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Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei April 3rd 2012

Unfortunately, our stay in Amalfi was all too short. We had to depart early today for a long drive to Firenze. Our plan was to take the Autostrada all the way to Firenze, which is about 540km along the A1, and arrive by 5:30pm. But if that wasn't enough, we wanted to stop in to see the ancient ruins of Pompei beneath Mt Vesuvius. After drinking almost two bottles of wine from this region, it was the least we could do. While we tried to leave early, we couldn't. The streets (I use this term loosely) of Amalfi are closed until 8:30am to ensure the school children have a safe passage to school. So we were on the road by 8:45am for the return journey through the crazy coastal road. We must have been passed by ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei February 20th 2012

Hello! We're getting around quite fast now and are noticing big differences in the weather the further south we go! The last time i update we were in Melk in Austria, which like i said, was very nice as we had the hostel for 3 nights for our crazy 1 year anniversary. Had a lovely meal out with a bottle of wine... which i may, or may not have seen again in reverse later that night..... After our time here we headed toward an area called Mauthausen in which there was a preserved concentration camp (a forced labour one) which we visited for £1 each... crazy. The camp was amazing, only some of the barracks had been destroyed, the rest was how it was when it was in use, but was very hard to imagine the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei October 20th 2011

Wanted to start the day off heading up to Mountain Vesuvius and get a good view of the city but that didnt happen cause it looked like it was going to rain and there was clouds around the mountain. I just headed to the ruins and grabbed a bite to eat on the way. I love history and I wish I paid more attention to world history when I was in 7th grade in Ms Gardners class (i think that was the teachers name) Anyways I love to sit and think how many people have sat here or walked through this path especially when Im in Philly. Hope that makes sense. So I went through the back entrance and there was barely anyone around. I walked through the streets with out a map having no clue ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei October 18th 2011

i have SO much to write! this past weekend we went to naples, capri, and pompeii and it was the greatest weekend of my life! i am so lucky to get to do all these awesome things and go all these beautiful places, i will be forcing my kids to study abroad when theyre in school, this is literally the best time ever. so friday morning we left for naples around eight am, i think it took about four hours. i slept a lot of the way so it wasnt too bad. we were supposed to go to pompeii first on friday but since it was raining we went to naples (which was originally sundays plan). well lets just say im glad we got the worst part of the weekend out of the way first. when ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei October 18th 2011

So early, AHHH, This is now the earliest I have woken up on the trip. 5 am. beep beep beep beep. I pretty much froze my ass off all night in my bed and I slept full clothed with a beanie on. Got the taxi and headed to the Airport. First flight goes to Munich... delayed taking off since there was to much fog in Munich. I don't remember when we took off since I passed out on the plane and woke up landing in Munich. Since the delay occurred I had 20 minutes to go through passport check and then get to my other gate. Get to the gate and Delayed. Finally got on the flight around 930 and again don't remember taking off or landing. Just woke up at the airport. Met two nice ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei September 16th 2011

Since I read about Vesuvius, sometime back in school, I wanted to visit Pompeii, the city built in shadow of a volcano and then burried in ashes of one of the biggest volcanic explosion in written history. Its a short train ride away from Napoli. The ruins of city are quite well preserved. Its all been dug out and just walking through the ruins, its hard to imagine that it was burried under tonnes of ash. Some of the houses also have paintings on wall. You can clearly see some places that could be restaurants. We heard some of the stories that guides were telling, they seemed very telltaly, hard to believe they figured all the details out from the ruins! We also saw the famous the petrified bodies which are suppose to be preserved perfectly ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei September 8th 2011

Today we signed up for a crew tour and visited the ruins of Pompeii. From the second you enter the site you know its going to be something different, as parts of it have been restored but most of it is original, right down to the slates on the roofs and the paint on the walls. Its somewhere I'd always heard about and never thought I would go, so to actually walk round it was amazing. The whole city is pretty much intact, with the exceptions of the roofs, so you can walk down the streets and see all the houses, shops, public facilities etc and see how similiar it is to todays cities. We even saw the Roman version of Mcdonalds and a whore house (complete with oversize willy's on the outside). Even little things ... read more
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Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei July 18th 2011

I’ll start in reverse, firstly The Chavvy. For those of you not familiar with the term chavvy or chav let me explain, there is no oxford dictionary definition but if there was it would go something like this. Chav-a person who wears some type of imitation designer label shirt with the name of that label written over the shirt in the biggest writing possible so to let others know what they are wearing “a designer”, often accompanied with this is a baseball cap worn at 45 degrees of the angle it should actually be worn at and several items of cheap looking jewellery. Chavs are usually heard before they are seen as they are usually accompanied by some form of rap/hip hop music being played from their phone or if they are a more ‘up market’ ... read more
The Marina entrance to Pompeii
Pompeii ruins
A pregnant woman

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei July 17th 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011 Visit to Pompeii... read more
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Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei July 7th 2011

Sunday 19th June 2011 Sorrento to Pompeii Short ( in theory ) drive from Sorrento to Pompeii where the campsite is within two minutes walk of the ancient city. However we had not factored in the fact that what seemed like the whole population of Naples had decided that it would be a good day to go to the seaside. Even though we were headed toward Naples the ensuing chaos affected traffic flow in both directions. Particularly fascinating were the scooters and motorcycles that wove in and out of the congested traffic at speed often missing oncoming vehicles by inches. Normal traffic rules do not appear to apply here. In one spot traffic joining from the right and turning left across the carriageway appeared to assume right of way and when challenged by me edging forward ... read more
Pompeii Baths
Pompeii fresco
Pompeii Theatre

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