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Europe » Italy » Campania July 4th 2003

Arriving in Naples and Ruins of Pompeii Started the day way early in the morning, we caught our morning train at 6:49 am. As we were heading even more south, the weather was promising: blue sky, hot humid air, and beautiful panorama. We didn’t have a proper breakfast, so as soon as we arrived at Napoli Centrale at 9:30 am, we stormed in into the first breakfast place in the sight: McDonalds. I was surprised to see many Asian tourists here in McDonalds and Naples in general. We rode the 10:41 pm Circuvesuvia Train to Pompeii from Naples for €2.20, which considers to be expensive here. Pompeii is a tourist haven; there are many tourist booths selling souvenirs, Pompeii books in all languages you could think of, and colorful t-shirts. Beyond the hassle at the entrance, ... read more
Ruins of Pompeii
Pompeii frescoes
Citta di Positano

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples September 5th 2002

From Rapallo we travelled onto Pisa, toured Rome, before arriving in Naples. We stayed a couple of days in the small coastal town of Sorrento near Naples (lovely place), and were looking to commence our travels once more. The plan this time was that we would catch an overnight train from Naples to Florence, and so saving money on a hotel, as well as time travelling. But this was not good enough for a couple of master budget savers like us. No, we would go one step further and not book an overly expensive sleeper ticket, but instead catch a standard train, and sleep in the virtually deserted carriage that, in the middle of the night, it would “obviously” be. Before catching the train that evening we had spent the day climbing Mt Vesuvius and investigating ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples June 7th 2002

Naples is pretty dirty and third world, but the sloppy pizza is a treat and there are cleaner coastal towns to visit, and of course the ruins at Pompeii which are as fascinating as one would expect.... read more
Pompeii Ruins2 2002
Pompeii Human Cast 2002

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples May 20th 2002

Approached the ferry building/dock hours before departure. A lone traveler was sitting there, waiting for the ferry to Sardinha. He was a German, who was traveling by bicycle. I envied his independence. If I had the time, I would have gone with him. But time restraints would only allow me to go one place or another, and I had to return to Palermo. Had been there a few years earlier when a friend of mine took me from one side Sicily to the other... but it was a rushed trip, and I knew I needed to return when I was on my own. This was the time. So I bought a one way ticket (about €40 if I remember correctly) Cabins were all sold out, so it was steerage for me. If you want a cabin, ... read more
Bay of Naples
Last glimpse of Naples (for now!)

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento April 18th 2001

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples September 28th 1974

Day 16 Saturday Patricia Dorsey Murphy Pisa Italy & Nice, France Went to Pompeii first thing in the morning and walked with the Italian guide. Went to a cameo factory and headed off. Stayed in a crummy hotel …Shared bath with Mother and Daddy Dianne Dorsey Parker Gilbreath Place: Pisa, Italy Weather: good - clear Left Sorrento early in AM and headed to Pompeii. This was unbelievable - Beautiful city that was completely covered by eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Went to Cameo Factory at foot of mountain where cameos are made. Then had a very long drive on to Pisa. The country was beautiful. The Appies Mountains were beautiful with Mediterranean Sea on other side and mountains on other. When we arrived in Pisa, we had the loudest hotel so far. Boy! Shared ... read more
Pompeii Ruins

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 27th 1974

Day 15 Friday Patricia Dorsey Murphy 27 Sept 74 Sorrento, Italy Nice Drove from Rome to Naples. Traffic rotten. Got on a hydrofoil to Capri. Rode on a wild bus up to Annacapri and looked at the beautiful sight. Quite a place. Made one shot of the sea. Took a steamer back to Sorrento and staying in the Grand Rivera. Nice hotel. Ate dinner and went to town for a couple of hours..bought an inlaid box and ring. Leave for Pompeii and Pisa tomorrow. Dianne Dorsey Parker Gilbreath Place: Naples & Sorrento, Italy Weather: good - warm & clear Left Rome early and arrived in Naples about noon. Traffic is crazy here and always backed up. Finally arrived at port and boarded hydro foil and went to the Isle of Capri. Trip over made me a ... read more
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