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Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ravenna April 17th 2015

In mid-March I got on a train with few belongings and fewer expectations. To set off so unburdened confers a freedom I have sought to replicate in my life over and over again: the freedom of travel. On this day, success. We set off early in the morning in a group of six: my family of four, a student, Katie, and our R.A., Matt, on a train bound for Bologna. I stepped off the train at Ferrara, alone, and sent them on their way. Once on another train, this one headed to Ravenna, I found that feeling of utter freedom steal over me. I had no responsibilities for the moment, and was bound by nothing but my own whims and desires. I was, briefly, a traveler once again. The Italian countryside unfurled before me as the ... read more
Floor of St. Vitale
Floor mosaics
S. Vitale apse mosaics

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna November 23rd 2014

You’ll remember my posts from 2013 when within one month I decided to visit Hungary and Italy. Scorching hot yet laced with the winds of change that were to reveal themselves through the months that were to come. And so this year, when life found me visiting those same two countries again, amidst a mild European winter, I reflect on just how much has happened since my last visit. My inner journey has taken me farther than any passport ever will and for that I am grateful. First stop: Italy. A place so passionate about food will never fail to lure me to its land over and over. So this time I went to Bologna, armed with a couple of foodie friends and carefully drawn out maps marking the best eateries in the city. I also ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Riccione October 10th 2014

On our third day in Italy we woke up late but rested and calm after an adventurous luggage attack. We went to Riccione south of Bologna passing Pesaro. Pesaro with its 2 lane streets encoved with farms, vineyards and factories is a mixed of Agri -Tech town. We weren't able to stop but from below we can see the Castle on top of a mountain, they said that the temperature there is really cold. Though it was a quick glimpse of Pesaro I was able to visualize the everyday living of a typical working Italian. Trucks by the farms, trailers by the factories and baskets by the vineyards. Then we reached Riccione for an early dinner. Riccione the land of the Rich Italians in Rimini, was also considered the summer capital of the Emilia-Romagna region of ... read more
Welcome to Riccione
Il Bosco Della Pioggia

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Imola October 9th 2014

We arrived in Imola early Thursday morning from Bologna, the sun was shinning brightly and we are ready for another adventure. A STOLEN LUGGAGE... the part where the Not So Perfect Italian Adventure happened... Yes, you read it right our luggage were stolen in the land of Imola, Italia. Here's the story. Second day in Italy we decided to attend a Machine show in one of machine manufacturer's of our company, we drove 30 minutes from Bologna to Imola. Since we are too early to check-in, in our hotel we decided to go straight to the event, we arrived around 10:00am. We parked in the company's open parking space 20 meters away from the main entrance in a nearby Security cabin, we even saw company workers parking their cars in a hurry to get to work. ... read more
Hostaria 900
The scene of the Crime..parking lot

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna October 8th 2014

Travelling Europe has always been my dream and it came true. Perseverance is the key in achieving your dreams and I can say I did all my best and it finally happened. One year of planning, day dreaming and it paid of with Editions after Editions of a Not So Perfect Italian Trip. It was planned as a business trip but it turned out to be the most exciting Birthday Month Trip I ever had, my Birthday Bucket List was full and all were crossed out one happy day at a time and I can never be thankful enough. P.s. Cannoli- aside from being my favorite Italian dessert that I searched all over my Italian trip, it is also my nickname for the travel pillow, the one that you put around your neck so your head ... read more
Welcome to Bologna

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Modena October 8th 2014

The same day that we landed in Milan headed to Bologna we passed by Modena. Excited for the planned trip to Museo Ferrari - Maranello. Currently, I live in Abu Dhabi where another part of the Ferrari World was situated in Yas Island 20 minutes from my house, in the UAE Ferrari cars were an everyday sight. BUT being in the land where Ferrari was born is totally different. Travelling to Modena passing all Ferrari signs I wasn't able to feel any jet-lag am not tired, am just excited! Along the way the first Ferrari car emerged in Black color, then another in Red, all unwavering the small streets of Italy. We parked across the street in front of the Museum where a Ferrari car welcomed us crashed between steel bars. The Ferrari horse shined in ... read more
Ferrari and Steel bars
Museo from across the street

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Misano Adriatico September 15th 2014

Where have the last two weeks gone? Perhaps now is the right time to do a precis of the holiday so far. It has been a funny one. We have felt we haven’t reached our destination but then where is our destination. You could say it should be Croatia but we may not get here due to poor weather next week. The long range forecast gives thunder and more rain. You could see each place we do to means we have reached our destination. We have been on the road 14 days and have travelled over 2000 miles. We have stayed at a number of campsites ranging from large and crammed in to tiny ones where we have been the only motorhome. The weather has been largely poor for this time of year. Most years we ... read more
MotoGP 2014 Misano Adriatico
Memorial to the late Marco Simoncelli
Moto GP

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna August 24th 2014

Italians don't understand queueing. Having arrived in Italy on very little sleep it was a challenge to make it to our train from Ancon to Bologna on time. We hadn't anticipated that the queue to get off the ferry and through passport control would be quite so chaotic. However, with 20 minutes before our train was due to leave we made it through and attempted to find the bus stop which would take us there (we knew it was a 20 minute walk so had given up on that idea), but without success. We finally jumped into a taxi and, for once in my life, I'm grateful that Italians are such crazy drivers. After a slightly hair - raising but oh - so - smooth ride, we got to the station with time to spare. Amazing! ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Rimini August 7th 2014

After a long travel from Lithuania, finally we reached Italy. My purpose was to visit Rimini. Rimini is a really artistic city with ancient Roman and Renaissanse monuments, this city is the hometown for well-known film director Federico Fellini. When I arrived in this city, I noticed, what it's is really vibrant. A lot of people, lights and sounds. The city itself is really diverse, because in daytime Rimini is peaceful and silent place, but at night Rimini shows the other side. In the daytime I enjoy the spellbinding view of Rimini. Firsly, I visit Malatesta Temple. It was built in around 1450, by Leon Battista Alberti. I really interested in Romanesque style, so it was nice to visit one more building built in this style. Another object I visited was The Arch of Augustus. It ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna July 22nd 2014

So, the last solid thing on my "to-do list" for this trip was to hike in the Cinque Terre on Italy's northwest coast. Last Wednesday, I set out from Pisa to conquer the trails. There are four separate trails connecting the "five lands" and I ambitiously planned to hike them all. However, with a slow start to the day, by the time I got to the northernmost town of Monterosso, it was 2 pm. This timing combined with high heat and some difficult ascents on the first trail left me DONE after those first 3.5 kilometers. But hey, 3.5 difficult, hot kilometers in 1:10 ain't bad! And in that gorgeous setting, every drop of sweat was worth it. So after eating and gelato-ing in town #2 of Vernazza, I hopped on the train and made my ... read more
Cinque Terre

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