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Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara July 3rd 2020

When people think of the Second World War, most have images of Germany, France or Britain. Most people wanting to visit historical sites will go to the D-Day beaches or concentration camps which is understandable. I had four uncles who fought in WWII; two each from my mother’s and father’s family. My maternal uncle, Harry, served in northern Italy. Uncle Harry was 23 years 19 days old when he died. A sniper shot him in the neck and he perished a couple days later. My Uncle John had been recuperating from a wound of his own in an English hospital when he found out about his brother’s death. When he got of bed and began to dress, the nurses asked what he was doing. He politely told them he was going to kill the bastard who ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Rimini October 19th 2019

Are we RICH? In order to take a trip like this? We don’t consider ourselves rich, but we are grateful that we can afford to pay our credit card bill each month. For timely payments, Capitol One grants us options: points or cash back. We choose points. We saved until we had enough points to pay for both airline fares AND a rental car for three months. Through, we found a person to care for our dogs in exchange for a place to stay for three months. Through SERVAS, we meet people in their own environments. And when all else fails, we use to find a really cheap place to stay...we aim for under $50/night, and that often, but not always, includes breakfast. We carry a box of cereal, cheese, etc., and of course, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna October 10th 2019

Have you ever read the book Eleanor Oliphant is fine? I had never until this holiday and I made it my holiday read. What a clever book it is too. It made me laugh. I sighed a lot as what she said and thought resonated with me. At times she said what I often wished I would be able to say. So as we sat in the restaurant at Camping Citte Bologna her authors ideas came into my head. The waiter smelled awful. I wondered when was the last time he put a fresh clean shirt on? Did he ever wash? I swear he was the same waiter as the last time we were here two years ago and yes he probably was wearing the same clothes . So what does that say about the kitchen? ... read more
Monte Cassino
More from the crypt

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna August 5th 2019

Today was our final full day in Italy before our two days of travel to return to the UK. After a good breakfast, which also included cake, we headed off back to the city to follow the map we had been sent from our Tailor Made Rail. We were to start from the Neptune statue - our first port of call was the Salaborsa, once the economic centre, now a place of culture. In this building, you could see some of the old city below through a glass floor. We did do this a little later than planned, as opening times in the summer are a little later 14:30 not 10:30 when we got there. It is worth a look, however some of the glass could do with a clean to have a better look. Heading ... read more
Anatomical theatre - old university
Anatomical theatre - old university
Anatomical theatre - old university

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna August 4th 2019

As indicated in the last blog, our friends headed for the airport around 8am sadly we did not wave them off as we were still fast asleep. It had been a great couple of days together sharing the adventure. So back to the two, we enjoyed our final breakfast at the Grand Hotel des Arts - checked out, stored our bags and headed out for a final fling around Verona to soak up the excitement and see some of the set we had seen on the stage returned to its area in the square. We went back to our little cafe near the hotel for an Aperol Spritz, picked up our bags and headed to the station to catch the 14:52 train to Bologna ( only 50 minutes away by train). The train was busy although ... read more
Dinner including the famous Bolognese sauce
Neptune’s fountain
Unfinished cathedral of St Peter

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara May 31st 2019

Off to Medalena near Ferrara to Chris & Shelagh’s new pad, a wonderful house with lovely grounds and a pool. Chris was back in the UK for a few days so Shelagh greeted us as we arrived. The sun was shining so we headed into Port Garibaldi for lunch and a walk around - a nice relaxing way to start to get to know the area. We also went to the local national park where there were flamingos aplenty on the water. Next day we were to pick up Chris from Bologna airport and on the way went into Ferrara as the 1000 Miglia - the most famous car rally in Italy - happened to be using the town as a stop before heading on that evening Led in by Ferraris of various ages paying ... read more
Shelagh & Sue
1000 Miglia
1000 Miglia

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna July 2nd 2018

I am excited today, as we have booked a factory tour of the Ducati plant and Museum. Sorry there will be no photos of this, as we had to lock the camera in a locker and the phones were provided with "No Camera" stickers to cover both lenses so we could not take photos of the factory. You will have to take my word when I say that this tour is well worth the effort to see. I have been quite taken by the Scrambler range of bikes they have. These are a cross over bike with semi road tyres that would be great in a forest dirt track. The Museum on the other hand was a bit average compared with Porsche or Michelin, but a great chronology of Ducati's history. After the Museum we planned ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Parma July 1st 2018

Our first day in Bologna saw us on the "Tasty-Bus", yes that was the actual name. We had booked a full day of touring food producers, tasting their goods and buying some for Rupert and Pauline when we go to Berlin. Today was an early start we had to be in Parma by 8:45, over 1 hours drive from our accommodation. Our fist stop was to an artisan cheese factory to watch the final stages of Parmigiano-Reggiano being made, tasting the young kurds, and then a tasting of 12 month, 24 month, 36 month, and 48 month Parmigiano-Reggiano, we love the 36 month cheese is wonderful to just eat this in chunks. Next we ventured into the mountains to a family run Parma Ham factory and curing house, the father originally started the business, and has ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Maranello June 30th 2018

Today we left the lovely little town of Lezzeno and the wonderful Apartment we stayed in. This is also a sad day for Rose and I as Clarke leaves us to go to Berlin and continue her holiday with out us. We have had such a great time with her! So the first stop was Malpensa Airport and then off to Parma to get our bearings as we have an early start tomorrow and need to be at the Information Center in Parma (87km away from where we are staying) by 9:30 am. So a nice lunch in Parma and then on to the accommodation at Serramazzoni (just outside of Maranello) another gem of a spot with IllyCaffe machine for me... We will walk the 200 meters to dinner tonight and be up early in the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna June 11th 2018

A brief 7.5 hour flight from JFK and we will be in Rome! Cathy and I arrived from Detroit on time to JFK in the domestic terminal. Since we were lucky enough to have our bags checked through to Rome we did not have to go through baggage claim, but we did have to leave the sterile area in the domestic terminal and walk to terminal 1 and go back through security. The lines were indeed long but the TSA was efficient in moving people along. Cathy and I sped through, no problem and we headed out to Gate 9 for our 4:25 PM flight to Rome. We found the gate, and since we had 2 hours decided to get a bite to eat. We walked from one end of the terminal to the other, pushing ... read more
Santa Marie Maggorie Cupola
Santa Marie Maggorie Holy Door
Santa Marie Maggorie  main Altar

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