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Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige June 25th 2019

Vaporous Entities Travel ghost: A state of mind one enters a few weeks before a big trip. In this state the departure date appears as a cliff the traveler is destined to drop off of. Family and friends make plans for a future clearly visible on the other side of the canyon, but this isn't the traveler's future. His future awaits at the dark bottom of the canyon. In my case the bottom of the canyon is a cramped hotel room in Zurich. No desk clerk checked me in, no bellhop carried my bag to the room, and no concierge recommended a restaurant. Instead, I punched a code sent by a computer into a machine that looked like a Nevada gas station condom dispenser. The key to my room dropped into a tray. Willkommen in Zurich! ... read more
going down is easier.

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Bolzano September 9th 2018

We once had an exchange student for a brief weekend visit and he was from Bolzano. He said it was a beautiful city in the Italian Alps that not many people outside Italy know about. It is Tyrolean in character and totally bilingual-German and Italian. It is in the area that was ceded to Italy from Austria after WW I, then treated very badly during Mussolini’s rule. After WW II Italy tried to heal the wounds and unite this area, but it is very independent and would like to secede. In the morning we took a cable car up the mountain to Sopranolzano/OberBolzen. It is hard to describe the exquisite beauty of the day we had. The fog lifted from the mountaintops revealing clear views of the craggy Dolomites. The meadows under the cable car were ... read more
Cable car arriving at the top
0tzi -model of 5300 year old man in Museo Archeological dell’Alto Adige
Bolzano town hall

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Merano July 1st 2018

This is for the record. Kort post-factum verslag van onze maiden trip met de nieuwe motorhome naar Südtirol van 16 juni tot 30 juni 2018. 14 dagen Südtirol, Noord-Italië waar iedereen nog Duits spreekt. Meran, Bozen, Brixen. Ondertussen rijvaardigheid getest op de Brennerpass, Fernpass, en Jauffenpas. Mooie berglandschappen. Eerst was het er veel te warm, +35°C. E-biken in die hitte en de steile hellingen was zelfs niet meer gezond. Bergaf gloeiend hete remblokken, bergop adem en voltage te kort. Dus enkel schaduw en drinken bracht wat soelaas. Daarna is het beginnen regenen, hele dagen aan een stuk. Terwijl het in België hoogzomer werd. Wat valt er dan te rapporteren naar het thuisfront ? Trouwens ik had geen tijd. Bijna heel de dag wereldcup voetbal op Eén. Dus dit is mijn flauw excuus voor het niet updaten ... read more
Parking aan de Brenner
Op weg naar de Jauffenpass - 2099m
Kapelletje op de Jauffenpass

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Brixen June 20th 2018

From Verona we drove to Trento, or Trent to English speakers. This is where the Council of Trent met in the 16th century to form an agreement between the Catholic pope in the south and the Holy Roman Empire of Germany in the north. This area of Trentino and South Tyrol has changed hands so many times. 2000 years ago the Romans were here and established posts to control trade routes to the north. Then in Medieval times more Germans/Austrians moved in, and that is the predominant language here. In the 19th century, Italy finally united as a nation, but this Tyrollean area was not a part of it. In WW1, Italy at first stayed neutral but then entered on the side of France and England when promised that they could annex this region. Once it ... read more
Typical cobblestone street
Street scene in Trento
Back courtyard of the castle in Trento

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Dobbiaco September 25th 2017

We found ourselves on Day 4 of the holiday. We have ticked off Hever and that old chestnut Trier and now we are just in travelling mode. Driving through thick german forests, driving along two lane German motorways and looking over fields of apple trees and maize. It rained yet again – another cats and dogs sort of rain. At least none of it is coming in Suzy. We pass fields full of vines devoid of any grapes. The harvest is well and truly in. More and more we see the colours of Autumn on the trees.Sally Sat Nag shows us no speed limits as there are none on German motorways . You drive at whatever speed you feel comfortable at. God help you if you crash. You get the book thrown at you. And they ... read more
The rather empty ski resort
The Dolomites teeth
Bucolic cows

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Ortisei September 24th 2017

Our last day in the Dolomite Mountains, and with one cable car and one chair lift left to ride in the Val Gardena, we hit the road today at a more leisurely pace. The weather had turned a little cooler overnight, so we brought our warmer clothes just in case. We drove to the town of St Christina, and called into one of the local woodcarving retail shops. All of the items on display had been carved by craftsmen in the valley, and we purchased a few small items. It was interesting talking to the wood carver, who had spent some time living in Australia. It took the wood carver ten days to craft the figure in the blog photo. We then headed on up the hill overlooking the town, to catch the Monte Pana Chair ... read more

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Ortisei September 23rd 2017

As we had exhausted the Cable Cars, Funiculars, Chair Lifts and Travelators in Ortisei, we thought we would turn our attention to the next hapless town. We chose the town of Selva Wolkenstein, two villages further up the Val Gardena. First up we caught the cable car up to Chiampinoi, then walked a considerable distance along the plateau to the base of the imposing Langkofel Mountain. From there we caught another cable car up to the high pass between Langkofel and Plattkofel Mountains. I think this was our favourite cable car, as it was a tall narrow box just fitting two people, where Kim had to first jump in as it moved, then I had to run after it with my backpack loaded up, and jump in, and then have the door slammed on us by ... read more

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Ortisei September 22nd 2017

Or take the Cable Cars, Funiculars, Chair Lifts, and Travelators on offer at Ortisei instead. The valley in which we are staying is called the Val Gardena. We have our maps, the sun is shining, the forecast temperature for today is 17 degrees, and we are ready to climb the mountains. Our accommodation has provided us with free bus tickets for the duration of our stay, to take us into the town of Ortisei, from where we will launch our assault on the Dolomite Mountains. In the pasture next to our accommodation are two Llamas, one white and one brown. When we reached the town, we purchased a three day Gardena Pass, which provides unlimited access to Cable Cars, Funiculars and Chair Lifts in the Val Gardena region. First up we caught a Cable Car up ... read more

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Ortisei September 21st 2017

With a long drive in front of us today, Lake Bled in Slovenia to Ortisei in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy, we headed out early at 8.30am after having an early breakfast and checking out of our apartment. First stop was two small lakes just inside the Italian border, at Lago di Fusine. The conditions were perfect for photos of the mirror reflection lake with the snow capped mountains in the background. After taking a lot of pics, then having a Long Black Coffee, we jumped back in the car and headed further west to the small hillside town of San Nicolo di Comelico. San Nicolo di Comelico was featured on an episode of one of our favourite TV shows, Italy unpacked, with British art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon and Italian Chef Giorgio Locatelli. The church ... read more

We leave the Dolomites having achieved our mission. The highlight of our stay in Corvara has been the alpine plants, especially the gentian. The other memories we’ll take away with us are the stunning scenery and our wonderful accommodation. In a week from now this area will be open for the Summer holidays. We found last night that some restaurants won’t open until next week. Instead of skiers the cyclists and hikers will arrive. After reading our blogs the botanists will arrive as well. After last night’s thunderstorm somewhere in the mountains it is blue skies and sunshine. Our first challenge today is negotiating one more pass, Passo Gardena. Once over this pass we leave the Badia area and head for Bolzano. The descent out of the Dolomites has us following river valleys. We continue to ... read more
Stelvio Pass
Stelvio Pass
Stelvio Pass

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