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Europe » Italy October 1st 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Woke up before the alarm, 4:30 ish... Fell asleep at 10 last night so that's actually a pretty good nights sleep for me. Didn't have to rush to get ready. Did the usual morning routine and left the apt at 7:04, walked to the bus stop and waited till 7:20. He came right on time, got to the train station and hopped right on the bus to get to the airport, it sat there till 7:30 and we arrived at the airport at about 10 till 8.You have to scan your boarding pass before you even can go to security at a pass through similar to the metro. The man wanted me to check my bags but I convinced him to let me try to carry them on as I carried them on here... ... read more
2nd breakfast...still bored!

Europe » Italy September 30th 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Good day here started off with the test right away! I did o.k., the passata prossimo not so much, but it was just introduced this week and I need more than a couple of days to get a big concept like that, so I didn't feel bad about it! The rest did well on, so I am happy ;-).Afterward, the owner, just like last Friday cooked a nice lunch for anyone that wanted to join in. Photos on the side, again very good, he's a great chef!Our little gang went to the cafe next door for our last "caffe" together, another gal joined us, she's from Chicago, it was nice to talk to an American in American English! It was sad to say goodbye to my new friends and we all promised to keep ... read more
Our little diverse group!
Lunch in the kitchen with students & teachers

Europe » Italy September 29th 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Hello all,I'll be keeping this short and sweet (?) I've been studying for about 5.5 - 6 hours for my test tomorrow. This is the first language school I've been to that has one... So not studying for a good grade but hopefully to not totally bomb it! Anyway, it was a great review of the past two weeks and I"m hoping it 'sticks'. After classes today, our little group of 3 went to lunch and J___ and I shared a pizza, it was a 4 seasons pizza, forgot to take a picture. But it was divided into quarters and one had mushrooms, one artichoke, one prosciutto and the last another kind of meat of unknown specificity! (Is that a word??) it's now 11:32 and I'm ready for bed! We enjoyed the olio picante ... read more
This light was connected to the hospital

Europe » Italy September 28th 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492A really good, busy, and tiring day today! Off to school, as usual, more new large concepts to learn, each day this week has been a new major concept, such as past tense, I really need more than one day to digest this one...plus all the other things.... Anyway, hopefully when I get home I'll continue with my Rosetta Stone program and will be able to retain this stuff!As mentioned yesterday a few other students and I were planning on going for lunch. It turned out to be off and on during class time and then it was decided it was "on". So off we went in search of the trattoria recommended by one of our teachers, we found it just fine and it was about a 15-minute walk from the school. A tip ... read more
Lunch that J___ and A___ had
My traditional Spaghetti Alla Ragu (Bolognase)

Europe » Italy September 27th 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Hello,TravelPod has emailed and said that the problem was all theirs and that people should now be able to post comments. Please comment, it's so nice to hear from anyone that is reading this!Today, went to school, again a bit of a brain bender, I sure hope this is helping the little gray cells stay healthy.... Stayed for the extra hour of class, which was grammar, good class, and all the seats were filled. Made plans with J___ and A____ along with another student, Y____ the Japanese gal that is married to an Italian, to go to a good trattoria tomorrow after class for lunch. I want to try some authentic Bolognese spaghetti, it's actually not called that, that is what we call it... When you order, you order spaghetti a Ragu (meat sauce) ... read more
Interesting paintings
Courtyard of Santo Stefano
Soldiers killed on the Russian Front

Europe » Italy September 26th 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Monday again, definitely a hard couple of classes today. My brain gets frustrated with the constant strain of trying to go back and forth translating Italian into English and English into Italian. Passed up the extra conversation class that was going to be 2 hours this afternoon as my brain couldn't handle any more! Was talking with the graduate student and her husband this afternoon and they were saying the same thing, It actually gets hard to remember the English words for things after awhile, I thought it was just me but I guess that is normal... In the past when I've returned home it takes me a bit to get the right words sometimes at least I'm not going crazy...It was a good day though, I'm definitely learning a lot, I think the ... read more
Dog photo
And again
A nun talking to a small crowd

Europe » Italy September 25th 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Just finished the entry for yesterday, it's been a lazy day so far. It's Sunday morning, had every intention of sleeping in and woke up at 6:15... Oh well... Talked with Jim for a bit as it was Saturday night there so that was nice. Was very slow in getting my shower, making my breakfast...Read my Bible and really miss going to church, hard to believe a week from now I'll be home and will be going there (although we'll see about that with the jet lag). Wow, a hundred years ago a trip like this would last months just because it took weeks if not months to get to your destination, next week it will take me less than 20 hours to get home.... Amazing how things have changed in such a short ... read more

Europe » Italy September 24th 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Home of Taming of the Shrew and yet not a shrew in sight! Didn't see a mention of this or of Shakespeare here, unlike in Verona where we saw lots of references to Romeo and Giulietta...Writing this on Sunday morning as when I returned to the apt last night was too tired to do it...Saturday, the 24th of September. Up bright and early as I am off to Padova (Padua) for a tour with some other students and a teacher from the school today. Yesterday afternoon I found the bus stop I am supposed to take to the train station so I knew where to meet it this morning.The handyman came at about 7:40 am to fix the metal shutter that broke again, might have been user error as you aren't supposed to pull ... read more
Roman ruins next to the Scrovegni Chapel
Scrovegni Chapel

Europe » Italy September 23rd 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Hello all, I've heard that some people can't comment on the blog. I've sent two emails to TravelPod and asked for help and have heard nothing back. If you want to comment and can't if you click on their contact link and tell them maybe that would have more of an impact and perhaps then they'll fix whatever problem there is... A busy day today, last day of school for the week and I'm already half way done with it... Seems like I just got here, two weeks is definitely not enough time to learn a language but it's also hard to be gone longer. Most of the people in the school are college kids so they don't have a problem with that one! Most of them are here for 1-3 months, seems like ... read more
My plate!
The school kitchen and students

Europe » Italy September 22nd 2016

Geo: 44.4944, 11.3492Gone from 8:10 - 7:00 pm today, so I'm going to write here and then will be off to bed. The school was good, we definitely get some good laughs, especially when we were trying to say euro, I don't know how many times we said it, and the teacher NEVER said we got it right.... It was hard after awhile to say anything right when you are trying to say a word that you can't say and laugh at the same time.... Was good for my brain anyway to relax for a minute!After classes, I went to the cafe next door with some of the others, my 81-year-old friend J___, 20-year-old very nice Palestinian girl A___, and then a Japanese gal that is now married to an Italian. We had an interesting conversation ... read more
Thought some of the guys might like this.
Part of the medieval display
A symbol of one of the guilds of the city

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