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Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei May 6th 2023

There was no lemon juice for breakfast, freshly squeezed or otherwise. There were a lot of cakes though, so I was very happy, despite it not being in the league of the hotel in Gibraltar (see ). I did particularly love the homemade marmalade, although it was made from the usual oranges rather than lemons. We were woken up art 7.00am by someone tidying the gardens with the world's loudest leaf blower, but it wasn't then long before we were planning to get up anyway, as the plan for today was to go to Pompeii. This, to be honest, was the main reason for coming here. We had been reliably advised that the best way to get from Sorrento to Pompeii is by train so we headed to the train station, which was only about a ... read more
Hotel Breakfast
Unofficial Ticket Office
The Forum and Mount Vesuvius

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei June 24th 2021

In college I studied archology for a time, one of several majors. I still love archology and have built this trip around various ancient sites, so it was only natural that we would have to go to Pompeii. I wanted to see Pompeii during my trip here 6 years ago but was so disappointed to have to miss it. We were not going to miss it this time. We hopped a high-speed train in the morning and about 1 hour later we arrived in Naples train station where we had to get onto a commuter train that would take us to the site of the ruins. This was well and good except that we only had 2 minutes to get down to the next track after buying our tickets. We ran down to the track and ... read more
Items Excavated plus the remains of a child
Mt. Vesuvius thru the arch
Zaya was cooking up a storm for her line of customers

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei September 15th 2019

Day 10 : Sunday 15 September 2019 : Pompeii A day at Pompeii (€48). After so much confusion about the trains, which was simple, just very poor communication from a tour guide, we made a run for another train and headed off. Packed again, but the old Italian busking men made it interesting. Can’t explain Pompei, but such well preserved ruins and town. You can understand how the town was laid out and how shops were presented, the roads are still in tact. Amazing and definitely hot but we knew that. Decided to shout ourselves dinner at the Grand Marina on the water with as much seafood as we might desire (€70) Seafood = squid, fried whitebait .... Fried fish means fried whitebait (the small ones with bones, head etc) which Ella was very unimpressed about. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei September 11th 2019

Ilaria and Antonia picked us up at 8am for our journey to Pompeii. Pompeii had been a port town in ancient times and was destroyed progressively over about 3 days of volcanic action. We went past the ancient rock tombs and into the theatre, bathhouse, House of Menander, brothel and city square. After a 20 minute drive, we arrived at Sorrentino winery for lunch. We had courses with matching wines, starting with a sparkling white wine, then an antipasto platter with a flat white, a light red and then a heavier red with spaghetti with Napoletano sauce and dessert was a pound cake with apricot sauce. Herculaneum was a short drive and had been destroyed quickly in a cataclysmic eruption, where the town was buried with mud and lava. As we approached the entrance, we could ... read more
190911 7 Pompeii lizard
190911 8 Pompeii street
190911 9 Pompeii street

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei October 12th 2018

Day 6 - Pompeii - One the most famous Roman sites in the world, but Pompeii was just another Roman seaside resort until Mount Vesuvius erupted. Thousands of people has been killed and the whole city was buried under a blanket of volcanic ash, forgotten until it was unearthed by explorers 1800 years later. Preserved like a photo of Roman life frozen in time. We arrive at Pompeii, and the first thing you notice is its size. Although no one knows for sure, it’s estimated that 20,000 people lived here and the archaeological site covers over 100+ acres, so you could easily spend a week wandering around it all. The tour guide was so good that it brought the history around us to life. The layer of ash did an amazing job of preserving the details ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei March 14th 2018

Now in Italy for the last 3 weeks of our winter escape. As our friend Lorraine says, "2 of my best friends are Italian...pasta and vino!" We would add a third friend, pizza! Pompei has always been on Marlene's wish list (having taught about it in geography classes) so we started there with 4 nights in a hotel right by the walls of the old city that was destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 AD. We did it right and hired an archaeologist/guide; with just one other couple it was a very personalized tour and Lello kept us involved with many questions of what we thought we were seeing along the way. The following day we took the local train into Naples to visit the Archeological Museum where all of the treasures and artifacts recovered when Pompei ... read more
Vesuvius looms
Horse hitches

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei January 3rd 2018

Für heute hatte ich einen Großkampftag geplant. Nämlich Power-Sightseeing. Der Vesuv, Pompeji und die Amalfiküste. Nach dem Frühstück ging es gleich los und ich bin zu meiner Autovermietung. Dort bekam ich mein Auto, aber nicht wie gewünscht das Navi. Ich kann natürlich mein Smartphone benutzen, wie ich das gemacht habe. Aber wenn man das den ganzen Tag macht und auch noch Fotos schießt, geht das sehr auf den Akku. Denn ich hatte kein Autoladegerät und auch keine Halterung dabei. Aber na gut. So ging es heute auch. Zweites kleines Problem: wie schon einmal bei einem angemieteten Auto in Schottland war der Tank fast leer, so dass ich zuerst eine Tankstelle suchen musste. Glücklicherweise habe ich die auch bald gefunden. Mein erstes Ziel war der Vesuv. Ich war mir zuvor nicht sicher, ob ich die Straße hinauf ... read more
Auf dem Vesuv.
Aussicht vom Vesuv auf Neapel.
Positano an der Amalfiküste.

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei October 20th 2017

Well last day in Italy, undecided what to do at first but then decided to go to naples leave our bags at station and have a good look round, train journey was only 25 minutes and it's where we were flying out from this evening. Big mistake, what an awful place, very run down and lots of cars rooting horns constantly, walked through a few markets and sat and had a quick bite to eat but apart from that there was nothing else to do, luckily the weather was glorious so we ended up sitting outside a little cafe outside the station and just soaked up the suns rays before hitting freezing cold England again. Sat for a while but when we got propositioned by a very old, very ugly, very scruffy man we thought it ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei October 19th 2017

Well after a surprisingly good night sleep we headed of to the train station to see where we could spend today, not a lot more to do in Pompeii, think it's more a place where they bring you on excursions to see the ruins. After a lot of deliberation (1 minute) we jumped in the train to Sorrento, 40 minute trip, €10 for 2 return, not bad going. Very pleasantly surprised, what a lovely place, we decided to have breakfast! More like a 3 course meal, there was everything, bacon, sausage you name it and all for €12, don't think we'll eat again today. Had a walk up & down the narrow streets browsing in the shops, me looking for a swimming costume Kelley looking for a coat??? Weather was lovely??? Walked down to the harbour, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei October 18th 2017

Well after not a good nights sleep, very noisy outside and certainly not an airbnb I would recommend we headed off to the airport for flight to Naples, last leg of tour, a good flight 1 hour followed by shuttle bus to centre and then train to Pompeii, was cheap but took a few hours, had problem finding our hotel, the boutique Pompeii hotel, oh dear we have now renamed it 'The Bates Motel' the first room they give us was a double room with double bed & words cannot describe the shower area! Put it this way! What is privacy?? After asking to be moved we then got a room with a double bed and a bunk bed & im sure it's on the slip road of a very busy motorway (not looking forward to ... read more

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