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Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara July 3rd 2020

When people think of the Second World War, most have images of Germany, France or Britain. Most people wanting to visit historical sites will go to the D-Day beaches or concentration camps which is understandable. I had four uncles who fought in WWII; two each from my mother’s and father’s family. My maternal uncle, Harry, served in northern Italy. Uncle Harry was 23 years 19 days old when he died. A sniper shot him in the neck and he perished a couple days later. My Uncle John had been recuperating from a wound of his own in an English hospital when he found out about his brother’s death. When he got of bed and began to dress, the nurses asked what he was doing. He politely told them he was going to kill the bastard who ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara May 31st 2019

Off to Medalena near Ferrara to Chris & Shelagh’s new pad, a wonderful house with lovely grounds and a pool. Chris was back in the UK for a few days so Shelagh greeted us as we arrived. The sun was shining so we headed into Port Garibaldi for lunch and a walk around - a nice relaxing way to start to get to know the area. We also went to the local national park where there were flamingos aplenty on the water. Next day we were to pick up Chris from Bologna airport and on the way went into Ferrara as the 1000 Miglia - the most famous car rally in Italy - happened to be using the town as a stop before heading on that evening Led in by Ferraris of various ages paying ... read more
Shelagh & Sue
1000 Miglia
1000 Miglia

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara May 18th 2017

Buon giorno! Hier, on a passé la journée dans la ville de Ferrara, inscrite a l'Unesco (on l'aime, nous autres, Unesco, on trouve qu'il a de goûts pas pires), On a pris le train de Bologne et 30 minutes plus tard, on débarquait a Ferrara! C'est le fun, l'Europe, c'est tellement facile de se rendre d'une place a l'autre. C'est tout le contraire de l'Amérique, ou il nous faut une auto a la moindre occasion. Et ici, on n'en voit pas, des gros pick up comme en Floride! Juste des petites voitures qui passent partout, même dans les petites rues étroites qui semblent piétonnes, haha. Bref. Ferrara. On a beaucoup aimé! Quelle jolie ville au coeur médiéval rempli de petites rues charmantes (dont la delle volte, la plus vieille, tellement jolie, on se croirait dans Game ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara October 28th 2016

Heute bin ich ja nach Ferrara gefahren. Auch das wieder problemlos. Ich habe mir wieder einen Parkplatz ausgesucht und ins Navi eingegeben, aber leider war bei meinem Smartphone schon nach 2 Stunden Navi-Betrieb der Akku leer. Etwa 5 Km vor dem Ziel. Zum Glück war der Parkplatz halbwegs ausgeschildert. Also ich habe heute Abend nochmals ein paar Apps deinstalliert und werde mich ansonsten auf die Suche nach einem neuen Smartphone machen müssen. Immerhin hat es über 5 Jahre gehalten. Leider steht mein Handy-Vertrag erst im nächsten Sommer zur Verlängerung an. Ferrara war das letzte von 6 weiter vom Gardasee entfernten Zielen. Mailand war nicht dabei, weil ich dort eben 2003 schon ein mehrwöchiges Projekt gemacht habe und vielleicht fahre ich nächstes Jahr über Zürich und durch den Gotthardtunnel nach Mailand und weiter nach Neapel. Das wäre ... read more
Castello Estense.
Palazzo del Diamanti.
Porta Paula.

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara October 15th 2016

Tag 66 - Ferrara Wir hatten beschlossen, unser freies Wochenende zu nutzen, um nach Ferrara zu fahren. Zwei Stunden dauerte die Fahrt dort hin; das bedeutete viele Serpentinen, zwei Mautstellen, italienisches Radio und eine französische Navistimme. Als wir schließlich am Piazzale Castellina parkten, um unser Hostel anzuschauen, konnten wir es erst nicht finden. So fragten wir erst in einem kleinen Kiosk und riefen dann unseren Vermieter, Raffaele, an. Dieser ging jedoch nicht ans Telefon. Kurz darauf entdeckten wir dann doch den Eingang der Nummer 1, doch auch auf unser Klingeln bekamen wir keine Reaktion. Nun, suchten wir uns eben erst einmal eine Kleinigkeit zu Essen. Nachdem wir an einigen Cafés vorbei gegangen waren, die nicht allen Ansprüchen entsprachen, fanden wir schließlich ein geeignete Cafeteria. Ich bestellte ein Piadino Vegetariano, eine Art Wrap mit Tomate-Mozz... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara May 30th 2012

As usual we woke early before anyone else on the site woke. We have not got into sleeping late yet.We prefer to get up make a cup of tea or coffee, have breakfast slowly and then move on. Our next destination in the footsteps of Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia in the castle Estense in Ferrar. We parked up on a huge car park near to the city walls. It was guesswork trying to work out if you paid or if it was free parking. We found the white parking spaces which usually are free but we overhung the box with Suzy . However we were not too worried as others were doing the same and upon speaking to them they assured us the parking was indeed free. From the car park we had a half mile ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara September 19th 2008

19 Sept 2008 With our last day in the area, we decided to have a look a the Castell Estense in Ferrara. After the usual nightmare of finding a park, which in this instance would have been easier with Ferrara's directions for carparks if only they hadn't been full, we walked in to the castle. Complete with a moat, cannon balls, dungeons and a tower to climb it was great for the kids, apart from the (for them anyway) boring bit in the middle where mum and dad were again staring at the ceiling a lot. The painting, frescoes were great (not a par with others we've seen, but still worth the visit), with a strong theme of infants doung various activities and lots of unclothed men and women in sporting endeavours (greco-roman wrestling, that type ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara June 29th 2008

Rimini, which was our stop prior to this one, was nice, but a tad bit too hot for our blood since it was situated right on the coast. With this proximity to the ocean the city was extremely humid. We arrived off the beautifully air conditioned train to enter the swealtering heat, a scortching 38 degrees which even Danielle was not excited for, and ever since then we have been dripping in sweat at all times! Rimini is nice but quite a change from Florence, it was much hotter, near the ocean, and catored to a far different breed of tourists. Instead of loaded tourists, honeymooners, and art enthusasists from North America, we found Italians and other Europeans looking for some sun on the very crowded but really long beaches of Rimini. This meant that though ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara June 17th 2008

After waking up, shuttling a luggage over to Fabio's place on the back of my bike (mind you tied on with the strap from Dad's bag), and having some breakfast, we finally set out on foot in Ferrara. We start on our way to Piazza Ariostea, but we end up meeting up with our dear Fulvio, who is studying tourism -- the perfect tour guide! We decided to change plans and we walked to the oldest street in Ferrara, Via delle Volte. After a little bit more site seeing around town, to name one the Duomo/Cathedral, we go to "Brindisi" bar, which Fulvio informs us just so happens to be the oldest enoteca in Europe, which was established in 1435. I don't know how many times I had passed by this bar (as it is on ... read more
Via delle Volte
Via della Volte
the Lion at the Duomo

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Ferrara June 16th 2008

The time had come... my parents finally made it to Ferrara to see what I've actually been up to for over half a year now... They showed up in the Bologna airport, with Fabio and I anxiously awaiting their arrival... only they were met up with bad news... lost luggage!!! We dealt with it, and finally made it into Ferrara by way of train. We got into the hotel, and got ready for dinner with my host family. By the time all of this had happened, it was already time to meet up with my host family to have some delicious food! We first had a bit of an aperitivo outside in the garden under the gazebo, a bit of prosecco with some snacks. We then made it upstairs to have an appetizer of pork with ... read more
Fabio & Me

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