trip from here. I did not want to drive as it would be terrible to even park anywhere. I will try to get these pics out. Lowell... read more
The Doma

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