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July 16th 2021
Published: July 16th 2021
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Two last days in Verona and the plan was go to go up to Bolzano for Sunday. I’d heard about the Ice Man Museum and we had to go. I’d read about the Ice Man when he was found and read everything I could but nothing is like seeing him, his clothing and artifacts for ourselves.

We were going to get the bus, go to the train station and take the train from Verona to Bolzano. As we walked to the bus stop, we found that there was a marathon taking place and we had to dodge runners. The street to the bus stop was blocked off to vehicle traffic.

We walked to the next bus stop and found that it was closed as well, then found that the next stop, at the Verona Arena was closed. I googled the train station and it was only another 15-min, if we hurried, we could make our train, and we did both hurry and make the train.

The train ride north was so beautiful. Bolzano is the known to be the gateway to the Dolomites. We could glimpse the high mountain peaks between beautiful green hills, vineyards and small towns. We are now most anxious to return to the Dolomites and Alps for that matter.

The city of Bolzano does not seem to be so large, but, of course, we only walked from the train station to the Ice Man Museum. The walk took us thru the oldest street. Buildings are beautifully painted, flowers hanging on the lamp posts and on the balconies.

As it was after 12 pm and we knew we couldn’t stop for food until after the museum, we opted to stop for street food, especially when the sign on the cart said that there were gluten free options. Sure enough, we had sausage in rolls, gluteny for Dale and Zaya and gluten free for me. The sausages were so good. We then had enough strength to go on down the street to see the Ice Man for ourselves.

The Ice Man Museum was amazing. To get up close to the items of clothing he was wearing and/or carrying was so incredible. Then to see Otzi up close was so great. I as amazed at how much he was carrying on him when he fell. And to see how well his clothing and articles were made, he was really quite talented.

From the Ice Man Museum, we wanted to stop for lunch. We consulted Rick Steves, who recommended Hopfin & Co, so there we found a table under an awning as it looked as if it would rain any minute. There we had German sausages and sauerkraut, cheeses. Dale had some of the best beer ever and I had some great local red wine. And yes, it did start to rain, like pour down. We hunkered down with our food and drink, as did all of the other diners. What was a little rain anyway?

The rain stopped before we finished and we went back to the train station and back to Verona. We will hopefully be back someday.

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