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Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna May 25th 2018

A few words about this series of blogs. I don’t feel that they are up to my normal standards. We have had pretty full days, and even though I have allowed time at the end of every day to do the blog entry, it just seems there has not been enough time. In reviewing the blogs, they seem to lack the depth that I normally write with, so for my readers and myself I am sorry for this. As you know I do this for a few reasons, one is so that Jerry and I will have something to look back in our golden years to remember all the places we have been the second is to hopefully inspire others to travel and experience a world outside of the US and their comfort zone. I can ... read more
The stock beginning
Stirring the Bologniase
Asapargus for the filling

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna May 24th 2018

Up a little earlier than most days as Christina and I had to go get the laundry. Yesterday, I was commenting on how quiet San Marco is before the crowds, well at 8:30, it is empty, just the deliveries being made on the canal the musicians of the larger restaurants lining the square setting up for the day, full of activity but empty of tourists. Picking up the laundry was fairly simple, grandma was working so the language barrier was an issued but we figured it all out. When we got back to the hotel, we finished packing and headed to the vaporetto stop to take our last trip up the grand canal to the train station. Traveling with our new luggage has been quite nice, the 360 wheels make it so much easier to get ... read more
Hello Bologna
Lunch in Bologna
Basilica di San Petronio

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Rimini March 29th 2018

The job, as referred to in the title, was a mission to get around mostly unfamiliar terrain in Italy in typical no-stone-left-unturned style. A flight into Bologna set the scene, and a quick zip to Bologna central station provided the first leg of the journey - an hour-long train ride to Ravenna, and the chance to experience a snapshot of what Ravenna has to offer. Not exactly firmly on the tourist radar, Ravenna is a compact enough Italian city famous for two factors - its stunning mosaics, and association with Dante Alighieri, the famed Italian writer. A breeze through the streets of Ravenna will reveal evidence of the artistic mosaic designs which decorate the interiors of a couple of prominent buildings, mausoleums and Basilicas alike. The tomb of Dante is a... read more
The 3 martyrs square (Rimini; Italy)
View of rural San Marino (San Marino city; San Marino)
Main square (Bologna; Italy)

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Comacchio September 30th 2017

We woke fairly late. I guess we still feel this holiday is the oddest we have been on so far. An unorganised one at best and one that seems to cobbled together as we have gone along and things have gone very wrong. It just does not seem to be coming together at all. We showered, we emptied the toilet and just about got ready to set off for another day. We hoped that today we would have no mishaps and then what goes and happens – we have one. I dropped a Corelle dish and smashed it to smithereens. Underneath this American product it says it is chip proof and that it is unbreakable . Well I can tell you that those words are not true as I am now minus a dish which ended ... read more
It almost looks like a back street in Venice
The monument to the caduti

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Langhirano September 28th 2017

It didn’t take us long to escape the bustle of Parma and head out to see Castello Torrichiara. A castle that Glenn had wanted to visit for a long time . Each visit had thwarted him. So this time we were making the effort to tick it off the list. We are losing a little faith in Silly Sat Nag but surely she could find a blooming big castle on top of a hill. As we drove we discussed microwaves. I have one in Suzy. It is a British thing. We like them and loved them in our motorhomes but they are only a use when on site with electricity hook up. Without the electricity they might as well be a storage cupboard. Ours looks almost brand new. You can count on one hand how many ... read more
one of its four corner towers
Walls inside the erotically painted chamber
The gateway into what must have been Biancas paradise

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Parma September 27th 2017

If you are of a certain age you most certainly will remember the 60’s. Hippies, flowers in your hair, beads and bells around your neck, kaftans and cream coloured cheesecloth shirts and skirts, multi-coloured jackets and the music. The Beach Boys inviting us to join them on Californian beaches. San Francisco seemed to be the in place to be . I never did get there but it is still on the bucket list. What about another of my favourite 60’s songs? The Mamas and the Papas with Mamma Cass belting out “ Each night before I go to bed my baby – I whisper a prayer for you my baby and the darkest hour is just before dawn”. Well sometimes I say a silent prayer to no-one in particular. Perhaps I ask for things to change. ... read more
The pink and white baptistry
The entrance to the duomo
duomo and baptistry

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna September 24th 2017

After a long 28 hours of car to train to plane to train to car we made it to Bologna. For the record Air France is a decent airline. In a sea of airline cutbacks and so-so service we found them to be efficient. The plane was one of the new jumbo liners with 2 decks. We were on the top in a 2 person row which is nice for a 10 hour flight. The food was decent and the wine down right delicious! All the train connections thru Milan went off without a hitch and here we are!!! Bologna for anyone who is an Italy lover like me should be on your next list of stopovers! It's a beautiful, walkable city. And some damn good food and wine! Lasagna here is not like at home, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Riccione September 15th 2017

It wasn't apparent to me at the start that we would be heading there, but today we finally got to see San Marino. Following the usual morning travel through city streets then up and down several (or just one? Who remembers?) hillocks, we motored along into the wind and along a false flat until we got to the moderately steep 3km climb that led to our first course (and view) for the day before descending slightly and taking a hard left to start the climb to the city itself, where those of us who had pressed on ahead paused briefly for course #2 and another quick view before the others joined us to continue up and even further (and steeper) through the cobbles amid the wandering tourists until we finally reached the high point and the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Riccione September 14th 2017

The sore throat/cold continues to work itself through our group (I may have been mistaken about contracting it in Ottawa: apparently Bobby from Connecticut arrived with it), and it hit my friend Mark from Vermont today badly enough that he chose not to ride. I awoke to find my throat improved but my chest somewhat affected; in fact I felt bad enough after breakfast that I made a late-game decision not to ride with Joe and the fast group, but instead to ride again with a group led by Micol. There wasn't supposed to be much difference between the two in terms of distance or difficulty, but I was wary of the pace at which the former would proceed on the flats. Riding with Micol also meant I would take in the wine-tasting that was to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Riccione September 13th 2017

After yesterday's Grand Tour I really didn't think it would be a good idea to go out for the hard ride proposed for the combined Limoncino and Cappuccino Super groups, so I opted for the milder Cappuccino ride. Apparently this was quite a popular sentiment, as so many people signed up for this level that they had to split us into 3 groups to make things more manageable. We had 15 in ours, and while there didn't seem to have been an official selection process our group was strong enough that I think our leader (Micol) decided to take us over a few climbs that some others avoided. Surprisingly these were steeper than I had anticipated (14-16%), albeit brief (on the order of 1-2 km), including one memorable stretch on a very trafficky and winding road ... read more

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