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Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara June 11th 2017

Just before bed last night we looked out from our apartment window, yes one little window, and noticed a large Conad Supermarket and car wash. So that is how today was going to start. But first, breakfast in the breakfast room downstairs. We were shown to a table by our hostess who doesn’t speak English. Yesterday she had handed the phone to her husband who had enough English to give us instructions. Our table was set with some wicked delights, not our usual breakfast. We are here for an experience so we indulged. Our first stop after leaving the B & B is the car wash. Our wonderful car is showing a lack of TLC, having driven the agricultural roads of Sicily and Southern Italy. First step is to find out how to get the euro ... read more
Lake Casoli
Looking across the Sangro valley.

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara May 8th 2013

Greg: Looking at a map, it seemed quite logical to us that after spending some time in Bologna, we would head down the east coast via Pescara, possibly Foggia then come back west to Naples/Pompei. However, upon arriving we learnt that a direct line to Naples didnt exist (the internet lied to us!). That combined with our host being surprised we had chosen Pescara to visit given its reputation (and told not to go further to Foggia) made us rethink and instead stay the one night before going back up to Rome then south from there. After some communication mishaps with our host we finally located our accommodation, and went straight into plans for dinner as it was already around 9pm. Deciding against getting a local pizza we bussed back to the main town and walked ... read more
Not the most stunning dinner we've had in italy, but there was beer!
Bus to Rome
Rolling hills

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara June 28th 2011

Hey Everyone, Here are the pics from when mom and dad findlay came to meet us... the pics are great, and we had an awesome time!!! Thanks again mom and dad findlay! :) Love ya, Randi and quinn... read more
spain and italy ;) 283
spain and italy ;) 284
spain and italy ;) 285

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara September 25th 2010

Date Friday 24th September 2010 City Sorrento/ Monte Cassino/ Pescara Climate low 14c - high 23c - fine and sunny Today we packed up and left our lovely Secret Garden. We were headed for Pescara on the East Coast beaches of Italy. On the way we stopped at Monte Cassino to see the Abbey but unfortunately we were a little later than expected and closing time for siesta was at 12.30pm, just minutes away. We had time to quickly poke our heads in and take some photos. The abbey was completely destroyed by bombing in 1944, but was rebuilt to its original design. After having a quick look around at the grounds and in the abbey we drove down the hill to the Polish cemetery. About 1.30pm we were keen to stop for lunch. We thought ... read more
Inside the Abbey of Monte Cassino
Fishing platform on the East coast near Pescara
So close yet so far! Nice pool at the hotel in Montesilvano on the East coast of Italy  but it was closed for winter!

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara April 12th 2010

For Easter, I finally got a chance to go visit my relatives in San Valentino in Abruzzo Italy, a tiny town in the Appenini mountains in central Italy where my mom was born (Travelblog does not actually have this town listed...showing how small it is). Well, its an absolutely beautiful medieval town that has amazing views wherever you were. Of course, i didnt get there till 10 at night on Thursday because i had a class until 2, and the next available train i could legitimately make wasn't till 5:30--so four hours later i get to Pescara, and then 25 minutes after that arrive in San Valentino. Brief interlude before i get on to describing my weekend, I took an IC (intercity) train for the first time, which pretty much look like harry potter trains and ... read more
Carrying of the Cross
Mama's home

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara June 12th 2009

I spent the last two days laying on the beach. One day in Monterossa, Cinque Terre, on the west coast, and today in Pescara, on the East coast. Bothwere stunning, and HOT. I'm sporting a nice tan. Not much else to say, I leave tomorrow and tonight am going for one last walk in RoMe and have my last gelato. Amazing vacation!! Will post pictures as soon as I get home... read more

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara June 4th 2008

Monday July 5,2004 -Departure " I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane..." Today was a very busy day! I was running around like a crazy women, getting everything ready. I was so excited to get to the airport! However, I was worried, because the teachers who booked the trip put my sisters name on it instead of mine, so I had to pick up my ticket at the booth at the airport... what if it wasnt ready? would I still be able to go!? just what I needed anxiety before getting on the plane for 8.5 hrs. We arrived at the airport, got my ticket, but now my boarding pass had the worng name and the skyservice rep couldnt change it in the system for some reason so just crossed out the wrong name and put my ... read more

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara December 20th 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Again it has been a while since I sent out a Travel Blog. I have been pretty busy in Italy helping my mate out re-wiring his house. I have also not had a good internet connection as all the free broadband hook ups are outside of the sticks where I am at the moment. I have got myself an Italian pay as you go card so I should be able to get internet connection for Christmas and say hello to you all - still some ‘t’s to cross on the Italian way of making things happen over here.. Since my last Travel blog, I have not been travelling as I am in a little village called Alanno near Pescara on the east coast of Italy. I will be here for over the Christmas ... read more

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara November 22nd 2007

So what have I been doing this past month??? Where do I start... How about with FOOD!! since I love it so much. Turns out ive put on like 5kg in 3months, oh well, you only life once, im in Italy, its part of the exchange process, and holy crap the food is sooo good. Words cannot describe the goodness! and even the novelty of taking a trip to the big Italian supermarket wasnt worn off yet. Lets just say when Italians brag about their their food being the best in world, trust me they have a very good reason for it. And therefore im taking advantage of having this good food at bay. and it turns out I now have a bad chocolate addiction as well as a new found love for salt. Not to ... read more
The cool kids on Halloween
Snow fight!
After being hit in the eye

Europe » Italy » Abruzzo » Pescara October 18th 2007

I cant believe another month has gone by, and way too fast. And what an amazingly busy and wonderful month its been... Firstly I went to Pisa!!! That place is incredible. And I can now say I sat and ate a panini infront of the Leaning tower of Pisa :) Oh yeah! lifes good! haha So my host brother moved to a University up the North of Italy and we had an excuse to have a bit of a road trip. We drove through Tuscany and made our way up to La Spezia. That city is soo beautiful. I think its proberly my favourite city so far in Italia, which is really saying something, cause to me every city is so incredible breath-takingly beautiful. Its one of those cities that in my opinion has everything. Its ... read more
Do the lean!
A little kiwi girl...

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