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Dave Nelson

I am retired and living in St George, Utah. Now I just hike, Golf and travel with my wife and best friend Joanne.

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park August 17th 2019

Will our adventure is nearing the end. Yesterday we did a short hike to Alberta falls in the Bear Lake area of Rocky. I think everybody was ready for an easy day. The hike was only 2 miles with moderate elevation gain. The Falls were fantastic. The only down side was the Saturday crowds. Since we take the shuttle from the Estes Park visitor center to the park. No waiting in the mile long line at the gate. The trail was a little crowded, but it is amazing how friendly people get when you get them on a trail with beautiful scenery. One real high point was the Bull Elk sighting with a great picture opportunity. They were both resting in the trees so a picture was tough, but I managed a couple anyway. We also ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park August 17th 2019

Another late night for the Nelsons and Walkers. Last night we joined a night tour of the Stanley Hotel. The hotel was built in the early 1900s by the person who invented the Stanley Steamer. He and his twin brother developed early meat holds for taking photographs and speedier ways of developing photos. Their company was eventually bought out and became Kodak. They then built the Stanley Hotel so they could house all their guests from back east. A 40 room guest house. It real fame came in the 70s when Steven King stayed at the hotel and came up with the idea to write the Shinning. None of the movie was filmed there. A really elegant place. Today we did a 5 mile hike to Cub Lake. Lots of small ponds, meadows and hills. The ... read more
Trail to Cub Lake

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park August 15th 2019

Today was a wonderful hiking day in the Bear Lake area of Rocky. We started at the Bear Lake trail head and hiked to Emerald lake. Intermediate stops were nymph lake and Dream Lake. We also did a loop hike around Bear Lake. The hike to Emerald lake was 4 miles round trip with about 1,000 ft of elevation gain. The elevation at Emerald was a little over see10,000 ft. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. Pictures are good ,but don’t show full impact of the area. Tonight we are going into town for pizza and beer and then a tour of the Stanley Hotel. Tomorrow we are hiking to Cub Lake. See you tomorrow.... read more
Hiking around Bear Lake.
The Babe at Bear Lake
Chris at Bear Lake.

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park August 14th 2019

Hi All, Yesterday we left Stub Creek and drove to Estes Park. We are staying in a Large 3 bedroom house just across from Estes Lake. We are here with Chris and Bill Walker. Today we drove up Old Falls River Road Through Rocky Mountain National Park. It is mainly gravel, narrow, and one way. The road starts at around 8,000 ft and finishes at just under 12,000 ft. The views are nothing short of spectacular. An added bonus was the herd of elk we spotted coming down Ridge Road. We estimated about 75. We did walk to the small summit which was at 12,005 ft and the wind blowing about 60 mph And the temperature around 50. Back down in Estes Park it was in the 80’s. A great day in Rocky. Tomorrow we are ... read more
Stop on Falls River Road
The Falls.
Chris and Bill at the falls

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins August 12th 2019

Today was our last day at Stub Creek and it is going to be sad leaving. When I first arrived here at 18 it was the beginning of my life the whole world was in front of me. Now at 71 I have finally returned and most of my life is now behind me. Not that it is over, there is still a lot ahead for me. I just never realized that Stub Creek was such a milestone for me in my life. It marked the point in my life were I was really making my own way with no turning back. From that point on I was ready to carve my own way. Returning here and remembering those first days was an awakening for me and best of all I was able to share it ... read more
The Bull Moose.
Again the Bull Moose
Female Moose on Long Draw Road.

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins August 11th 2019

This morning we awoke to a cloudy almost stormy morning. My usual morning coffee on the porch was anything but usual. The squirrel and the chipmunks were very subdued, but the birds took over for the entertainment. The starlings were all over and joined by three robins scurrying around the ground looking for worms I think. Our usual hummingbird was joined by a second and a woodpecker showed up checking out all the trees in our front yard. Great entertainment with morning coffee. Today our goal was to seek out the moose that are said to be abundant in this area of Colorado. When I worked here in the late 60’s a moose sighting was very rare since the numbers had dramatically dropped. In the 70’s and 80’s a private donor funded the reintroduction of moose ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins August 10th 2019

Again we slept in this morning. We awoke to a cloudy and cooler morning today in Stub Creek. Our goal today was to find Deadman’s fire watch tower. The summer I worked at a Stub Creek I made the decision to work through the fall after my trail crew members went back to school. The first of September the Ranger, his family, and most of the maintenance crews return to Fort Collins for the winter. My goal was to enlist in the Navy by the end of the year so my decision to stay at Stub Creek was an easy one. I was on my own most of the time with my own little Jeep and access to the Dodge fire truck used for fighting small brush fire until the main fire fighters showed up. I ... read more
New neighbor. .
Not sure what is was on the road.
Deadman Tower.

North America » United States » Colorado August 9th 2019

Today was a wonderful day in Stub Creek. The skies were blue and the temperature was a little cool around 55. What a change from St George. We slept in since we had nothing on our agenda today nor any way for any one to contact us with any request or required activities. I enjoyed my coffee on the front porch and watch a squirrel at the top of one of the pine dress attempt to toss pine cones on the ground. The chipmunks were as active as always, not sure they ever sleep. We took a stroll to the back portion of the station. The only think remaining from our old bunk house was the two poles for the cloths line. The old corral was almost useable, but in need of repair. It was the ... read more
The Forest Service Office.
The neighborhood squirrel throwing acorns
The old Bunk house is gone

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins August 8th 2019

So we are now at the Stub Creek Ranger Cabin. A shorter day of driving in miles. We drove on I 70 for about 60 miles and then turned north towards Walden. The scenery was beautiful, but it was all 2 lane roads winding through the mountains. Much slower driving. We made a stop in Walden for some more groceries, gas, and lunch at the Moose Creek Cafe. Walden is about 50 miles and a hour drive to Stub Creek. The last 20 miles are dirt road just the way I remember it. The first time I drove to Stub Creek was when I was hired by the forest service for a summer job. I drove from Boulder in my 53 ford and at the time much of the road from Fort Collins was gravel. I ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Silt August 7th 2019

Well the Nelson‘s are on another adventure. We are going to do some reminiscing from my youth. Or I should say I am reminiscing and Joanne is going along to listen to my reliving those memories. While I was attending the University of Colorado in Boulder I worked a summer building trails in the Roosevelt National Forest. My base was at the Stub Creek Ranger Station which housed the local rangers family. The forest service discontinued that practice many years ago. Now the cabin can be rented out so that is were we are staying. Nearest town is Walden a good hour drive away. No TV, no Wi-Fi, no cell phone. I think this is what they call off the grid. We will see how that goes. Right now are spending the night in Silt, Colorado ... read more
Great greeting cookies
View out our hotel window. Colorado River
Riverside walking path

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